Malawi needs rotational presidency – MP Mzomera

Member of Parliament for Mzimba Hora, Rev. Christopher Mzomera Ngwira Wednesday sparked controversy in Parliament  when  he proposed that there should be Constitutional amendment to provide for a rotational system of  choosing the President among Malawi’s three regions.

Mzomera Ngwira:  Each region should produce a Malawi President, let it be law

Mzomera Ngwira: Each region should produce a Malawi President, let it be law

The House was deliberating  on Bill 34 of 2016: National Parks and Wildlife Amendment  and Ngwira in his contributions questioned as to how long the country would continue electing Presidents from the Southern region.

“We are having a very big problem in Malawi since the other part or regions feel that they are being side-lined when we talk of development in this country. This is so because the issue of  nepotism, regionalism and indeed tribalism is very high,” said Ngwira a known pro-federalism advocate.

He said to wipe out nepotism, the country should have Presidents rotating from each region.

“I think the best way is to come up with a deliberate policy to amend some laws which will definitely see such quarters feeling as if they are part of this nation.  For example, the laws that we have in Malawi will definitely guard the nation, this House and the members of the public to

“The positions which are prominent in the country like Reserve Bank Governor, we should come up with a law that will guide the House and Malawians on appointments.  For example, if the Reserve Bank Governor comes from the centre, the next one should come from the north. Even when we talk of the Presidency, there should be rotation of Presidency,” said Ngwira.

Founding president of Malawi, Ngwazi Kamuzu Banda was a Chewa from central region district of Kasungu who ruled for 31 years. Banda was succeeded by Bakili Muluzi, a Yao from eastern region district of Machinga who governed Malawi for 1994 to 2004.

Then Muluzi’s handpicked successor Bingu wa Mutharika, a Lhomwe from southern region district of Thyolo ruled up 2012 when he died in power , succeeded by Joyce Banda a Yao from eastern region district of Zomba.

Banda was defeated in 2014 elections by incumbent Peter Mutharika, a Lomwe from Thyolo in southern district.

Mzomera Ngwira’s  remarks of rotational presidency irked  First Deputy Speaker, Easter  Mcheka Chilenje, who accused the member of commenting on issues off-track to the wildlife bill.

“Honourable member we are debating about Bill 34 amendments and would you please concentrate on that,” Chilenje said.

Mzomera Ngwira kept on talking: “There should be rotation of presidency, if the President is coming from the south, next time north … we are talking of amendment of bills and laws in this august House and we should also be able to amend those laws which are favouring one side of the country where only one family seems to be fit  for the office of the President that is what I am saying.”

He voiced out that the time was ripe for Malawians to stop the dominance of the big ethnic groups in leadership.

“We should give a chance to other regions too to produce the President

That is what I am saying! Give a chance to other regions as well.  We should have a Presidential rotation in the country.  We should not allow only people from one place.  Understand what I am saying.  It’s the only way we can deal with the nepotism — It is not fair, it is not fair,” ranted Mzomera Ngwira.

The Deputy Speaker warned the MP that she was going to boot him out of the House.

“I will invoke standing order 105,” Chilenje warned.

Part of the standing order gives the Speaker the power to send out of the House any member who shows rudeness to the authority and distracts debate.

“You have deliberately disrupted the business of the House.  You know that when a Member is given the floor, you are only entitled to five minutes.  I gave you extra two minutes.  You have spoken for over seven minutes and you continuously and persistently disrupted business deliberately for no apparent reason at all. I don’t know what your intention is.  I therefore rule you out of order and this should be your last warning.  If you do that again, I am going to invoke Standing Order 105,” Mcheka- Chilenje said.

In an interview with Nyasa Times  later, Ngwira said Malawi should emulate plurilingual societies such as Switzerland where diversity in the political system is accepted, rotational presidency was introduced to accommodate cultural differences, diverse interests and demands.

He said elsewhere rotational presidency  system has brought stability, cohesion, equity and pluralism , citing Nigeria’s ruling party, the People’s Democratic Party, which adopted the presidential rotation in a truncated manner.

Mzomera said the  presidential rotation system would have far-reaching effects in addressing ethnic rivalries, competition and hostility in Malawi.

