Malawi economy is bad, Afrobarometer survey reveals: Minister Dausi says results surprising

The  research institution Afrobarometer report findings, reveals that the country’s economy is in bad shape but government says it is surprised with the survey results.

Prof Happy Kayuni of Chanco: On eof the reseacrhers.-Photo by Alfred Chauwa, Nyasa Times

According to the results finding delivered at Victoria Hotel in Blantyre, 86% of respondents said the feel economic turmoil despite the falling consumer and national inflation.

The country’s annual rate of inflation has been falling steadily for more than 10 months since June 2016 largely helped by declining food prices, a relatively stable kwacha and lower international fuel prices.

Official data from the National Statistical Office (NSO) showed on Wednesday that Malawi’s headline inflation slowed to 12.3 percent year-on-year in May from 14.6 percent in April.

According to the survey the economy is expected to nose dive in the next 12 months.

In the survey, 77% of the respondents described their personal living conditions as very bad.

In the survey it was revealed that Malawians are not inspired with the way the  government is handling  key economic issues.

For example the report has justified that safety nets programs which are aimed at uplifting people from poverty such as Farm Input Subsidy Program has failed to help poor Malawians and that it should be scrapped.

Afrobarometer is a pan African , non partisan research network that conducts public attitude surveys on democracy , governance, economic conditions and related issues in African countries.

During the survey, the Afrobarometer team, led by the Centre for Social Research at Chancellor College, a constituent college of the University of Malawi (Unima), interviewed 1 200 adult Malawians in December last year and January this year.

Issues on the economic front where government scored poorly include keeping prices stable (90 percent), narrowing income gaps (86 percent), managing the economy (84 percent), creating jobs (81 percent), ensuring there is enough to eat (80 percent) and improving living standards of the poor (77 percent).

Commenting on the report, Malawi Economic Justice Network, (Mejn) Executive Director Dalitso Kubalasa said he agrees with the findings  on economy, saying it is a true reflection of what is on the ground.

Kubalasa said its time government look into the issue seriously in order to help Malawians come out of the poverty.

“It time to call a spade a spade than being defensive this is our country. I regard these findings as a mirror,” aaid Kubalasa.

“Malawians are sincerely with what they are saying [that economy is bad],” he said.

But government spokesman and Minister of Information,  and Communications Technology, Nicholous Dausi said the results were suprising, saying the economy has so far been on rebound.

Dausi said  even the World Bank and the IMF have confirmed Malawi’s progress in economic management to be sound.

He also pointed out that the inflation—a term economists use to describe a sustained increase in the general price level of goods and services in an economy over a period of time—is expected to drop further this year as government is targeting a single digit inflation rate by early next year

However, prices for other goods and services continue to rise.

On gender the survey revealed that both men and women express strong support for women equality and political leadership.

However, the survey noted that women still lags behind men in political participation and gender based discrimination remains a fairly common experience.

“The results suggest a need for strategic and better coordinated efforts to empowered women to be active in politics , as the environment seems conducive to their support,” reads the report in part.

The report also found that 72% say that women should have same chance as men of being elected to political office saying this reflect 11 % point increase compared to that of 2014.

Commenting on the survey, Chairperson of NGO GCN, chairperson, Mrs Emma Kaliya, said its time now that Government should be practical in promoting gender equality.

Kaliya said CSOs have done their part and its time for action.

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27 thoughts on “Malawi economy is bad, Afrobarometer survey reveals: Minister Dausi says results surprising”

  1. Tenzi Mzungu says:

    Is it true that there is no budgetary support since APM came to power? Is it true that he is the first president to start ruling without this support? If it is true then how do you expect him to turn economy around just like that? It took Stalin 20years to make Russia economically sound at the cost of 20 million human lives. a Malawi kulira too much

  2. Sorry says:

    You said survey was done in December&January…This is june.Does the reflection make sense?

  3. Mopiya Mulupare says:

    When a govet is aloof this what happens. It cant see the poor bleeding. APM is surrounded by very rich people and so he sees richness around him. Recall the line up that was hand shaping him. Those people are not poor. Those are the people that MBC, traditional chiefs and Dausi see and refer to. The problem is that we see Malawi differently that is why there are different assessment findings.. If Dausi was able to see what we see he would not be discrediting economic profile by experts.

  4. nabanda says:

    Matandani, it’s good that women are becoming financially independent and I do not see any problem for them to be pompous and refuse to accept nonsense from men. For a long time, men have used financial muscle to torture women – violence, sleep with girlfriends and concubines. Azimayi tanyozeka for a long time and men including society forced us to accept shit. Now, many women are having the choice to say no to their husband divorce any man who fails in his duty or misbehaves. By the way, educated women can also have variety if a husband is failing to fulfil his duties. It’s the best time! Our girls are growing knowing education will liberate them from the foolish attitude of men

    1. noxy says:

      Ok mapeto ake kutha ndi edzi basi

  5. kuchithekete says:

    afrobarometer does us more harm than good. i don’t think this kind of research findings is arequirement to help govt in policy formulation but to embarrass it. where are we going?

  6. Murupale pa Thyolo says:

    A Dausi, inflation yotsika inayamba ya thandiza a Malawi liti? Search me!!! Donot be fooled by World Bank and IMF sentiments. Whatever comes from these two institutions are always bitter pills. They just want poor countries to borrow more money and remain as poorer than before. Give credit where its due. This is a wake-up call to the sleeping Boma. One day the researchers will give results showing some positives to this government and we are waiting to hear what Dausi will say. I hope Dausi will continue saying that the researchers are still lying. Cry my Minister of refute and counter-refutations. Ndi za sukulutu izi ABWANA – MWANNA. Certificate ya Malawi Young Pioneer mungamvetse Afrobarometer.

