Malawi hospitals fail to treat boy born with congenital arhinia

A four year-old boy Tiyamike Chakalamba who was born with congenital arhinia is struggling to survive after hospitals’ failure to treat his condition.

Tiyamike, can’t talk, see or breath properly

Tiyamike was born in April, 2013 at Salima District Hospital whereupon noticing his condition, medical personnel referred him to Kamuzu Central Hospital where he was discharged without being given treatment.

According to Salima District Health Officer (DHO), Bongani Chikwapulo congenital arhinia is a condition related to the formation of the nose whereby it cannot fully develop.

Chikwapula however could not say whether the condition can be reversed through medical surgery or not.

Tiyamike’s father, Macdonald Chakalamba said he feels frustrated because medical people have failed to help his son.

“At first when the boy was born the doctors at Salima District Hospital kept him for a few days to observe him. Later he was referred to Kamuzu Central Hospital and there after we were referred to Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital where we were only told to come back after a year. When we went again nothing was done again and we just left the hospital,” bemoaned Chakalamba.

“It seems like the doctors thought that the baby will die because of his condition as he has no nose and only uses the mouth to breathe, but I have done everything possible for him to be alive,” said Chakalamba.

But to make matters worse for Tiyamike, his parents divorced after a wrangle over his birth and the biological mother has since left the him.

“We divorced sometime this year and my ex-wife has taken the other two children who are able bodied leaving behind Tiyamike due to his disability,” said Chakalamba.

Efforts to talk to Tiyamike’s biological mother were not successful, but her uncle, Custom Daniel said the boy was left with the father after the divorce because the father was not providing necessities for the boy.

“When the two divorced, our sister came here with all the kids, expecting that the father would continue supporting the children, but he was not doing so which is why we decided to take Tiyamike back to him,” said Daniel.

Because of her condition now at four Tiyamike cannot talk, walk, see and breathe properly.

Meanwhile, Tiyamike is living at Kanyenyeva, Traditional Authority Chiwere in Dowa with his grandmother from the paternal side as the father has remarried.

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mercy kanjo

Anyone who knows anyone can conduct a surgery on this child, please give us the details, we surely as a nation can make a difference in this life………contact 265888785193

mercy kanjo

Any one with the contacts of this child .please get in touch with me, 0888785193

mercy kanjo
Many a times when we rely on a govt, disappointments comes up, one Dr has said, its high time our Dr’s consider their calling than finances,can we for once try and be creative in our professions , some times going by the norm may not achieve the required results. Thank you nyasatimes for bringing this issue in the open, now it’s my hope the each and every one will take up a challenge and help in this matter ,am a marketer by proffession , i will use my God given gifts to help in some way or another, First, i… Read more »
Well wisher

I’m with you…I’m also willing to help the young man. Let’s keep in touch. My email is [email protected]

Mr Lee

What has happened to Malawi ??
Me iam an example,in the time if Kamuzu I was sent to South Africa for heart problem where I was operated,it is not about business men,that’s government’s issue and it’s not to begg about it,they have to arrange for young to go for surgery,where the money for the tax payers,you see they will politisize this .

Kalekeni Kanene

Thank you Nyasa Times for telling the world about the sad and unfortunate situation of Tiyamike Chakalamba. I have hope that Gods children will come up and help the boy. praise be to the name of the Lord. Thumbs up Media!!!!!

Wawa Nyoni

As we are praying for his health, we should urge the government to URGENTLY handle this issue. Chonde mabwana kuphiriko tithandizeni….


lets help this young man my fellow country men. imagine breathing through the mouth.

Dr. Saleh
Malawian Medical colleagues! There are very rare cases of Arhinia reported so far in the World. I don’t count it as luck to your side, rather an opportunity to develop knowledge and skills in dealing with such cases also, in following up and documenting and commenting of which contributes to the world knowledge in such cases. Lets not sit back and blame the Government for not doing anything, collect yrselves and do something, especially in the follow up and documentation. It doesn’t have to be only at Queens, let it be where parents of the child are coming from. You… Read more »


Kalekeni Kanene
Please govt help Tiyamike Chakalamba. If you are able to send High profile people to RSA or India, please do the same to this boy. He is a 100% son of Malawi. Business Community! Please lets hold hands for the love of God, your people and country. There are many paediatric cases which require treatment outside Malawi. Example are children who develop a hole in the heart at tender age. They are left to die as the govt has no ability to treat them locally. In South Africa such cases are solved successfully with Gods help. If govt and private… Read more »

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