Malawi is wrong, Prophet Bushiri trashes ‘Satanic’ slurs on AFRICCI

With the recent talk in town about Malawi development, the president of African Christian Coalition for Israel (AFRICCI) Ltd Prophet Shepherd Bushiri says Malawians can do better to understand issues before criticizing.

Bushiri standing on his new Bently car:  Have faith

Bushiri standing on his new Bently car: Have faith

Bushiri was speaking in a phone interview with Nyasa Times when contacted to clarify on his stand as AFRICCI President and the organization’s plans to help Malawi with development loans.

“It’s so unfortunate that out of all the countries mentioned and earmarked in our plans, it’s just some selected few groups of people from Malawi who seem not to understand our stand as AFRICCI. As I said, the money is coming from our development partners including National Standard. If you are to do your research, you will realize that Nation Standard exists and has always been there helping out countries and companies worldwide. Do you think they are too dull to partner a nonexistent organization?” questioned Bushiri.

“In the end, you will realize that it will be difficult for Malawi to develop and forge ahead because most people put their focus on useless things ignoring real matters to move our country forward. They center much on judging personalities and not policies. As a result, our neighbouring countries keep doing better and better while we languish in stinking poverty because of our mentality of wariness and fear of success and progress,” said Bushiri.

According to Bushiri, National Standard, an American organization signed a partnership agreement with AFRICCI and among others, AFRICCI act as its development partner, identifying development projects in Africa to be funded by the organization.

“We have a number of development partners apart from National Standard. All of them know us and trust in what we are doing for Africa. We don’t have to exist through a website as some people have said, but we take that into consideration. What people should understand is that we are a Christian organization and we have our own ways of doing things,” Bushiri told Nyasa Times.

“AFRICCI has just been introduced, but we can’t put all projects on hold just to get a website first in order to be authenticated by somebody, somewhere, that’s not on because we are not getting money from Africa, Malawi in particular, but rather giving it and it should be us questioning credibility of government, companies and individuals looking for our help. Africa needs action not websites,” said Bushiri.

On additional claims that this is perhaps “Satanic Money” Bushiri laughed off the talk describing it as “Lack of faith.”

“This is a very unfortunate and am not surprised because most people in Malawi are used to poverty to the point that big success to them cannot come cleanly without associating it with the dark side. Let’s face it, just as an example, if government gets the money, build hospitals and buys drugs and people get helped. Do you still consider that scenario as “Satanic?” Then purely Satan must be born again,” explained Bushiri adding:

“Or are we of the belief that good things or big sums of money can only come from the devil and not God? In other words, God can’t give big blessings to his people? What type of faith is that to associate poverty with God and riches with the devil? No ways, Satan has never been richer than God. I am a living testimony to that and people will keep doubting while I rise among doubters. Going by my history, you will realize that people have always doubted me and that includes times when I faithfully declared that I was taking my ministry to whole Africa and open a TV channel.

“I declared this in Mzuzu and I remember people accusing me that I was smoking too much marijuana and that the power of ‘weed smoke’ and its effects was confusing my intellectual by making me see impossibilities being possible. But that’s the whole point because real faith is astonishing and makes you think extraordinarily. If that’s not enough, I declared about a Bentley and I remember the whole media nailing me to the wall of shame that I lied, am only surprised that ever since I got it, no journalist has come forward to dispute the said lies. Get my point here, am not boosting about my success, but simply telling people to live with faith, plan with faith and achieve greatness with faith ,” explained Bushiri.

According to information made available to Nyasa Times, AFRICCI is in talks with different African governments to fund development including providing $2 billion for the water pipeline project to government of Botswana, $1 billion sovereign debt to South Sudan, $300 million for CENIT power plant in Ghana as well as providing loans to South African companies including Eskom ($3 billion) and South African Airways ($668 million).

