Lilongwe man dies after high consumption of spirits

Unidentified man dropped dead recently at Msungwi Market in Area 25 in Lilongwe after he had reportedly taken too much hard spirits without eating any tangible food, witnesses said.

MBS boss Chokazinga: These products are killing Malawians

The man started drinking on Monday and he spent the whole night drinking till Tuesday morning when he tried to stagger home but fell near Smoker’s Bottle Store and passed on.

At around 11:00 AM some passersby tried to wake the man up but realized he had stopped breathing and the body had gone stiff.

The incident was reported to Msungwi Police Unit who later reported to Kanengo Police.

The body of the unknown man was taken to Kamuzu Central hospital for postmortem and identification, according to Salome Zgambo Chibwana, spokesperson for Kanengo Police Station.

There is an influx of cheap brands of alcoholic beverages such as gin, whisky and other spirits in various names despite the ban by the Malawi Bureau of Standards (MBS) on plastic bottled spirits.

MBS Director General, Davlin Chokazinga, is on record to have said his Bureau would ensure that the manufacturing, packaging, distribution and selling of liquor in plastics was completely stopped.

“These products are killing innocent Malawians and we can’t stand aside and watch people dying without taking action,” Chokazinga is on record to have said.

Meanwhile, the Competition and Fair Trading Commission (CFTC) has embarked on investigations against 21 manufacturers of the assorted spirits and liquor products following complaints of the company’s noncompliance to prescribed consumer safety standards.

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vuyisile mtombayithethi

wafa ndi njala. pachimalawi too much twisting of facts.


kikiki he died of njala not liquor, mwinaso mowawoso ndiumene anamupasa mphavu zoti afikee koseko,
do we blame the the carsberg company if someone who took a carsberg product akapanga ngozi mwina amene wapanga ngozi chifukwa walezela. reason bwino bwino nthawi zina musapange judge. there are always precaution on most products, like cigarettes, beer, ciders, spirits etc. ndekuti ameneyo sanalodole ndondomeko zake, (idyani musanamwe)


We have many of these illegal producers of such spirits beer and govt is watching. Some top officials get corruption from them. They get stash of money from them how can we stop it. They are there employing hundreds Malawians filling bottles by hand where is govt but when someone dies then every one is surprised for what?

Moralist wamkulu
If it was in India they wouldn’t allow them these cheap liquor which is destroying the young productive youth of Malawi.As longer as the government is getting tax from these Indians and benefit a few elite in building mansions in area 43 and other low density suburbs, then nobody cares about the future in Malawi.There is this new midori spirit made by the chinese that is also poisonous to the youth for its cheap price.The authorities are quiet about it ,instead of banning these cheap stuff that is killing the youngsters.Its time Malawi took an action on things that will… Read more »
a mkandaweri

there is no any nuitrition in this products,only industrial spirt. the material comes from industrial spirt. why we allow them, these stupid indians selling them in our country, these are more, invading tax as well


The man dried due to lack of food! Get your facts right!


Kkkkkkkkkkii,he didnt eat tangible food not tangible liquor,he has dead coz he didnt eat,had it bn he ate he wld not have dead and lero anakamwaso wina,so let us encourage all beer halls to have food for sale,MBS shd deal with manufactures who r busy producing this type of liquor

ayonzo Mtsitsa

Mkalabongo SI zinthu

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