Malawi govt refutes reports that man died of hunger in Mzimba

Minister of Information Jappie Mhango has swung swiftly to put down politically damaging reports that a man died of hunger in Mzimba last week.

Jappie Mhango : The Mzimba death is not hunger related

Jappie Mhango : The Mzimba death is not hunger related

In a statement, Mhango said the reports were untrue because when the man’s body was discovered on January, it was in severe decomposed state therefore medical personnel could not determine the cause of death.

Mhango says the body of the man believed to be aged between 30 and 40 was so decomposed that it was buried on the site where people discovered it.

The minister said the government believes the man was an asylum seeker who was dumped by his Malawian handlers and deserted by fellow asylum seekers when he was sick in fear that authorities would apprehend them as they were illegally in Malawi.

Mhango echoed President Peter Mutharika’s assertion that no Malawian would die of hunger in Malawi because there was enough maize in the country.

However the situation on the ground shows ordinary Malawians are finding it hard to live as Admarc markets, which sell maize at K5500 are perpetually closed because of lack of maize whilst vendors are selling the stapple food at K9000 beyond the reach of most Malawians facing harsh economic conditions.


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Too bad for my mother Malawi


the minister speaks as though he carries a plate of nsima moving around households observing who is having no nsima so that he can give them; he speaks as though hunger is a disease that once diagnosed it can be treated in hospital,,,,,he in my opinion speaks unwisely. ndayuza chichewa cholemekeza meepapa.


Mr. Mhango his job is to deny. Even if you tell him that Mzimba is in the north of Malawi, Hon. Mhango will deny. He always deny because he can’t talk properly because the big blue scone they gave him is too big and is stuck in his throat. The only word he can pronounce properly is big NO. He can’t say Yes.

Eye Witness

One person dying of hunger doesn’t mean the staple food is not available but that the man can’t afford the food. Many men Masturbate while we have more women than men doesn’t mean we have a shortage of women.

s e

aboma sangavomele because ndimulandu ku {icc}

edson samuel

aboma amafuna kuti anthu afe kaye,then amayamba kutumizako chimanga kuti afufute case ku international criminal court


Chimanga chiri ku Kanengo munthu amene akufuna chimangacho ali kwa Mbaluku ku Mangochi ndiye asafe ndi njala? Ngati amnzathu budget yanu yogulira zakudya imakwana chaka chonse chatunthu musamalankhule motumbwa kuti palibe amene afe ndi njala. Kuno ndi kunja kunayanja lichero. Bongololo sadzolera mafuta pagulu. Be warned!

2016 welcome

This deranged man called Mhango refutes everything. Next time he will refuse that a chicken has two legs.


Uku nkuyamba ,nanga munthu wakumudzi nkuitenga kuti K10,000


Uku nkuyamba mjalayi itimalizadi,munthu wakumudzi nkuitenga kuti K10,000

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