“It will also bring order in the way scarce resources are managed and utilised for the benefit of all. There will be little feeling of ‘winner-take all’ since in the end all will be winners,” he said.

Mzomera said Malawi deserves a system that addresses people’s fears, frustrations, emotions and fundamental needs – and that is rotational presidency.

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james Mutuwankhwandwe
james Mutuwankhwandwe

Northerners should not be given a chance to rule Malawi. When power gets into their heads, they will change the constitution to hold on to power and the whole nation will cry foul. Ngwira is saying all this due to power lust.


Eeeish! So much hatred and strife among a nation…tonse ndi anthu be it ‘super human’ or unsuper. Geographical location does not make a people more intelligent or less intelligent. Over population iyi ikuchukutsa poverty. North, South, Centre, East, West. We all need a Gud life and equal opportunities. Let’s push our leaders at all levels and institutions to create positive spaces for equal rights and inclusive prosperity.






Just an Idea
We can get a rotational presidency but we must strip them of decision making powers, they must be there for ceremonial duties and baby sitting someone who will make executive decisions, which means the President will only be in Charge of Appointing officials, Army and Police. The Vice President will cease to exist and that office will get some more power and become the office of the Prime Minister all other provisions accorded to the VP will go to the Prime Minister. The President in this case will be the Malawian equivalent of the Queen in UK. Or we devolve… Read more »

Nchawa u know very well kuti mtumbuka akukunyengera Joyce Banda wako.Mwina sumadziwa kafunse aChakulungwa ku musi. Inetu ngakhale sitikhala president what i like most is the fact that we the northerners we rock and we rule Malawi technically.Tangopita m’ma ofesi ngakhale kwanu ku Mwerako and count how many mbwenumbwenus are there against ther small population in the north. Ichinso mwina sumadziwa; its the northerners who taught u fishing.Go and verify it from Akwegwe ako kwanuko.Usadzayambilenso Chitsilu!!!!

Mafuno Abwino Kwa Mwana

kwa mwana wanga ; Ngakhale zitavuta chotani usazapange chibwana chovotera munthu wakumpoto ( Northern Region ). Ngakhale atakhala kuti akupikisana ndi munthu wamkhalidwe oyipa wa kumwela kapena pakati. Zavotere wa Kumwera kapena pakati.

The Analyst
O………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….O . . . Is it not this very same Ngwira (as others have already observed) who (as any sensible person would do) vehemently and angrily opposes the evil we call quota system? Why does Ngwira not realise now, that his proposal has the same (loose) implication as the quota system? . . . Yes, any sane person knows that Malawi has had useless people for presidents, but do these people become useless because they are from the South or because uselessness is their birth right? I believe the latter is. . . . Now if this crazy idea passes,… Read more »

I am not surprised, the guy is not feeling well hence abandoning anti-qouta campaign. Why


nkhope yake imeneyo ungakhale president. nkhanza zikuchita kuwonekela kumaso nanga mutimamo bwa

Looking at the calamities that have befallen Malawians were created by Northerners e.g. Most Cashgate culprits are Northerners, Most influential positions are occupied by Northerners in the name of Wakwithu. Now the majority of the voters are from Central and Southern Regions but learning from the behavior shown in the way you appoint each other in these positions, the other regions can not give you the chance to rule Malawi. By the way where is Afford party? If you are failing to run a small party like Afford, can you run a country? Northerners are very selfish hence no chance… Read more »
Chitsilu!!! Parties just like any other organisations do end regardless of where they originated from.Cha Uladi Mussa chinatha…ndi waku mpoto? Cha Amuna ndife Nkumba chinatha…anali waku mpoto? Cha Davies Katsonga chinatha ndi waku mpoto?UDF ikutha tcheya ndi waku mpoto? Most influential positions are occupied by northerners bcoz of their intelligence and guts and not otherwise. Even if the recruiters happen to be Whites or Arabs automatically u shud expect to be outdone by northerners. Anyone who hates northerners bcoz they are highly educated and that they are everywhere in offices it means that idiot don’t know and appreciate the history… Read more »

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