Malawi govt issues ultimatum on idle land: To resell to new developers

Government has issued a stern warning that it would grab back all idle land to resell it to new developers after issuing notices to landlords this month.

Minister of Land, Atupele Muluzi with Inkosi Gomani

Minister of Land, Atupele Muluzi with Inkosi Gomani

Minister of Land, Atupele Muluzi, said the government is baffled that huge chunks of land, mostly owned by estates and companies lie idle in the Capital, Lilongwe where demand for land is also extremely high.

“Government will start issuing notices to land developers soon. There is idle land in Areas 13, 16, 19, 43, 17, 41, 46, we will be telling developers to start developing their land or else we will give the land to new developers,” said Muluzi.

He said the process of taking back the land will start as soon as the notices are given and land developers fail to comply with the deadlines set.

Muluzi, the only minister from the United Democratic Front (UDF) in President Peter Mutharika’s 20 member cabinet said all laws would be duly followed before the land grabbing exercise starts.

Some people are blaming weak laws in Malawi that allow foreigners, including Nigerians and refugees to easily access land in Malawi without problems

A land bill, that would restrict foreigners from easily accessing land in Malawi is currently gathering dust somewhere at Capital Hill and when the government decides to bring it to parliament, all the land would have gone to foreigners.

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Mirella K

Amalawi tiyeni tikhale anthu anzeru… Madera akunenedwa ngati Area 13 are not residential areas. Tikamati ma developers we don’t mean tinyumba tazipinda ziwiri tija ayi. I think you will agree with me kuti such areas like 13 needed to have skyscrappers by now…eeh!

Kafodya Imdzomdzo

Why is the minister with Inkosi, Is the land issue related to Inkosi Gomani?


Sean you dont know the functions of the places you have mentioned. Umbuli ukuvutani. Any country has such places. Mbuzi yamunthu iwe

Atupele, which PS or Director in the lands department pushed you to say this hopeless speech. If I were you I would remove him from the Ministry of Lands because he doesnt wish you well nor does he wish the govt well. He/she is underpressure from Amwenye or other foreigners to grab land from Malawian and give it to them. I do not want to say its perhaps yourself who has been palmed with cash from some sources to sell them land belonging to hard working bonefide Malawians. If this is true then its unfortunate and you deserve to be… Read more »

politicians and foreigners asakupaseni malo. Land be given to malawians

Real malawian

They want to grab land and sell it to foreigners who have money.These crooks are very much obsessed with money.The land belongs to Malawians.Let them build at their own pace with their bicycle economy.You want other cashgates where people were building mansions within a month and now are running away to sleep in their mansions built from ill gotten proceeds.

Che Wanimiliyoni

Let landowners, as long as they are paying city rates and ground rent, develop at their own pace. Why the rush? Imagine if all land was developed in 1975 where would you have built all these new buildings being built today? In fact it would have been looking like Limbe town full of old structures. A mixture of old and new buildings give a city its architectural history and character. And by the way can this U$1.5 billion economy afford to hav all vacant land in Lilongwe city built within say 10 years? Nyumba zake nde zazidina za udzutu!


komanso zinthu zina zimayenela zisamutsidwe mu Capital city,like botanical garden and Lilongwe natural centuary,zinthu zimenezi ndi nkhalango zake zinadya malo ambili,I wished if kuchokera pa Area 18 mpaka ku city center nkhalango yonse ija ikanangochosedwa anthu amangepo ma buildings,Lilongwe angakongole ndikuwala kwambili


Ku Lands kuli corruption osati yamasewera. Land is given to foreigners yet ife tikuyendera every month since 2001

mphisi saysRRIZZA

What is needed is to abolish the freehold land and convert it to 25 years leases and abolish all long leases and convert them to 20 years lease hold

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