Malawi court convict Seventh Day Apostolic members for contempt

The Balaka First Grade Magistrate court in eastern Malawi has ordered two Seventh day Apostolic members to pay a fine of K7, 000 each or in default serve 14 days imprisonment for contempt of court.

The suspects Davie Phiri (38) and Gideon Dzonzi 27 who are members of Seventhday Apostolic Church have been convicted for contempt of court after they refused following court procedures.

Police Prosecutor Sergeant Lawrence Nchalisoni, said the suspects were brought before the court to answer a case of abduction where they are accused of abducting a 13 year old form one student.

“When they were told to stand up to take a plea, the suspects denied doing so despite the court giving them ample time to take plea. The suspects did not follow the orders saying that they cannot respect a person because they only respect God.”

This made First Grade Magistrate Felix Mandala to order them pay a fine of K7,000.00 each for contempt of court and in default serve 14 days imprisonment with hard labour.

He said he will only proceed with the case of abduction after they have paid the fine or expiry of the sentence.

Davie Phiri comes from Malemia village, Traditional Authority Mgabu in Chikwawa district while Gideon Dzonzi comes from Malandani village, Traditional Authority Mpama in Chiradzulu district but they are camping at Mtalika village in the district of Balaka.

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mbuzi za anthu bible lake liti limaphunzitsq choncho?


enanunso pano, you are stupid mulungu wake wuti osamvera malamulo a dziko? read the bible and understand it osati using nzeru za A,E,I,O,U.
they ABDUCTED a girl ,
mbatama God cant do that


Mfumu ya mafumu ikubwela asiyeni a khothiwo aba chedwa ndi timalamulo topusato. Pazamulungu a magestrate muziyima kaye musamafulumile muzavulala


Romans 13


Fanatics!!!! Whatever your religion is, and whichever God you worship dont break laws of the land you is at.

As per Bible, honour your father and mother – that literally means whilst worshiping God, abide by rules set in your homestead!


Hehedee uluuuu! U pple luk @ these guys! R diz pastors or ordinary notorious pple? I hop respecting GOD iz obeying HIS commandments nt so? They’ve seen a sin respecting court order or a person,wat abt abduction they made,iz it dat not a sin? They r cheating az if ndi okhulupilira Mulungu bt yet abduction iz in their handz,ooh yes nzoonad kt if u see teeth ov a lion do not thnk a lion iz smiling @ u.Ndi njoka mu udzu awa,sakhuluplir Mulungu.

The Analyst
“The way to see by faith is to shut the eye of reason” – Benjamin Franklin If we people were consistent in the definition and application of godly rules in our everyday life, Malawi n the world could have been a better place to live in. . . . These pastor fail to take plea because in the process they would say something deemed as respect to a human being when only God deserves it; yet they abduct a 13 year old kid for reasons we would have loved the reporter to tell us. So they see holding someone captive… Read more »

Ndiyekt court lokha ndilomwe lili ndimphamvu yosalemekedza malamulo a zipembedzo kma kt zipembedzo zilemekedze ma court? Mwina anali malamulo a mpingo wawo kutero. Ingotiudzanitu kt tisiye kuopa Mulungu ndpo tziopa inuyo. Nanga ncfkw cyn tmalumbritsidwa nd Bible kpna Quraan mlandu usanayambe? Kod mesa mmenemo ndmomwe tkutenga zikhlpliro zmenez? Shaaaaa! Mwandkhmdwtsa zed.

ChaweZi Gomes

No we only listen to God!!! Don’t burge guys! You are the real deal Saints of almighty!’ No man no cry man!!!
Ya man! mukafele konko ku nza

where can i apply to be a cashgater?
where can i apply to be a cashgater?

i’m thinking of moving to balaka. zikuwoneka kuti boma limeneli ndilovuta heavy. everyday a new scandal

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