Malawi law enforcers indefinitely close down police unit in Mangochi

Police in Mangochi have indefinitely closed down Namwera police unit after an angry mob attacked it and damaged property demanding the release of a suspected thief for mob justice.

Rodrick Maida Mangochi Police PRO : Namwera police unti closed

Rodrick Maida Mangochi Police PRO : Namwera police unit closed

Mangochi police spokesman Rodrick Maida confirmed the closure of the police post which served thousands of people around Namwera Trading Centre and surrounding villages.

Maida said on Thursday night, one of the shops at the trading centre was broken into and people suspected a serial thief who had just been released from prison in November.

The suspect had earlier gone to the shop to buy rice and was spotted chatting with another suspected thief of the area so people mobilised themselves on Friday and apprehended the two who were brought to the police unit,” he said.

He said hours later on Friday, the people went back to the police unit demanding the release of the two suspects so that they could administer mob justice on them.

The police, he said, drove off the two to Mangochi police for their safety, this is what angered that people who descended on the police unit, stoning it and in the process damaging the police unit and staff houses window panes and roofs prompting the police to close down the police unit.

He said no one has been arrested in connection with the damage of government property and the mayhem.

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The Patriot

Its time the police showed the people who is in charge! A police post should not just be attacked like that, people need to learn to respect authority. Muwamange amaenewo, osawasiya azazolowera. Yes, the police may have a few rotten corrupt individuals but they have the duty to protect everybody including suspects. A similar incident happened in Thyolo, where a mob descended on a police post and killed a suspect. Its time the Police acted decisively on this, arrest the culprits and charge them! Ignorance of the Law is not an excuse!!


Ayao tulo.kugwira munthu kumpereka kenako kumufunanso?Mwakhala ngati Ayuda munthawi ya Yesu kugwira munthu kumpereka kwa Pilato kenako ndikumufunanso.


Midyomba wc low IQ. Tachangamukani youw were the same people who handed the guys to police, why didn’t you just deal with them in the first place?

Mirella K

#5, this is utter frustration and has nothing to do with a tribe. The concerned community handed over the thieves to Police in hope there will be action. Two days down nothing, no action! Now they lost hope and the only way was to deal with them, themselves! Your hatred for the Yaos is nauseating! Get a life!

The Most Concerned

U mean the people apprehended the suspects and handed them 2 to Police, & later on went bak 2 demand 4 their release 2 deal wt them? Vuto lake Achawa u alwez think vry low, y ddnt u deal wt them in the 1st place?


Iwe ndiwe mfiti eti. Azikuitana kuti uzikaika cement mu nsima ku police ukapse wekha kumwamba. Anyway that is not a good solution even if it may reduce crime because the one who can manage to this should be a proffessional criminal – an armed rober who needs to be killed as well hence i dont support your option no-1.

nyasa boss

Hahahahaha koma pa malawi ndi drama bola ife akunjafe


Good move by police this means that the namwera community will be free to administer mob justice on all criminals in the area

boba fett

zomangotulutsa zigananga ku cell chisawawa anthu atopa nazo tsopano. one day somebody will see black things sure (tsiku lina wina adzawona zakuda shuwa). magalimoto mumati akusowa omwewa lero asanduka othawitsila akuba zoona?

ma human rights/democracy anuwa tafika popusa nawo ndithu. anyamata a kamuzu ankangothila cement mu nsima apo ayi kukadyetsa ziweto ku lower shire, that’s why malawi had the lowest crime rate in the world. rape ndi armed robbery tayidziwa mu 1995. munthu wamkulu ananena kale kuti “matipate ndi nkhondo”

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