  7. kink curve says:

    Afrobarometer by name alone are non-partisan indeed but the researchers are partisan. Just imaging, the ratings are above 75% and you you say the economy is in bad shape. This only comes from daft researchers and commentators like one biased Kubalasa. Social researchers are not better placed to comment let alone conduct researches on the economy because they lack economic skills. Let them restrict themselves to social issues or else they are exposing their blatant ignorance despite having been educated to PhD level.

    1. Fair Play says:

      kkkk mind your ignorance as well. social issues can also be economic issues. Economics is a social science bwana. Inflation and unemployment are all economic issues.

    2. Clear Lense says:

      Economics is part of social issues bwana. Musadziyalutse apa chonde.

  8. guy says:

    guys we are sitting on a time bomb things are not okay for the majority of malawians, resources malawi has are not properly used for the good of malawian. panopa anthu akolola chimanga chambiri and if the government can authorise the sale at a good price like the last year one of k12500/bag of 50kgs some of these economic problems we are facing could be alleviated, but look now some rich probably ruling party agents are taking advantage of the situation to rob poor farmers in the villages by buy maize at k50/kg while the gvt is watching, who is to protect the us. pls open admarc to the rescue of the poor farmer.

  9. WAKIKIKI says:


  10. WAKIKIKI says:


    1. Milomo mbu! says:

      Dausi uyo, MUKUKUTA CHINANGWA, anganene chani?
      Amakukuta chinangwa (osati kuchifuna koma because of POVERTY, umphawi), akuyenda pansi full time ndi tsapato ya full-saw kkkkkkk kamadutsa paka bridge ka matabwa from Chichiri Poly side to Chinyonga ku Blantyre. Milomo yitatuwa ndi njala yili mbu!!!, mapazi ali mbu!!! Kusowa ndi ya minibus imene, milomo mbu!!! ndi njala, dehydration ndi kukuta chinangwa kkkkkkk.
      Ndiye anganene cha? He is referring to his own poverty alleviation not to that of the general population.

  11. Titani says:

    Fellow Malawian, let’s be true and hournest, the economy is too bad. People are suffering to hell. Get K1000 to the market, the items purchased from that amount, even an empty of a packet sugar can not full up. To those who are surprising with the report and support what the World bank and IMF said, let them be, let’s play and ask Almighty God to open their eyes to see what is happening and how people are suffering and going through. We should also play to Jehova to intervin and break all bad thoughts and demonic evil spirits, so that our economy gets a better truck. Lastly let’s agree that the economy of the country is too bad.

  12. subsidy says:

    Why are you not mentioning something on the availabilty and cheap maize? If Malawi has plenty of harvest including the steple food , maize. If there is maize in your house can your family complain about hunger. If they can not complain then you mean FISP has not helped the government? Let me war you that if the re is food on the table of rdinary Malawians due to FISP that is enough for the government.Happy Kayuni you are useless.

    1. kaiatano says:

      Kikkkkk Ngolongoliwa winaso uyu hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!! koma abale.

    2. Murupale pa Thyolo says:

      Achimwene uku ndiye kuganiza ngati a Dausi. Izi ndi nzeru zachikale zoti “Kulemela ndi Kudya”. Bomatu limati kuli njala koma anthu samapita ku ADMARC kukafola. Mwadziwa liti kuti kunja kuno kuli chimanga chambiri? Chaka chatha chonsechi chimanga chinalipo kale koma boma ili silimadziwa. Chimanga cha chaka chino chapezelana ndi cha chaka chatha basi. Paja mudalekera STD 2B ngati ineyo oti sitisiyanitsa za Chipani ndi Economy. Kayuni si mbuli ngati nduna. Nduna za pa Flames zimasiya kuganiza monga mmene zinaphunzilira nkuyamba kumaganiza ngati ma cadet. Chilichonse chisangalatse President. Kuomba mmanja zilizonse. That’s why you call yourself SUBSIDY. Even your brain is subsidised I know.

  13. gaga says:

    IMF and WOLRD Banks are financial institutions wakatapila. Dont listen to them will remain poor for ever

  14. Matandani says:

    Komatu azimayiso mwatiwonjeza, ma vacancy onse masiku ano akuti women are encouraged to apply but once given the job ulemu kwa amuna anu ukumachepa chifukwa you are better financially than your husbands bringing stress related illnesses to your husbands. Let their be equal opportunities where it is due not just because you are a woman.

  15. Patrick Phiri says:

    These political surveys have become useless. The World Bank and IMF have just commended us for making economic progress, and somebody manipulates survey results to say the opposite. Malawian Social Scientists conduct substandard surveys.

    1. kaitano says:

      Wakatapila angakuuze kuti sizukuyendala? ndimayesa amafuna kuti ukongoleso zina hahahahahahahahaha. O patrick.

    2. noxy says:

      Man its simplie kuwanamiza a IMF and world bank nde dont trust our govt

  16. Senzangakhona says:

    Its Dausi and his corrupt accomplices, the DPP, who are seeing improved economy. World bank and IMF do not know the kind of suffering people are going through in the villages. So we cannot take their elusive assertions wholesale. DPP should work hard to curb corruption and the country will have lots of resources to improve lives of the poor. The conduct of shielding the Chaponda’s of this world will not help things.

  17. chimanga says:

    A Dausi mukukana chiayani? We are suffering a lot. Inu simukuona?

  18. Spade says:

    Being a govt spokes person is a stupid job coz these comrades refute facts to please their masters even though they happen to know the whole truth of the matter. Mr Dausi can’t u reform yosf so that people may start trusting u again? Don’t be a living FOOL. Are u too blind to see people’s suffering?

  19. Thyolo Thava says:

    Only Ngolongoliwa and his Muthalika “praise team” see that the economy is good..

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