Malawi Electoral Commission beefs up legal team, resumes collection of sworn statements

Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) says it has beefed up its legal team as on Friday it resumed collection of sworn statements for the landmark presidential poll case.

Alfandika: This is not an election issue but a court process

MEC spokesperson Sangwani Mwafulirwa said the pollster has hired more lawyers to meet the five-day deadline the Constitutional Court has given as extension time for the exercise.

“We know that this is a mammoth exercise but we will overcome it with the increase of the number of lawyers and support staff,” said Mwafulirwa.

In a statement released by the chief elections officer Sam Alufandika, MEC says the statements which the pollster wants to get will be collected from those presiding officers whose results are being contested in court.

“The commission is informing the public that this is not an election issue but a court process. As such, the commission’s lawyers have the right to consult with the witnesses with full confidentiality and in the absence of third parties,” says the MEC statement.

MEC therefore says no uninvited person will be allowed to be present or interfere with the process, saying any attempt will be considered as an interference with the court process and they will be deemed to be in contempt of court.

The pollster says it has since asked the police to provide security, saying in the event that the law enforcers are not able to do so, they should seek assistance from Malawi Defence Force soldiers.

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The MEC has no credibility and everything they do is to justify their actions. I wonder why the supreme court even allowed these bastards to go to the agents of other political parties to sign an affidavit under duress and undue influences. Malawians are protesting against the MEC because they view it as a corrupt entity that cannot be trusted. Every week protests are held demanding Asnah to step down. How could you allow evidence collected under the leadership of Asnah to stand in a credible court of law? The supreme court of Malawi has been compromised and cannot be… Read more »

1 year ago

Its the worst election because Dr. Lazarus Chakwera failed to become president..

1 year ago

one rotten institution this has by far been the worse election ever and its not going to end well wrong timing but its savage dpp what do we expect.

1 year ago

olo mutapanga chotani siziphula kanthu agalu inu aMEC mugwa nawo mulandu umenewu mark my words ichi chikhala chinyengo chomaliza kuchitika ku MEC

Lux Tikitira
Lux Tikitira
1 year ago

Mwayesa a MDF ndi opusa ngati ma cadet anu a police wo. You already have the docs you are looking for. why bothering of collection same docs. When answer jeni rushed to make the announcement, did she not have all these papers you are NOW looking for? This is absurd

Mr Truth Pains
1 year ago

The news is all over the walls that you are promising them Cash in order to give biased witness that favours you MEC but these presiding officers need to tread carefully with you bcoz we have seen that you are also capable of killing innocent souls of presiding officers when they come to ask for their promised Cheque.

Dausi and Dr Ntaba is watching u guys , plz tread carefully .

1 year ago

Bwelani ife tawauza kale anthu to bear you here in the districts. You will find us here.

Mswahili mambo
Mswahili mambo
1 year ago

Still using and at the same time wasting taxpayers money ? God forbid.

1 year ago

You have money to hire more lawyers but you did not have money to make sure the elections were free and fare.

1 year ago


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