AFRICCI was created in 2014 with a vision of founders, men and women of God who desire to put their biblical principles in action. It brings together churches and Christians throughout Africa with a heart for growth and lobbies for funding from its members and development partners.

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Ma Jesuits pa ntchito yawo tsopano. Akudzera mwa a khristu a Sunday kuti paumaliro adzazunze a christu a pa Sabata la Yehova. Aloreni, avomerezeni a AFRICCI anuwo, mudzazindikila last minute kuti a khristu a Sabata la mu baibulo aja amanenadi zoona satana atakulikwilani. Chiyambi chakudzakakamiza anthu tonse kumadzapembedza pa Sunday. Posachedwa manthu wa mavuto afika. Ngakhale andichotse sukulu, andichotse ntchito, andidule manja sindidzanena kuti Sunda ndi Sabata, ayiiiiiiiiiii! mpaka kukadutsa mtambo wobilieilawo.


Chiyambi cha THE NATIONAL SUNDAY LAW. owerengawe khala maso. Well educated people, very intelligent people but they have no wisdom, kumvera kusocheretsedwa. Kumvetsa chifundo ma educated savages pa mau a Mulungu Yehova. Mulungu atseguleni maso anthu anu akuonongeka chifukwa cha kusadziwa.

Inu azibusa a ma pente, tamaphunzitsaniko ma members anu za kuti machismo ndi ati, kuchita bwino pa uzimu ndi kuti osati kumangoti ayi Mulungu atikondera atipatsa chuma, tipeza mabanja, ayi tikwera pa ntchito, madalitso ochokera kwa Mulungu amabwera munthu akaleka uchimo, amene amabwera mu ma pente churches wo amachokera kwa satana chifukwa ndinu ambiri a inu ndinu ma hule, ma rejects ndiyeno mumajoina mipingo imeneyi kuti kuti satana akupatseni mwamuna, mkazi, ndalama za pansi pa Nyanja. Mulungu akutsanulilani chuma bwanji uhule uli thooooo, ma mimi mu church, kuvina dance wachikunja mu church. Muzingosanza dzithumwa, dzinjoka dzomwedzo satana ndikumakupatsani nsato muli… Read more »
Movettie c.p phiri

Amalawian pz pz pz stop talking about men of God or any other person ndipo the truth of the fact is mukamali kuyakhala zamunthu WHAT DO YOU GAIN? Pz pz pz thats bad!


Amalawi amalawi tadzukani dziko lathu litukuke, mulungu akufuna kukuthandizani, inu mukuti ndi sataniki, zizindikiro ndiye zaoneka zokwanira, ansinga amasulidwa, odwalanso achilitsidwa. kodi ufumu wa satana ungaziukire okha, yesu anaonanso zoterezi.


Malawi must be delivered from the spirit of poverty. She hates people who were destined to raise the country because of jerous. Prophet Bushiri’s vision must be supported and Malawi will never be the same again.


If it’s like that juliusphil then God must be vey poor, yet the bible says ; heaven and earth belongs to Him 1 chronicles 29:11 and Jesus said all that the Father has are mine and Roms 8:17 days we are joint heirs with Jesus. My brother let’s pray that our mind is renewed from poverty mentality.


Malawian malawian malawian,wabwino azakhala ndani,ngakhale ine ndinabwela kuno ku southafrica,ndakhala zaka folo,osapeza ntchito yabwino,lero Allah(mulungu)wayankha yapezeka ndayamba kumanga nyumba akuti ndalowa SATANIC,kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk,,malawi tinazolowela kuvutika,ndiye izi sizodabwitsa ,vuto ndi atsogoleli athu,akanga ndiwamba,kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk,am wishing yu al the best Mr president of Africci,plz help ure pourest country malawi,,maybe we can change,bola owapatsilawonso muzawonesese,hahahahahahahaha

Thitherward Wendo

Until our education system improves, we shall remain vulnerable to confidence tricksters like Bushiri and his kind.



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