Malawi Muslim musicians fined for ‘abusing Allah’: Forced to recite Islamic verses

The Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) has fined three boys to pay MK 25,000.00 or in default clean mosques around Makhetha Township in Blantyre for six weeks for attempting to record a music video in which they referred God to Allah; a move which Muslims deemed was offensive to their religion.

Muslim artists fined for abusing the name of Allah

Muslim artists fined for abusing the name of Allah

According to Malawi Muslims website (www.malawimuslims)  the boys were further ordered to enroll for Madressa until they learn how to recite Juz Amma before they could reclaim the equipment that was confiscated from them last week.

MAM’s Blantyre District chairman  Aman Omar, said that the boys, in the company of their parents, were subjected to a tribunal at the Islamic Information Bureau in Limbe, which was presided over by Sheikh Muhammad Uthman.

“The parents were very remorseful and they supported the outcome of the tribunal…. and were very grateful that their children will now (have a chance of) learning Islam, for the first time in their lives,” explained Omar.

Islamic Information Bureau was given the task of teaching the boys.

A grouping of young Muslims known as  Islamic Concern confiscated video equipment for young artists who were found at Plantation House in Blantyre shooting a video for their song “Wallahi” which was deemed to be offensive to Islam.

The confiscated equipment, which includes a video camera, music player and clothes is being kept by Blantyre District Secretary General, Tony Chirambo.

Chirambo further confirmed that even the parents are attending the studies at Limbe Information Bureau in order to learn the basics of Islamic religion and that MAM Blantyre district committee is monitoring the compliance of the verdict.

The artists who are also Muslims, Chifundo Malenga 19, Alex Chimasula 16 and Yusuf Lika 19 hail from Machinjiri in the City of Blantyre. They failed to pay the fine.

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Who are you to judge a fellow human being? Let God or Allah judge the boys if they are in the wrong and He will met the appropriate punishment on them. MAM, I think you are taking this religion too far now. You are scaring people into joining your religion. Which laws are you using here now? Government should intervene. This is lawlessness at its best….


ASLAM Waiswa .. Allah is most cruel , he asks for death of non Muslims . Quran is evil and must be banned in Malawi


Zamupweteka akakolope kunyanjatu ayenera ku wazuzula bas ngat aona kuti zimalakwika muchipembezo


The moslem Allah can only understand when you pray in Arabic. This has made them learning of Arabic as a matter of principle. Their Allah has limitations. He cannot hear you when you speak in other languages


Boko haram at work

Afri Toich

Where are human rights defenders here? How many constitutions are governing my beautiful malawi? Where is freedom of speach here? Where is music association of malawi to defend these onnocent boys? Where does this religion takes power to punish young innocent boys? Malawi government should watch out now because we are heading to accept another inpopular constitution/ law (sharia law) to control the lights of people. This is nonses & somebody got to stand & sue islam. Nonses


zikomo kwambiri a mam for this mulungu sasowa athu otumikila ingakhale achinyamata atasi mulungu ndi mulungu tagonganizan achinyamata kumaimba zachikunja mkatimo kumango chula mulungu.amam kip itup to control and gaide muslim faith otsati ngati momwe amazitcha achikhristu kumalekerela anthu aziyimba zachikunja mudzina la mulungu.and elders they were there jst watching without say stop this.we need readers that hve there backbone that can starnd and say stop this.kip it up

I am very lucky and blessed that I want not born in Moslem Family. I am happy that I can call the name of my God with happiness without tremble for He says I should Love him with all my strength. He is not quick to anger. I am lucky that I do not have to learn to speak the Language of the Prophets who came before the Messiah and the language which Jesus Christ spoke yet I can communicate with God. I am lucky that I do not have to wear the clothes of the earlier believers or eat,… Read more »

Amen!!! Jesus you are worthy to be praised,

Maulana Grace

Amwene I fail to understand MAM. These boys were giving Islam free “good” publicity, what wrong did they do? Most young people will not listen to a hypocrite old sheikh but can relate to a fellow youth who is passing thru same stuff as they are but raps koran verses. Something wrong with with MAM surely, they think that they themselves have monopoly over muslim affairs/issues.


Allah is Allah and will be Allah. Whether they sing about Him or not. That will not change Him. We can not defend or fight for Him. His status can not be altered by anything he created. It is you personally who should know what you are doing for Him. Do not force anyone to do anything or offer any respect to Allah. You will be doing yourself harm than good.

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