Malawi Minister ousted for straight talk with Mutharika: Rev Ndau says ‘have I  become your enemy by speaking the truth’

Fired Minister of Information and communication Technology, Reverend Malison Ndau has said President Peter Mutharika might have relieved him from the 20 member cabinet for telling the truth.

Malison Ndau,  MP:  Truth sets me free 

Ndau told a radio station on Wednesday that as much as Mutharika is a politically sober person, his close allies are highly politically associates who might not have liked the former minister’s straight forward truthful statements.

“I think my honesty has cost me the job. The President is not into much politics but those who surround him,” said Ndau.

Mutharika made a surprise cabinet shake up recently in which the only casualty is Ndau, who was immediately replaced by former state spy chief Nicholas Dausi.

The President is not obliged to give reasons for hiring and firing cabinet ministers.

Ndau said Malawi is not developing because of politicking, gossiping and  witchhunting.

“We have talented Malawians who can develop Malawi but they cannot be appointed to positions, are not given chance to develop their country because of politicking,” said Ndau who is Ntcheu Central legislator .

He dismissed speculations that he might have been dismissed from his job because of comments he made on Access to Information Bill which might not have pleased Mutharika.

Ndau said as a Man of God he sticks to speaking the truth and that sets him free.

Quoting the Holy Bible in Galatians 4:16, Ndau said: “Have I therefore become your enemy because I tell you the truth?”

Political and social commentator Boniface Dulani of the University of Malawi’s Chancellor College said for Ndau to just be dropped out of Cabinet in the manner Mutharika has done is  rare and “something must have happened.”

He said President Mutharika “ needs to explain to Malawians, publicly, why he felt it necessary to dismiss him just so suddenly.”

Ndau was appointed Minister of ICT on September 6 this year, replacing Patricia Kaliati who was deployed to the newly formed Ministry of Civic Education, Culture and Community Services in a minor reshuffle.

The new government spokesman Dausi, a long time Malawi Congress Party (MCP) stalwart who at some point closely worked for founding president Hastings Kamuzu Banda, has previously served as Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) spokesperson. In June 2014, Mutharika appointed Dausi as director of the NIB, replacing former police chief Joseph Aironi who was engaged by his predecessor Joyce Banda.

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Give us names submitted to ACB by Kalonga the cashgater then we can forgive you


uchisiru sagawana,zisiru zikakhalapamalo zimazitenga ngati zanzeru,chisiru chimozi chikakhala pachokha chimaona zisiruzinazo ngati zotherapo,koma andau nonse ndi zisiru mwangosiyana uchisiru.

Gerald mapanga phiri

Malawian remember that most of our politicians can’t do other jobs in private sector only job that connect them to political appointment even there too must lie,talking too much, backstabbing to survive because it’s the only way of survive. Few have other skill like Ntaba, lucius can leave politics and survive offer that

Zander mutiuze
I have meter high position officials Who say they have to lie because they risk to be fired. They dont feel good But they have families to feed. This is democratic Malawi. There are royalities in DDP whos job to report or tell APM lies when it suits and dont like a person. Why some people like Chaponda and Dausi are still There and just change positions? Some ministers are arsle slickars to keep their positions. ADP dont know these people or he does not know Who to trust. Africa/Malawi is political undeveloped nation. Politics are built on who is… Read more »
Andumwire Mwenye

There is a strong rumour that Dausi will be replaced by former Inspector General of Police, Lot Dzonzi as DG of the NIB.


I wish if our president can be born again, things like this can’t be happen.

staford nduwaluwa

vuto la anthu apa centre kusava anthu aku mmwela zoti sama tifuna simadziwa? pamenepa wa tsala ndi chilima kuchotsa


Mr Ndau the fruits of ur party DPP two much biting if u wont to save position in DPP one u need to learn how to lie basi justice mmmmmmmm not with DPP. others will follow u

ntcheu rebel

we just wanted votes from ntcheu now you are useless,vp is next maudindo onse ndi akumwera its a shame that people from ntcheu will never sorry face the facts you have never been appriciated for your loyaty to dpp but any way bola kumatafuna bibida basi

Wamkulu Sasamba ndi mwana
Wamkulu Sasamba ndi mwana

ANdau musatipsetse mtima mwamva. Baibulo mwalidziwa liti? President afotokozere a Malawi zakuchotsedwa kwanu? Why??? Posankhidwa adatifotokozera? Ngati angatero, kukhala koyamba komanso akhala malaulo.

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