Malawi Job Centre Ltd faults  govt on Kuwait job nightmares

A renowned local recruitment agency has blamed government failure to regulate the job recruitment industry as the main cause of trafficking that has left many Malawians abused at work places in foreign countries.

Trevor Kandoje of Job Centre limited

Trevor Kandoje of Job Centre limited

Job Centre Limited executive director Trevor Kandoje said there are so many job recruiting agencies who do clandestine job recruitment.

“The job recruitment agencies are just interested in money. They take desperate Malawians and dump them say in Kuwait. They do not screen the would-be employers, this is why some Malawians were abused and stranded in Kuwait,” he said.

He said there was need for government to register all job recruitment agencies in the country which should include physically visiting their places of work to authenticate their existence as some of them are bogus.

Kandoje said after registering them, the government should give them licences as evidence that they are authorised to recruit people for foreign jobs.

He said the Kuwait incident, when the government spent huge sums of money to repatriate stranded desperate and abused Malawian job seekers could have been avoided if the government traced thje recruiting agency.

“The cost of bringing these people from Kuwait could have been borne by the recruiting agency not the government,” said Kandoje.

Some Malawians lured into foreign jobs are forced to do odd jobs including women working in brothels and usually their passports are snatched by their bogus employers.

Foreign Affairs minister Francis Kasaira has warned Malawians against taking up jobs in Arab countries following reports of abuse.

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Chifundo servazio

I visited these youth in Dubhai last year April , iiiiiish I tell you they r suffering. They leave in concentrated camps like dormitories. Almost all the 200 youth in Dubai and abudhabi requested to return home. Some had left good jobs here in Malawi.


Phyuta and Mboba must have personal issues with Kandoje. Kandoje’s face is not shit as you put it Mboba, may be you are jeolousy of his cute looks! He has a point and there is sense in what he is proposing. As for Phyuta do your homework properly, Kandoje never sent anybody to Kuwait during Joyce Banda;s era – Infact he was not part and parcel of the PP agenda. Bwanji a Malawi nsanje? Nzanu asachite bwino?

Gib wa Kale

Mboba si iwe, Assist those parents that have been asked by the Government to buy tickets for their children. Isn’t it that you thouroughlarly insulted the gentleman that was raising issues of procedure, look now what the Government is saying, exactly what he was mentioning in his mail that Government cannot be paying for things that they are not party to. Really our tax to be going to things that would not be making sense to Malawians at a time when the country is struggling to feed its people. Inu anzeru mu yisove nkhani yimeneyi by helping these parents


In fact Kandoje must be investigated; He has a big skeleton in his cupboard. Something fishy happened during Joyce Banda’s time; Some Malawians were abused in Kuwait because of him;


Kuweit first,Malawi graveyard


Stupid Mbomba human trafficking and abuse ate not the same. On Arabs abusing blacks you are right. Yes govt must bring its people when they get stranded. Arabs are the most cruel of all races.

mboba Si iwe
Trevor Kandonje with your shit face get out of here. You mean those evil Kuwaiti employers are not to blame but the Malawi government? Your are entitled to your own opinion but you are not entitled to your own facts. The fact is that regulation or non regulation of the Employment agencies in Malawi will not help solve the Human Trafficking problems in the Gulf States. Those people are naturally inclined to abusing foreign workers because of the culture shock seeing foreigners in their lands. Those are called closed societies and foreigners are usually second class even third class citizens.… Read more »
November Rain

You could have equally communicated the message without insulting the person as you have done.
You have put forth a very sound argument which, unfortunately; is being overshadowed by the unnecessary insult you have showered on this man.
Wisdom is to behave properly even in such anonymous interactions as these.

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