Louisa Kabwila’s paternal family is DPP: Ministry says sacking not politically inspired

It has been established that daughter of Malawi Congress Party (MCP) spokesperson Jessie Kabwila who has been sacked barely a month after being hired as intern in the Department of International Cooperation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is just one of the many interns in government ministries and departments who are being let go due to logistical issues.

Kabwila and her daughter Louisa

Kabwila and her daughter Louisa

Louisa Angella Kabwila was offered the post of academic intern on 8 January 2016.

The MCP spokesperson described her daughter’s loss of internship as a political matter as a result of her demand for President Peter Mutharika to resign.

But officials at Foreign Affairs ministry said she was let go not necessarily because she is daughter to vocal MCP parliamentarian, Jessie Kabwila.

The officials said those who know Louisa’s parentage are sure that she cannot be
victimized by the DPP regime even if it were for her mother’s sins.

“That can never be true. Louisa is daughter to Jessie and Rev Mwanamveka who is currently on a diplomatic posting to China. If Louisa’s fate was political persecution, even the father would have
been recalled from foreign service,” revealed the Foreign Affairs source who spoke on condition of anonymity.

The source went further to shed more light on Louisa’s “wide network within the DPP family.”letter on Kabwila

Moreover, Louisa’s direct uncle, Joseph Mwanamveka is Minister of Trade and Industry in President Peter Mutharika’s lean cabinet.

“With those strong connections do you think Louisa could have been targeted for elimination alone?” queried the official.

The exercise of releasing interns has also affected ministries of Information and Tourism, Finance, Energy and Sports & Culture among others. So far some 71 interns have received the same kind of letter that Louisa got, Nyasa Times understands.

“We all know government is going through a tough financial regime as such it is not possible to keep interns in place as was the case before. When the economy stabilizes then we will surely recall and
even get more interns on board,” a Ministry of Finance official is quoted as saying.

When a picture of Louisa’s letter of termination of attachment was made public, Kabwila claimed it is a series of government’s actions aimed at demoralising her fight for the common person against the evils of a failed DPP reign.

But economist and commentator on social issues, Henry Kachaje posted on Facebook saying Louisa Angela Kabwila has fallen “victim” to the “political sins” of her mother.

“This is a sad story. We are not moving forward. There are some people who are still bent on taking us back to the evils of the dictatorial one party state. Will Malawians remain quite and be dragged back into the dark past?”

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DPP is following the footsteps of Kamuzu’s dictatorship where innocent people were arrested, imprisoned and even killed for no reason.
The budget is asking for a huge increase in allocation to state houses when interns and students are being denied education. There is lavish splashing around of resources by the leadership when the hospitals, prisons, schools, etc have no food.
This is a huge scandal. People are recording what they are seeing and one day of reckoning will come, as it came for the old MCP.


The comment by Kachaje on his face book was out of order, especially if there were other interns were also treated in the same way. We should not link everything to Politics.


Rev mwanamveka divorced the mother and the doughter as well hence the doughter using kabwiras name kkkkkkkkk

Wanga ndi yemweyo

Man looks at the action but God looks at the motive. I rest my case.

Zidura Ntengo Undigwere
Zidura Ntengo Undigwere
By being such a loose cannon, and a big mouth, Ms Kabwila has only exposed her daughter to ridicule. What a shame: no child deserves this. Kabwila is just irresponsible, reckless and perhaps doesn’t care if her girl feels hurt or not; and that is not right. A narcissist she is. Big time. Her reputation regarding intimate relationships with the male gender is almost irreparable now. Our so-called cities, like Blantyre and Lilongwe, actually are small communities; and news like this travels fast like bush fire in October. Kabwila’s sex life life is now the gossip at bao games, even… Read more »

What has got Callista do with this nosense iwe no 31? Leave Callista alone mukumuona akupanga nao za ubve zanu. Callistta is unique intelligent and very kind. Don’t compare her with anybody Gertrude will never be Callista wamva iwe 31


When the govt accepted her the room had expanded now it has shrunk. While in UK the Embassy had expanded to accommodate Akwenis Daughter. Politics is a dirty game. Who is fooling who.

Jelbin mk
I decided to remain silent on a number of issue discussed on hhis forum but i have been bumping into one word several times that foolish and illiterate people keep posting. How on earth can the resignation of the President bring about bloodshed????? It is the same as saying Federal government will bring war, division or hatred, how?????? And would the resignation of the inept President bring about suffering of Malawians?????? Instead his staying and clinging to power is causing more harm to the country than his departure would. How did Mbeki’s resignation bring bloodshed in SA? If you know… Read more »

#31, udali ukwati weniweni, koma banja lidabvuta mpaka anthu kulekana. Nanga mwanayu sakudziwika ndi dzina la bambo Mwanamvekha bwanji? Amai wache akudziwa nkhani yonse bwino, koma ife timaidziwa bwino lomwe.

mike van

He who laughs last laughs the best!?

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