Malawi lay to rest the first aircraft engineer for Air Malawi: Gerald Kalirani

Malawi on Tuesday  laid to rest Gerald Kalirani, who was an Aerospace Engineer and the first Aircraft Engineer for Air Malawi.

Late Gerald Kalirani

President Peter Mutharika pays last respect to Gerald Kalilani on Tuesday(C) Mana

Mutharika consoles Kalirani family members

Pall bearers takes the casket to the graveyard

Vice President Saulos Chilima lay a wreath

Jean Kalilani lay a wreath at her brother’s Gerald Kalilani tomb(C)Mana

President Professor Peter Arthur Mutharika, Vice President Dr Saulos Chilima, former First Lady Calista Mutharika and other government officials attended the burial ceremony of Kalilani who was also a brother to the Minister of Gender, Children, Disability and Social Welfare Dr Jean Kalirani at Mutu village in the area of Traditional Authority Mtema.

The governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) vice president for Central Region, Dr Hertherwick Ntaba, who gave eulogy on behalf of the President Mutharika described the death of Kalirani who succumbed to an asthma attack on Sunday as the most heartbreaking experience to the family.

“As we have heard from some of the family members, Gerald was a great person. It is the President’s hope that the relatives will continue with the humble spirit the late had and continue working hard for the betterment of the nation,” advised Ntaba.

Speaking earlier, Zohra Kalirani, one of the deceased’s seven children encouraged her siblings to continue loving each other the way their departed 67 year old father taught them.

“Our backbone is broken and as a family, we can’t stand up any more with this shocking incident. He was a father and a mentor to all of us in our family. We will continue praying for him for his soul to rest in peace,” mourned Zohra Kalirani.

During the funeral ceremony, President gave the bereaved family a condolence of K200, 000 cash and some food items.

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16 thoughts on “Malawi lay to rest the first aircraft engineer for Air Malawi: Gerald Kalirani”

  1. Hon Pwhisi says:

    I knew him at LL mini bus depot (bottom) when he operated a toyota coaster route 49

  2. Nassim Karim says:


    I know this family very well. Did you k ow that the house he lived in area 49 belongs to one of his sisters? did you n ow aghast the grocery was built b y one his sisters too try help him with income? Did you you know that different members of his family helped in different ways, hospital bulls medications? Out of respect for the family I will stop there but please get your facts straight before you comment because families are extremely complex units and until you understand what really iOS going wrong you will draw the wrong conclusion as you are now!

  3. mangochi says:

    Kaitano and Generation vipers. I totally agree with you. Where were all these relations? I for one never even associated him with the Hon. Minister Jean, Mgende, Tay Grin etc and all these somber looking people. This man died lonely. This man died a pauper. This is the pretence I am talking about. This man was indeed very humble, very friendly, very welcoming and very undemanding. Today we see all these fake eulogies by The Computer, huge attendance because of the Hon. Minister. They say “a poor man is dressed in gold in his graveyard”. Gerald is laid in a very expensive casket but they did not care about him. He was mentally challenged at times even though you could see that here was a man worthy his salt. I also want to correct people about him being the “first Aeronautic Engineer”. He never said that himself. He only said that he was one of the Aeronautic Engineers. Before him there were others and he recognized this. This is how humble Gerald was. My condolence to you and not the family that left you alone to die a pauper while they swam in abundance. I wish HE and the Right Hon. VP knew this.

    1. Naje Karim says:

      I would strongly recommend that you get your facts right before you comment on family matters because they usually are extremely complex. I know this family well and I know how much the family was doing for him. You obviously are ignorant of this! That house he lived in was bought for him by his sister just to give you lone example!
      You are best not commenting on issues you know very little about! some stories are very sad when you get to understand what was happening

  4. Leonard NDHLOVU says:

    So what is the truth then over Gerald,Jean of your family

  5. mjiba says:

    RIP that is all we can say for a man who is gone. As for the mourners do good whilst you can.

  6. Generation of Vipers says:

    Kunamwalira mkulu wina wake amene he is even recognized world-wide to have contributed a lot on the designing of Boeing aircraft koma it was not in the news ngati nkhani iyi. The president sanapite or even just to make kachipepeso just because he was from the north, nde kuli what is imfa ya so called engineer???? Osangoti achimwene a nduna ya boma bwanji????

  7. ANALYST says:

    Air Malawi began in 1964 under the Central African Airways. If this Kalirani has died aged 67, it means he was born in in 1950. Does it mean he started working at Air Malawi at the age of 14 in 1964??? Or were there no aircraft engineers at Air Malawi up until he joined to become the first? OK

  8. Noel ononga says:

    I first met him in 1995 at his retirement home, we went there with his nephew who was my tutor in auto electrics he gave us a lot of sugarcane, wondering of the of the age by 1995 was already retired, or this is a Junior, May Gerald soul rest in peace

    1. Namulepe says:

      The first BLACK engineer

  9. The Kalirani family have lost the genius!Malawi has lost a true genius!Heaven gain,its son!Rest in eternal peace & Jean Kalirani,my condolence for untimely death of your dearest brother!

  10. Nes says:

    NyasaTimes you are wrong. The 1st Engineer was a Nebert Gondwe, then Kennedy Mbizi, Henderson Chilima (father to VP), Thom Masi and many more before Gerald. I stand to be corrected.

    1. Engineer says:

      You are very correct boss!

    2. THEMBA says:

      And don’t for get Bernald Nyondo from Chitipa a Good Superintendent,was Kaliliani Boss

  11. mangochi says:

    I am shocked to see the large numbers of mourners at this funeral. I can only characterize this a pretence at most. I have know Gerald since 2009 while staying at Area 49 Proper. He told me who he was. Gerald lived a very desolate life with his enstranged wife and children, caring for them through meagre means and eventually he started a grocery business. Here is a man of such stature with relations of high standing and no one (I mean no one) came to visit him. He had almost become mentally disturbed. Now to portray him as an important man who was indeed the first Aeronautic Engineer and give him a burial of a king is to me pretence at most. I wish all these dignitaries had assisted the man when he was in dire straits living a life of a pauper. There is a saying that “one is respected only when gone”. I hope that the money given can cater for his childrens’ upkeep. I hope that we can now remember that although gone this man has left behind kids who need proper care. I hope the money given for his funeral can be invested for his children, I am shocked by Gerald knows wherever he is gone that he was not taken care of while still alive. It is sad and sickening this presetence!!! Go well Gerald, Go well my friend. You do not need all this pretence.

    1. kaitano says:

      Kikkkkkkk ok? aqnd now because he is gone abale aoneka?

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