Lucius hail Prophet Bushiri for charity: Piksy remains ‘hater’

Malawi top musician-cum-legislature Lucius Banda has hailed famous Prophet Shepherd Bushiri of Enlightened Christian Gathering Church(ECG) based in South Africa for coming forward to support the less privileged in the country.

Prophet Bushiri on charity

Prophet Bushiri on charity

Bushiri carrying relief maize

Bushiri carrying relief maize

The ‘Major 1’ self-styled billionaire Man of God has been involved in a number of charity works in support of the 2015 flood victims in Malawi on his visit since last week.

According to Bushiri over  US$ 150,000 has been spent on his charity initiative,and K40 million (about $58 456) was used for Ntcheu. He has also been to Dowa.

Bushiri said his prophetic tour in Malawi has been busy doing “what faith entails- Humanity works.”

Lucius Banda took to Facebook to commend Prophet Bushiri for his charity works, saying many people in the country need support.

“I am a staunch catholic; there are a number of things we differ on, in principle and belief. We are like rail we cannot meet though we go the same direction. I have seen crowds of people it didn’t move me. I saw convoys and parades of police band it was nothing to me. I have heard about miracle money I said wow! Good for them. But what makes me write this is I have seen Prophet Shepherd Bushiri giving money to the needy giving food to the hungry.. That is my religion!!!” wrote Banda on his Facebook timeline.

Social commentator Stanley Onjezani Kenani also posted on his Facebook timeline to commend Bushiri.

“Well done, Prophet Bushiri, for helping those in need. This is what Christ teaches us,” he wrote.

Bushiri’s visit to Malawi follows a recent interview with Nyasa Times where he was questioned on what his ministry is doing as far as issues of social responsibility are concerned in his home country.

In his reaction, the ‘Major 1’ Bushiri said he has always helped the poor and this year alone more than 30 students have graduated from various universities under the scholarship scheme of Prophet Bushiri.

He  however claimed that he is not does not feel comfortable in publicising the help he lenders to the less privileged.

While in Malawi, Bushiri presented a cash gift to the chiefs of Sub T.A Zolokele in Rumphi district of Malawi for an undergoing construction of a school project.

The man of God further said he is embarking on plans to construct a major conference Hall in Capital Lilongwe which will be called Shepherd Bushiri Conference Center.

Bushiri, who plans to open a bank and a mobile company, also took time to visit one of his farms in the northern region of Malawi in Rumphi where he encouraged Malawians to invest in agriculture.

“I have always encouraged people to invest in agriculture. God wants us to work hard. The bible says faith without works is dead,” said Bushiri.

Meanwhile, rapper Piksy (Lawrence Zangazanga) remains opposed to Bushiri, saying he is not attracted his “miracle money”.

Piksy recently clashed with gospel artist Onesimus who converted from secular music to be a follower of Prophet Bushiri who also preaches of miracle money. He described Piksy as a lost son.

But Onesimus hit back in his single“letter” asking Piksy to repent. Onesimus has also recorded a song touting “miracle money” .

Another Malawian celebrated hip-hop star Gwamba announced that he will no longer sing secular songs because this time he will use his talent to preach the word of God.

He made announcement after attending Bushiri’s New Year ‘cross over’ sermon at the giant FNB Stadium in South Africa.

Pisky insists he is not happy with Bushiri and his Enlightened Christian Gathering promoting the church followers to hit at the rapper as a “hater” who is in denial to repent for his sinful lifestyle.



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Kasw€lo Sh€qs

Tingogwiritsa mawu not kuw€luzana, inu mumafuna kuti akhal€ wosawuka Bushiri or mukufuna uthnga….. No kritiks mw€€ yowoyani vamahala

felix chinangwa

paja malemba amati ndintchito zawo tizawaziwa inde gwiritsani YEHOVA MULUNGU yekha osasata chuma akuza msanga Yesu kutenga aketu tilimbike kuyimapatanthwe lija tanthwe ndilo khristuyo ngati tipirira tizankako kuli chuma chosathako.

Register waphiri

Mulungu wayandikiradi



aarone sumana

piksy and uwa folowers u dnt knw we dnt knw and they dnt knw so why ur critsing a man of jah let him preach and enjoy u sing u want wat nt money u pipo ur blind

Weezy cee

Mukuzaona kut mitundu ikuwukirana nkhondo njala komaso aneneri onyenga muzaziwe kut nthawi yayandika

Kain Golion

Mulindi Soka inu anthu a chuma poti zanu mukudyeratu…. ndichapafupi ngamila kudutsa pa m’bowo wa zingano kuyerekeza wachuma mkovuta kuti akalowe ufumu wakumwamba… ndipo adati kwa iye ”ngati mundigwadira ine nachita mchifuniro changa ndidzakupatsani mtendere wadziko lino poti zonse zinaperekedwa kwa ine ndipo ndimapereka kwamene ndamufuna…” ndipo iye adati ”kwalembedwa kuti alipo mmodzi oyenera kupembezedwa ndikuchita mchifuniro chake ndiye MULUNGU Mfumu Yachirengedwe Chonse… Olitsata Bible akumva ndipo sangakanire… big up Piksy anthuwa ndamodzi…

kain Golion

Muli ndi soka inu anthu achuma poti zanu mukudyeratu Pompano. Ndichapafupi ngamira kudutsa pa m’bowo wasingano koma sichapafupi kuti wachuma akalowe ufumu wakumwamba. ndipo satana adati mchipululu muja ”ngati mundigwadira ine ndikuchita mchifunira changa ndizakupatsani ine mtendere wa dziko la pansi, poti zonse pansi pano zinaperekedwa kwa ine ndipo ndimampasa yemwe ndamufuna.” ndipo iye anayakha nati ” kwalembedwa kuti palibe oyenera kupembezedwa ndikuchita mchifuniro chake koma MULUNGU Yekha Mfumu Ya Chilengedwe chonse…. Yemwe amalitsata bible akumva ndipo sangakani… Piksy big up asakupusise anthuwa ndamodzi…

Chilungamo Chimawawa

You people who say Bushiri always preaches about wealth or riches thats a blue lie. Bushiri extremly good at preaching. he one of a few prophets who know how to teach word of God. If you like go to his church and see..


no power to judge lets just leave it in the hands of the most high our Lord,He is the one to judge wheither ths is true ministry or not

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