Malawi deports two Nigerian cocaine dealers

Malawi government through the Lilongwe First Grade Magistrate court has deported two Nigerian nationals for being found in possession of cocaine.

Deported Nigerian drug dealer

Deported Nigerian drug dealer

The two are Emmanuel Uche 34, and Lawrence Ekemezie 33. They all pleaded guilty to the offence.

The removal directions was given by senior resident magistrate Grace Chifundo Sokera, in the Lilongwe magistrate court.

The court learnt that Uche was keeping at his Area 47 house 1.92 grammes of the illicit drug, while his accomplice Ekemezie who was staying in a densely populated Mchesi township, in Lilongwe possessed 2.5 grammes of the same.

Police prosecutor Damiano Kaputa, told the court that the two were arrested following police intensive search conducted in the city recently. Adding that, it was then proved that the drug was “indeed” cocaine after being examined by the pharmacy and poison board.

He asked the court to give the drug-traffic dealers stiffer sentences since they came to Malawi as genuine foreign investors only to be involved in illegal drug business.

“Let me ask this court to give these two suspects, stiffer sentences because cases of this nature, are now becoming common in Malawi” said Kaputa.

In their mitigation, the accused asked the court to give them lenient sentences, saying they are all married and that they also employed Malawians such that punishing them severely, would put jobs of many Malawians at risk as well.

However, senior resident magistrate Grace Chifundo Sokela, concurred with the prosecutor and meted out the two, with a fine of MK 150,000 and MK350, 000, respectively or in default imprisonment with Hard Labor (IHL) for two and half years, before they are “eventually” deported.

Sokela emphasized in her ruling, saying that anybody found in possession of dangerous drug is a serious offence in Malawi, under section 35, of the pharmacies and medicine poison board act.

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Pete Rasta
These fuckin Nigerians will steal your land from under you. Better beware. They pay bribe money to politicians and get away with any thing they like on the pretext of business. Their business is to steal / cheat / money laundering / drugs / land grabs. Be careful of those fuckin Nigerians. No good people. If you go to their country you are not welcomed, their people are very hostile, and their police are corrupt, their leaders and politicians are corrupt. If you get caught with similar drug ie Cocain in the their country you could go to jail for… Read more »

Likoma economist I agree with you. Our government is not protecting its people. How can the government allow somebody all the way from Nigeria, India, Burundi, and where ever, to come here and open a shop for second hand tyres? Groceries? And then you call this foreign investment? So pathetic… I mean you are letting foreigners buy large hectares of land just raise chickens… Don’t you think there is something more than the chickens they are after? I have a feeling there is more to it than just raising chickens. It could be precious stones or minerals


They were supposed to be arrested for 10 yes first and deported on his release after 10 yrs. that’s how Kamuzu was doing and the nation was being respected, osati zanuzi zachibwanazi.

Real Patriot

kuli Ku Indonesia amauza kuti they should have a last meal of their best choice and tie them with black around their head.Pamakwapukidwa pemphero lomalidza lachisilamu basi chikwanje mkhosi kamutu kugwera uko if not facing a firing squad.Funny that they have even created employment for Malawians out of cocaine deals.Malawi has alot problems to attend to than wasting time with these ogas who are alot in devil street doing their dirty deals.Deport them immediately.You will also find them to have Malawian passports.


Please,please,please! Do not sale the land to foreighners, better let them rent. Whenever they do mischieve on the land, just send them packing to their fucken countries,


izi ndiye zopusa sokela uononga reputation yako ma fine a chaninso


The judicial system is rotten.How can they be told they have committed serious offence and just be deported?With rampant corruption at immigration department,i am sure their new identities have already been secured by their friends.THEY WILL BE BACK

mwana mulopwana

It seems there was change of money , the deportation was done immediately because they knew that if Highcourt review the cases, they will jail them for many years, Malawi ndi dziko lonvetsa chisoni, kwambiri,

First offender

They are many here in RSA,they are doing their business together with the police while protecting them


Isn’t this a criminal offence? then why give them a sentence with an option for fine? why not let them serve sentence then deport them there after. Malawi with its corrupt tendencies. Magistrate kaya nde wadyapo zingati pamenepa at the expense of his country?

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