Lure Bushiri to come back, top journalist Idriss Ali Nassah tips Malawi govt: Says SA-based preacher is good for boosting economy

Former Daily Times editor and one of Malawi’s critical opinion leaders Idriss Ali Nassah says Malawi government should ‘give incentives to lure’ South Africa based preacher Prophet Shepherd Bushiri to ‘bring his industry to Malawi’.

Prophet Bushiri: Nassah is of the opinion he can be of help to Malawi economy

Nassah, writing on his Facebook wall, used the word ‘industry’ to denote how Prophet Bushiri is generating income for South Africa through what is called religious tourism.

Writes Nassah: “From what I hear Shepherd Bushiri draws tens of thousands of his faithful each week to his base in Pretoria. I’m told a good number of them come from outside of South Africa.They fly in, stay at hotels, need transportation, shop and spend money. Someone can do the math.”

Every month, more than 13 000 people comes to Pretoria to pray at his church. Recently, the Mayor of Pretoria paid Prophet Bushiri a courtesy call to recognize and appreciate his role in the growth of Pretoria’s economy.

The Mayor underlined how economic sectors such as hospitality, transportation, fast foods and small and medium enterprises (SMEs), just to mention a few, have been boosted because of the consistent influx of people coming to Prophet Bushiri’s church in Pretoria.

Besides that, Prophet Bushiri, through his Shepherd Bushiri Investments (SBI), own a number of companies with most of them being in South Africa—something that is creating jobs to many South Africans.

Against this, Nassah argues that ‘Malawi government, in dire need of every penny it can get, should give incentives to lure this man and his industry back to Malawi’.

“It can only be good for the local economy,” writes Nassah, a Chancellor College graduate who, again, holds a Master’s Degree in International Relations from Oaklhoma University, USA.

Most of the comments on the post bordered on the need for Malawi to embrace Prophet Bushiri.

Comments one man: “Malawi does not promote good things. We are jealousy people. We choose to be poor by our own choice of keeping away the people who would like to do better than us. We believe the president and his royalist are the only people who can have everything and enjoy having best things in Malawi.”

The other said: “We do move forward in reverse, we take Bushiri as threat to everything, to us Malawians he is doomed, yet seriously we’re missing something special in him, the guy is a brand.”

Another renowned senior journalist, Horace Nyaka, chipped in and wrote: “I think Bushiri is free to invest in Malawi. So many areas one can invest in. In fact some of the things we don’t even need to know. If he starts doing those things I am sure those who feel uncomfortable with him may realise he is in fact helping the country. Not all investments need government approval. Let him invest in Malawi, it’s his country. So many things he can do. So many areas he can invest in. I don’t think he would be stopped doing that. While he will be helping create jobs and wealth, he will also be making money for himself.”

However, in different interviews that he has recently given to international media houses—such New African magazine, The Nigeria’s Tribune and Aljazeera—the Prophet has always maintained his love for Malawi and its people.

Despite billions that he spends every year in Malawi through charity, Prophet Bushiri has always indicated that it will always be his wish to invest in Malawi and contribute to the growth of the economy.

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Bushiri was born and brought up here in Malawi. H e started his prophetic mission here. He was not chased out of Malawi as such he is free to come and invest in any business. Moreover, his parents are here, hecan come build a magnificent church in mzuzu where he started his mission. The only question to answer is why did he decide tosettle in South Africa? On the other hand I feel its absurd to say its only Bushiri who can bring development in malawi, because development doesnt come with a single individual.


Rubbish! What is wrong with people? There are so many ‘rich people’ who do not live in their country. This misguided proposition shows how poverty is the disease of the mind. Bushiri cannot develop Malawi. He uses ndalama za m’bale to enrich himself.


Nachisale, you’re a big liar, no one pays major1 he is a successful businessman. People are not saying him alone can develop the country but working together can bring a change. People like you need to change their mindset.


Malawians are obsessed with politics if some one brings business like Khato and Bushiri the very same Malawians despise them.and say they want to run for there any problem running for elections?


Am a Malawian but am happy that, he is preaching gospel in the country that even government support what he is going. Let the south Africans also benifit from what he is doing. In Malawi, we’re still blind and we’re only good at believing that devil is more powerful than God.


Peeople in South Africa are benefiting alot coz he invested alot of business here for instance Hotel in Northwest Province thats Job creation…..above this Bushiri Investment head office is in South Africa (Sandton)…and he has Airways as well….He also gave Loan to Electricity Supply of South Africa to increase in producrion of electricity way back…now no blackouts….

Timvê ziti

Yes Major 1. Cone and invest in your home country. Forget the petty talk. You are too big for that. Home is calling.


Problem is the Government is greed does not want to give him a chance…

Concerned Citizen
Having spent a few days in SA , by just mentioning that you are from Malawi, people automatically mention Bushiri. Bushiri has a large advert for his Profetic TV just as you enter the country through OR Tambo Airport. Highly placed Lesotho dignatories met him to discuss an investment by the major in their contries electricity generation capacity. As a country we need to reassess how we treat our brothers and sisters when they become successful. We need lasting solutions to our problems. Generators are not lasting solutions, as anyone who owns a generator will be able to tell you.… Read more »

How can he come back to a place with 25hrs with no Electricity.

He is a business man. Development is centred on electricity.
I think the politicians are taking us for granted now.

Who knew that Mugabe was going to be ousted like that.

What are the opposition doing on this matter?

Enough is enough.


Mwachenjera mwaliwa a Malawi


Currently he is the only one who can change the economy of our country this country need him most poor Malawian are suffering just because of greedy readership arlaways thinking that any one will help Malawians will still the position of residential, Malawians are suffering while we have people who can change Malawi economy prophet bushiri we love you here in Malawi we need you come home.

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