Malawi is chocked with corruption, says MP: Deputy speaker throws away newspaper cutting as evidence in K236bn cashgate

Deputy speaker Esther Mcheka Chilenje has thrown out a newspaper cutting as evidence incriminating seven cabinet ministers in the infamous K236 billion cash.

Dzoole Mwale: I have evidence

Deputy speaker Esther Mcheka Chilenje: Bring evidence

Lilongwe Msozi South MP, Vitus Dzoole Mwale provoked the government side on the issue when he was contributing on the mid year budget review presented in the House by Finance minister.

He said there was no political will by the Head of State Peter Mutharika to deal with high level corruption in the country.

“Malawi as a country is chocked with corruption.  As such the government is losing a lot of resources through corruption.  Corruption which is taking place at Capital Hill or even here,” said Dzoole Mwale.

He added: “Nowadays one cannot have access to government services such as driving licences, passports, et cetera free of charge, as was the case during Kamuzu regime.”

This is when he cited the examples of the seven cabinet ministers who allegedly looted public coffers and the issue of maizegate.

“It is evidently believed that the top officials involved in corrupt practices cannot be caught because they are heavily protected by the government machinery,” said Dzoole Mwale.

However, this did not go down well with government chief whip in the House Henry Mussa who demanded evidence.

Mcheka Chilenje told Dzoole Mwale to bring the evidence.

However, Dzoole Mwale said he had evidence with him and fished out a newspaper cutting from his bag.

The deputy speaker rejected this, saying practice in the House does not allow use of media including newspaper cutting as evidence and ruled Dzoole Mwale out of order.

“I thought the Honourable Member is quite aware that issues of newspapers or media quotations cannot be used as piece of evidence in this House.  That you are quite aware.  So, that is not piece of evidence that the Chair can take.  So, in this case, the demand still stands, that tomorrow Wednesday, at 2:00 p.m. you bring the evidence.  Bring the evidence of the issues you are raising for accuracy sake,” Mcheka Chilenje.

However, Lilongwe north east MP Maxwell Thyolera said there was no standing order or rules governing the House which rules out use of newspaper cutting as evidence.


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10 thoughts on “Malawi is chocked with corruption, says MP: Deputy speaker throws away newspaper cutting as evidence in K236bn cashgate”

  1. Rashied says:

    These people the don’t like their malawi always killing malawi from government itself

  2. James Phiri says:

    There’s the audit report that clearly shows that millions of government expenditure weren’t accounted for when the previous DPP government was in power. APM himself admitted previously that we purchased a house from Lilongwe city council (I think it was a house that was meant to be used by the city mayor or his deputy) in one of the low density areas of Lilongwe for less than the price that an empty plot of land costs in the same area. How much evidence is needed before full investigations are made into how ministers in successive governments have become so wealthy. Can they declare their assets, demonstrate how those assets were obtained and provide their tax returns. If not then they need to be arrested and are clearly unfit for office.

  3. mbulula says:

    Ndichifukwa chake banja linakuvuta Mcheka, mwano too much.

  4. JOE says:


  5. jacoo says:

    Madam Mcheka why are shielding these thieves… i understand they have been failing yours constituents on thabwa fatima road – you are a fool………kkkkkk

  6. mphepozinai says:

    Just the tip of the iceberg. DPP rotten party of Nyakubas.

  7. santana says:

    Talankhulani zoti mudzapambane 2019. Nanga zimenezi zingapangitse sapota wa DPP kusiya chipani chake nkuvotera munthu wothawa ntchito ya Mulungu kutsata chuma cha mundale? Mulungu anakana kumuthandiza mkuluyu Chakwera mu 2014 ndipo ulendo wa mu 2019 zasonyeza kale kuti mkwiyo wa Mulungu ulipobe pa mkuluyu.

  8. Apao Kugola says:

    Mai Mcheka Chilenje, don’t behave as if you are intelligent. Look Thyolera has already challenged you by pointing out that your parliament doesn’t have any standing order that spells out that newspaper stories cannot be used as evidence in parliament. By the way, isn’t it a newspaper story that revealed the Chaponda maize scam? Where are we now as a nation? If every newspaper story is trashed that way, madam Chaponda would not have been fired today. At the stage Malawi has reached any form of evidence while not taken whole hog, must of necessity be scrutinized and NOT just be condemned outright like that. That’s a form of arrogance on you madam Deputy speaker. Avoid using lies in the name of ‘absence of standing order’. Investigate the allegations and find out the truth of the matter. But we can understand why you behave that way: you passed your BSC in Agriculture Education at Bunda College through dubious means including the support you received from Dr. Mwinjiro (your home boy) and Prof. Kwapata who assigned fake assistants when he was forced to ensure that you still finalize your study during the time Joyce Befu (ooooops President Joyce Banda) sent you to USA as Malawi’s UN ambassador. Please, stop behaving as if you are intelligent. Otherwise, we will expose you further. Cool down please.

  9. youna says:

    Koma ngati amanama? DPP = kuba

  10. Bryson says:

    This Deputy speaker is so rude in many occasions she want to defend the DPP, these are people you don’t want to see them in your life. They don’t care about the country. Who doesn’t know that there is a rampant corruption in this country. Useless lady. You setting a very bad example to our daughters. I wish to speak to fools like you face to face.

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