Lucius Banda calls Malawi youth ‘pathetic generation’ for failing to fight for own rights

Malawi’s legendary Musician Lucius Banda has labelled Malawian Youths as a “Pathetic Generation” accusing them of being inactive and failling to rise up and fight for their freedom and human rights in critical issues.

Lucius Banda: Get up, stand up for your rights

Banda said this last weekend when he performed at the Mzuzu Stadium.

The  self-proclaimed ‘Soldier for the poor’ told the patrons at the show that he is tired of fighting for the freedom of people who are inactive.

“I am tired of singing because you are just sitting down. You are a pathetic generation” Banda is quoted by The Nation newspaper as saying.

“It’s up to you; you are the young people. I am not a young man anymore. In the next three or four years I will be 50 yeard old,” said Banda.

He further said there is a big difference between the youths of today and the past.

Banda blamed todays youths for being too loyal to their political affiliations even knowing from deep down their hearts that things are not moving.

“In the past, the youth would act without looking at one’s party affiliation. And that is why we had multiparty.

“But people (today) are loyal to their party even if they know that their leaders are wrong. It’s difficult to speak for such people,” said Banda.

Sometime back, Consumers Association of Malawi (CAMA) Executive Director John Kapito shared the same sentiments in blaming Malawians for relying on few individuals to speak on their grievances.

Just recently, Human Rights Activist Billy Mayaya organised march protest against poor service delivery by the Electricity Supply Corperation of Malawi (ESCOM) and Water Board but only few people turned up for the demonstrations.

He ended up being arrested by the Police a move many believe it was politically motivated.

Lucius Banda has been a critic to almost all the governments in Malawi since the one party rule of late Malawi first President Ngwazi Dr. Hastings Kamuzu Banda.

He started singing critical songs against poor leadership in 1993 when he was 23 years old.


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nkuluyu saxanama basi

Indeed the youths of today we are so very quiet in political activism…. However, though I believe in revolution I feel that the challenges that Malawi is facing right now do not require a revolt by the youth or anyone. The problems that we have now are a combination of several causes, some caused by the current administration and some by all the previous administration including MCP, UDF, DPP and PP. However, some are caused by the forces of nature which we should not blame politicians for, rather we should unite to take our part in solving the challenges. That… Read more »
Zander mutiuze
Maybe u miss The point of Lucia Banda. He dos not mean revolt. But youths of tog day ord youths in Malawi are passive. When and Who is going tog chansen for you? These old men? What future do u have in a country where youths are used as fighters of old gurus. U said the problem is for the past parties But tjat is past and history. U left a man to demonisyrate alone But u could go to demonistrate in big number with the church leaders. U know the problem is not The past But now. Also its… Read more »
Lucius Banda is trying to influence youth to be doing bad behaviour and personally he hate DPP and Bingu’s family, he celebrated when Bingu died and now he is feeling pain that DPP is still in power, Malawi does not need politician like Lucius, and he must know that it is only health and educated people whom they can contribute more to the development of Malawi, and he need to encourage youth to be going to school than smoking and drinking and uniting Malawians as one nation, not dividing Malawians by using a certain group of people that is not… Read more »




John K Black

Billy Mayaya’s march was more than two months ago. The action preparedness is rising.
And if the youth is not effectively organised, maybe Lucius can do something about it.

Zander mutiuze

He is doing something by telling u. He singins so What do u What him to do? Corwards. In Malawi Young people are very poor especially Young men. NO Jobs.

The problem here is that Lucius has seen that his future in politics will end up being in opposition come what may. The painful thing is that there are also many youths in the ruling party who are likely to vote for this party in 2019. Lucius has seen that chances for him to belong to the ruling party are over and will never come. So Prophet Bushiri has advised him to try the waters in the youth if at least can be convinced to dump their parties and join him blindly without the youth knowing where they are taken… Read more »
Zander mutiuze

U are wrong there. Lucias is the only UDF Who has not abandon The party to go to another party Atupele could have been the youngest president in Malawi but he is weak for money. A leader of party never leave his party to join government. What Atupele did was like a capitain in the army desert his group and join enemies. So dont compare Atupele and Lucias. Atupele has NO moral. Join JB now DDP. How can he be trusted. He is used like his father


crazy crazy Malawi thinking tht maintains this status quo. I wish there were mojority of Malawians who wd think btr and objectively than demonstrated in this comment. Shaaah!


I wonder why Lucius is telling northerners in Mzuzu and not youth from South or central.

Zander mutiuze

What is wrong with Northerners youth? He will come to South, Central and East. U see that is What is wrong. We can not Unite. Some of u region is your country not one Malawi.


Nsomba imayamba kuwola kumutu. Who can forget that the youths have been taught to steal and cheat by the politicians who Lucias is one of them. Who can forget that the Soldier was convicted of presenting/declaring a fake MSCE to qualify at Parliament? Are you leading by example? if people retire in activism then Nelson Mandela would not have lead South Africa after 27 years in prison. Rubbish talk by a man full of nsima.

Zander mutiuze

People make mistakes u can not judge them for rest of their lives. When reading youth comments now I have a good picture of youth in Malawi. They are so negative and have issues which dont promote their development. I understand why Malawi youth grow abroad are much better in mind sett. Its NO use to talk to those at home. They are brain washed by these religious of Bushiri and others and grow up with tribalism regionalism. It will take long for Malawians to Change.


Kabango, maybe you were not there during Muluzi’s time. If you are a kid go and listen his songs he criticized Muluzi’s government for starting free primary school and yet the teachers were not receiving their salaries, he criticized about potholes in our roads, people sleeping at Admarc waiting for maize. “Mukamakhala ku chinyumba chanucho muli chimanga chiliko anthu akugona ku Admarc”Ndi zina zambiri ngati UDF government making promise lies, campaigning instead of ruling.


The youth of today ntchito kumwa mowa wa masachet,kachasu ndikusuta chamba basi

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