Malawi fire 82 diplomats, save up to K3bn: Chaponda announces reforms in embassies

Over 80 Malawian diplomats have been fired by the cash strapped government, saving up to K3.2 billion in tax payers money as the government struggle to deliver public services.

Chaponda:  Reforms in diplomatic missions

Chaponda: Reforms in diplomatic missions

Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation George Chaponda told a news conference on Thursday that either the diplomats are in Malawi or are on their way to the home country.

“We have drastically reduced the number of our diplomats in our foreign missions and now we are able to save up to K3.2 billion in rentals and school fees payments,” Chaponda said.

This was after the powerful  International Monetary Fund cleared Malawi to resume Malawi’s $150 million extended facility programme which was suspended last year after a scandal involving abuse of state money, a move that would instil confidence in Africa’s poorest country to woo donors and investors back on government fold.

Chaponda said the government had to take the decision after it observed that most of the embassies were overstaffed.

He said in some embassies, the staff has been drastically reduced from 20 to six and in small foreign mission from five to two but was quick to say the quality of service will remain the same.

Chaponda said this after telling reporters that out of the 234 diplomats earmarked for the chop, 152 have already been flown home.

He said the government is already serving K3.1 billion in personal emoluments if the envoys and K3.2 billion in house rentals and children education scheme.

“Some of our embassies were overstaffed. We are not doing this because Malawi is bankrupt but we are working on our reforms because we believe a few staff can do the job,” said Chaponda, the ruling Democratic Progressive Party vice president parrying away fears the government was purging opposition elements in Malawi foreign mission.

Chaponda said government has also rolled out Performance Management system to all diplomats and local staff in foreign missions and the Ministry Headquarters.

He said under this appraisal system, each and every diplomat as well as local staff members in foreign missions and embassies have been appraised and this has included all staff at the Ministry Headquarters.

“For those that have not performed well in these appraisals have been warned,” said Chaponda.

Chaponda has also revealed that government has requested each foreign mission and embassy to develop strategic plan outlining the strategic outcome.

“We will be able to clearly judge them whether they are performing or not,” said Chaponda. –Additional reporting by Alfred Chauwa, Nyasa Times

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roy hauya

good strategy only if unadlterated by politics. can we get a list of those released from foreign service? otherwise more can be done — transparency and objectivity are the key to this reform


Since whern did you reliase that embassies are overststaffed? Yet you are still sending people to embassies. A few weeks ago you sent your relatives. You recalling MCP and PP sympathisers.Who does not know DPP? Full of vegence and lies!!!!!!!!!


Publish the names of those diplomats. The country will see for itself that they are All believed to be either PP or MCP sympathisers. These stupid DPP people really think they are the smartest, don’t they? Publish the names, we challenge you.

Joseph Banda

A Chikopa # 2 ndinu opepera mukufuna kuti anthu azikangana. Reform is done at Cabinet level jointly as a group. If you pretend to like and support this young man then you are a devil.


Is Akweni’s Daughter in the fired squard too as it was just a recent appointment to the UK Embassy.




Ku state house muwapungule ma driver achuluka


I cannot trust this old man. A few days ago he asked for increment of the budget for foreign affairs ministry of over 2billion kwacha and today he is bluffing that he is making a saving due to reforms? Why did he ask for budget increment if he knew he could do with his initial budget by implementing reforms? This is one of people messing our nation and karma will pay him back.

Generation of vipers

Tisapupulume kuombera mmanja apa b4 we hear how these savings have bn utilised and who are the pple who ve bn axed


Just two months ago you sent one of your relative to one of the embassy , is he coming back as well the one who was the general manager for Malawi Housing ?

He should be the first one to come back , otherwise you are targeting those who were sent by JB . Chaponda is the most stupid person.

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