Malawi a nation in live movie with many actors

Success in almost any field depends more on energy and drive than it does on intelligence. This explains why we have so many stupid leaders.” Sloan Wilson

There is never a dull moment in Malawi. If it is not our courts slapping criminals with slap on the wrist judgements, it is our leaders making one mistake after another beating the best comedians ever you have come across.

President Mutharika and First Lady: Part of the 'drama' action
President Mutharika and First Lady: Part of the ‘drama’ action

If the events of the past two or three months are to go by, I am not sure where the donors, partners in development and the world at large place the current leadership. I must hasten to say they are confused, at least I am.

Picture this, someone in a position of leadership telling not just the nation but the whole world, that they intend buying a jet for the president, next thing the same leadership disown that communication.

Then the leadership is heard accusing a former head of State of having killed a sitting president despite reports that he died of cardiac arrest and even a commission of enquiry which clearly confirmed the same.

What is amazing is, not only does the Leader of the leaders nod to the comments in public but few days later, he distances himself from the said comments.

Then we hear someone close to the leader of the leaders has resigned, after allegations of amassing wealth beyond recognition which obviously does not dwell well not only to every Malawian but also the world at large too, considering the corruption image Malawi has created and now is having to cleanse itself of the same filth.

In his own voice, literally being interviewed where he is asked follow up questions and he responds accordingly only to hear State House unconvincing telling yet the whole world that, that development isn’t true.

Now, this is a country which depends on donors for 40% of its budget. There are a lot of uncertainties as it stands with no hope in sight of donors resuming aid any time soon. The country is not producing enough to cushion the shocks that await it. For foreign direct investor to have interest in any given destination there is need for an enabling environment that gives confidence to invest.

Primary amongst building this confidence is the political condition that exists. With a seemingly unsure and clueless government in place, lacking confidence too, how does this leadership intend taking this country further? I must confess at the rate the events are unfolding, it does not only scare the donors and investors off but also demoralises the ordinary Malawian who is looking up to this leadership which seems to only exist on paper and not in practice.

My plea therefore to this leadership is to please get its act together and begin to deliver what it promised the poor Malawian who continues to suffer in silence 50 years plus on since independence. It is time to take stock, reflect and be responsible as in so doing it would not only save face but also begin to be seen, act and execute its duties with all seriousness the term leadership deserves.

Does the current leadership have the energy and drive to see this country through all the challenges that awaits it? Remember “The very essence of leadership is that you have to have vision. You can’t blow an uncertain trumpet.” Theodore M.Hesburgh

  • Linda Kunje is a Business Development & Strategic Consultant, Part-time Lecturer, Political Analyst and a Gender Activist.

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Clement Chiwoko
Clement Chiwoko
7 years ago

Linda, your article is absolutely correct except for the title. It should read, “Malawi in a movie with children acting as leaders.” Malawi Politics is very childish. Calling Malawi leaders Actors is incorrect. Actors know there script and the plot of the movie. Malawian leaders today do not. Dr Banda was the best leader Malawi has ever had although he imprisoned more than half of my immediate relatives and killed scores of Malawians. For best Politicians “the First Malawi Cabinet members were the real politicians who stood up against their leader and attempted to argue with him and not follow… Read more »

Keen Observer
7 years ago

Ya that’s why in the world it’s not the well educated who are leaders. Politics is a total different ball game so I think Linda Kunje as an academician can not understand the language politicians speak. In my world, a politians means a dishonest person cos he/she can tell you one thing today then tomorrow you will hear the opposite & they will ble the press for all the mess. About the Jet it was really lack of wisdom for our former president to sell that Jet. As a country no matter that we are a poor state we are… Read more »

The Patriot
The Patriot
7 years ago

when will our leaders stop playing with our lives?
When will Malawians wake up and criticise a leadear even ifmhe or she comes from their own region or tribe?
When will Malawians stop thinking as tribes and start thinking as a Nation?
When will merit prevail over district of origin?
Only then will Malawi develop! No two ways about it, we cannot develop our nation with the current mindset! Imagine selling a bank to your tribesmen because one of the tribesmen is owing the same bank billions! A whole nation suffering because of the crime of an individual!

chinkombaleza gumanyundo gowa
chinkombaleza gumanyundo gowa
7 years ago

You don’t know what politics is . You start believing them when the things they talk about are done. You don’t know up to now. How old are you. From today onwards don’t ever believe every thing said.

Aaron Nsena
Aaron Nsena
7 years ago

A linda, nanunso a cinsultant, parttime kecture, activist? Wachani? Wa magule aku mwanza aja. Congrats. U think zimene wakemba zitautuzo can scare away donors? U have urself and ur so called parttime students to cheat

7 years ago

Dear Madam, in a nice sarcastic way you hit the nail on the head!
Without direction, vision, effort and energy it does not help to hide behind titles etc. The latest incident in the immigration department is another example how clueless this administration
is operating! And this short after
government have launched a public sector
reform program.
This leadership have much to hide and
therefore unable to strive!

Boyd Kilembey
Boyd Kilembey
7 years ago

This was a well balanced article. We have clueless joking jokers at State House

chaiwone wawo
7 years ago

Malawians can live with this shit of leadership I guess. we are not responsible as citizens otherwise its enough, we should have been demanding answers and change in an active way. We let these stooges escape with the shit they do.

7 years ago

Indeed there is never a dull moment in Malawi, if it is not the pupet creating the cinematograph by himself, it is the puppet master making the nation laugh their lungs out for writing a letter that one wonders that this style of writing could indeed come from the whole specilal advise to the president. A country where a whole commissioner of elections announces the results of a general elections with tears rolling down his chicks as a small baby under the tulturage that he is sorry for the death of one person in Mangochi as a result of election… Read more »

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