Lipenga linked to newspaper column ‘Talking Blues’: Pseudo ‘Mapwiya Muulupale’ hits at Malawi President Mutharika

Former Malawi Finance Minister Ken Lipenga has been linked to be behind a column, the Talking Blues in Malawi’s flagship Daily Times newspaper despite insiders at the newspaper company saying it is another person.Talking Blues

Lipenga: Rumoured to be behind Talking Blues

Lipenga: Rumoured to be behind Talking Blues

Talking Blues column under the pseudo name, Mapwiya Muulupale was first published the column in the Daily Times of 29th April, 2016 and repeated it on Friday 6th May, 2016.

Lipenga, a former literature lecturer at Chancellor College in the University of Malawi is  said the brains behind the column.

But other sources said it is another person who opts not to be known and has a good flair of English writting like Lipenga.

Lipenga reportedly approached the Times Group with the column proposal which has gotten the nod of management to appear in the Daily Times every Friday.

The former minister, currently jobless after losing his Phalombe East  Constituency in 2014 to an independent candidate Amos Mailosi was first said tipped to take up the post as Managing Editor of  Times Group which is now headed by versatile George Kasakula.

In his inaugural column and the second one last Friday, ‘Mapwiya Muulupale’, took to town
attacking the personality of Malawi President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika and his administration.

The author apparently uses another pseudo email account;[email protected].

In the first column published on the 29th of April, Lipenga mounted an arsenal of attacks on President Mutharika and his leadership.

Lipenga argued in his column that President Mutharika should not be given more time but rather Malawians should rise up against him now.

“Do I have a deadline for His Excellency? He has enough on his plate, therefore I will not add one more.”

Ken Lipenga formerly worked as editor-in-chief on Daily Times  where he used to write influential column ‘Off –the Cuff’ and is also the founding editor of The Nation newspaper before joining politics under the then ruling United Democratic Front (UDF) of former President Dr Bakili Muluzi.

He then quit to join the Democratic Progressive Party before further moving on to join the Peoples Party (PP) of former President Joyce Banda and later losing his parliamentary seat in 2014.

According to officials in the PP, Ken Lipenga has been repositioning himself to replace former President Joyce Banda as presidential candidate in the forth coming general elections in 2019.

Lipenga was fired as Finance Minister by former President Joyce Banda in 2013 on demands from the international donor community after he was discovered to have been the initiator of the looting of taxpayer’s money commonly known as Cashgate.

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Ken Lipenda, Ralph Kasambara, Brown Mpinganjira ndi ena mwa anthu amene anatha supu pa Malawi ndipo alibe ulemu uliwonse umene angalandire kuchokera kwa munthu amene ali ndi ubongo.


I doubt Ken would write such a simple and sill column. Anyone can write insults and jabs at any public figure, its simple gutter journalism. Real Journalists and writers, write stuff that criticize the issues in depth looking at all angles.

I understand him. His use of a mask is not for protection against DPP thugs, no, but his credibility. Many like me will hardly believe he can say things straight, when he failed to do so without a mask. Mpira umawoneka ukakhala kunja. But anyway as long as his column contributes objectively, I have no problem with that. Further, I would like to ask him to highlight all what he and his administration did wrong during his time before he can point fingers at the current administration. Who has forgotten he fooled us with MRA’s borrowed revenue in an attempt… Read more »

Anayamba kuba ndi Bingu, Lipenga anangopitiliza so tikuyenera kuyambire kufufuza nthawi ya Bingu sizomayambira panjira ena nkuwasiya scott free za ziiii


Ken Lipenga should have been arrested for his role as minister of finance nthawi ya cashgate.

Maggie Lucius

The Analyst or whatever you call yourself in real life… I want to know the mask behind this pseudo name because there are brains behind all your comments. In fact the only comments I look forward to are those of the Analyst so it is high time you came out clean before being unmasked like Mapwiya Muulupale kikikiki (ooh poor Mapwiya what a shame) And talking of pseudo names? Let the Analyst discover through my inbox

The Analyst

Kikiki . . .
. . . Thanks Maggie.
. . . Let’s just let the power of time take its course and perhaps uncover the hidden faces and the names.
. . . And interestingly, I may also know who Maggie Lucius is, kikiki . . .

The Heat

How does a University Literature lecturer become Minister of Finance? Is it a wonder the economy is in shambles?

Bob Chiswe

Lipenga is a good writer who joined politics for money and became the brains behind cash gate.He is crroked and an opportunist.He is not presidential material


Iwe analyst @3 umandifikapo. I wish I also knew you personally because you seem to be hiding your face behind that pseudo name. You must be one of the highly trained professionals that we can entrust with high powers on the land. kkkkkkkk……God bless you!!!!!!!

The Analyst

Kikiki . . .
. . . Thanks, Mayepuchembwi.
. . . May the good Lord bless you too.

B. Manda

Osangokhala duuu bwanji mapwiya. Ukuitanilatu ntchetche pacilondatu. Uziwona wakula watha mzanga.

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