Malawi Catholic bishops reject K50,000 cash handout from State House: Talk tough on gays

Catholic Bishops in Malawi who met President Peter Mutharika at State House last Friday rejected cash handouts of K50,000 and asked the President to channel the money to hospitals where  patients are now only getting one meal a day.

President Peter Mutharika's audience with Catholic Bishops at Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe (C) Stanley Makuti
President Peter Mutharika’s audience with Catholic Bishops at Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe (C) Stanley Makuti

The Catholic bishops went to Kamuzu Palace to formally formally introduce to President the newly-appointed Bishop-elect for Zomba Diocese, the Very Reverend Father George Tambala.

The delegation, which came under the identification of Episcopal Conference of Malawi (ECM), was led by Archbishop Thomas Msusa of the Archdiocese of Blantyre, who is also chairperson of the ECM also held closed-door discussions with Mutharika.

Later, State House officials gave each of the bishop a an envelope each which had K50,000 inside.

But Nyasa Times sources in the ECM said the bishops did not want to take money.

ArchibishopMussa thanked the President for the gift but said,” Your Excellency, we sincerely thank you for being such a kind leader, we have appreciated your gift but will leave the money here. If possible Your Excellency do us a favour of donating these money to any of the hospitals were patients are missing their  meals.”

His Grace Msusa, who is the head of the church in the country , and who led a five-member delegation, told news reporters that the closed-door discussions were cordial and in-depth.

He said the five-members delegation of the Catholic bishops told President Mutharika to “resist pressure” over the controversial issue of homosexuality rights by following constitutional guidelines in running the country.

“We were candid with the President, to say that these controversies and undue pressure on gay rights [Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender intersex matters] are alien to most Malawians and are being championed by foreigners.

“As the Catholic Church, we say ‘no’ to supporting these gay activities and we will follow strictly our church doctrine,” Msusa stated.

The head of Catholic church in Malawi disclosed that the bishops told President Mutharika “not to be swayed” on the gay rights campaign “but to follow what the Malawi Constitution says.”

Anyone convicted under Malawi’s anti-gay laws, some of the toughest in the world, can get up to 14 years in jail with hard labor.

Justice Minister Samuel Tembenu said recently the laws will be reviewed.

He said Malawi government has imposed a moratorium on anti-homosexual laws pending a decision on whether to repeal the legislation.

The Catholic Church calls LGBTI practices un-Godly and recommends that such people be conscientised, counselled and be guided to repent from their practices that run counter to the teachings of the Bible.

While expressing profound gratitude for the appointment of Father Tambala, President Mutharika noted how crucial the church has been to the country’s social fabric for many decades and how best it can continue to champion such a cause.

“May you accept our gratitude for everything that the Catholic Church is doing in support of my government’s development programs. Your provision of education, health, food security and other services are appreciated,” said Mutharika.

He assured the Bishop-elect of unceasing support from him as an individual and his government in all the activities and programs of the Zomba Diocese.

“When people have faith in God, they [ultimately] have faith in themselves. Allow me, therefore…, to tell Malawians to believe in themselves and in their capabilities. If they believe in themselves, they work hard, they will be patriotic and they will be contributing (to development) and in the end, it will be Mother Malawi that will progress,” said Mutharika.

Bishop-elect Father Tambala, who was appointed Bishop by Pope Francis in October 2015, was born on November 18, 1968 in Zomba.

Presidential spokesman Gerald Viola  did not respond to a request for comment on the cash handout to the men of the collar.

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Kholowa mkabudula
Kholowa mkabudula
6 years ago

It was a gift, even in the village we give visitors a chicken or farm produces,that’s not strange. The bishops could just raise the food shortage issue separately to the president. That’s why l like kamuzu, he had no time for pipo like them than inspecting his pipo’a fields though some tried to abuse the tours! As president travel less, be in office and few visitors becaz your are busy with office work. Ask mama the life style of kamuzu! Introduce youth league l want to be the chairman kkkkkkk


Thank u kukala. I was going to write the same. Bingu tried
the same.


Navigator how people going to benefit and how povegoing to finish if president is giviney to the bishops? Did you see Kamuzu giving money? There were no hunger during Kamuzu. No corruption in the range of billions. How are the bishops going to end poverty with 50 ? Are u so ignorant?


Very shameful to do that. Does Peter think he can buy everyone? Bribe is Corruption. And he the president is promoting Corruption. A man of Law, educated lived and teach law i. USA can do this. Now Malawians should know what Peter is. This man has brought so much rubbish into our country. I am sure its is his advisers. Those royality advise are ignorant. What was the money For? Someone so stupid has written the president has right to give and priests should not refused. I what to tell you President is nt God. He is elected by you… Read more »

Adzafunika Bathwz
Adzafunika Bathwz
6 years ago

kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk ma Bishop andisangalatsa pokana ziphuphu. Koma ndikuganiza kuti anakana poti zinali zochepa, nanga ka K50,000.00 kokha? Nchifukwa anati mukapereke ku chipatala. Nanga poti analipo ma bishop 5 tinene kuti K250,000 ingathandize chakudya chokwana bwanji pothana ndi vuto lakusowa kwa chakudya muzipatala? Komanso chinanchina, apa a president manyazi anawagwiratu.

malawi imadodwalala
6 years ago

mumakanila zipyodo eti? Zipsyenthe zanu mesa ine ndimati muthilile gasol mu mtiaphokonyole tanuto nanga mumadzatani pa den pangapa mumazanditapamkamwa eti?

6 years ago

Gulu limene linayambitsa ndipo lomwe limachita za u gay kwambiri ndi akatolika omwewa. amagona tianyamata tija tothandizila misa tija apapa catholic ndi njoka mu udzu. Akufuna kuonetsera dziko that they are innocent yet ndi njoka mu udzu zimenezi ndiyeno popeza mu katolika( I mean catholic members) ndi mbuli pa Mau a Bukhu lopatulika, ndilo mau a Mulungu, akuchita congratulate ma bishop awo sakudziwa the aim behind all this. Akatolika ndi atumiki a Lucifer

nitta sambakunsi
nitta sambakunsi
6 years ago

hmmmm!koma ndalama zikuseweresedwa.nanga kokaonetsa nkhope konko kukafupidwa?asaaa!mwationjeza

6 years ago

We might as well amend the National Anthem by removing the name of GOD All faith denominations in Malawi, i.e. Christian, Moslem, etc doctrines prohibit homosexuality according to GOD’s command. How then can we ask GOD to bless our country in the National Anthem and then do unGODLY things.

abit nyonyonyo
abit nyonyonyo
6 years ago

well done men of God. lets b united to say no to homosexuallity

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