Malawi News hits at Lomwelisation agenda

The influential Malawi News  has criticized the move by Local Government and Rural Development Ministry descending on two chiefs in Machinga, a predominantly Yao district, with a mission to convince them to sign off part of their territory to accommodate the expansion for living space of the Lhomwe tribe to which President Peter Mutharika belongs to.

Ngolongoliwa and the first coupple: Lomwe invasion of Yao land condemned

In an editorial comment following the story it published that Lhomwe Paramount Chief Ngolongoliwa is leading the expansion drive and has already met Traditional Authorities Chamba and Mlomba of Machinga, asking them to cede part of their territories.

The paper reported that Ngolongoliwa, who was picked from relative obscurity as a Group Village Headman (GVH) to become Paramount Chief within a period of three years, has been leading the charge to push two Yao chiefs into falling in line and has support of the governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

According to the report,  chiefs Mlomba and Chamba, revealed that they were surprised to see government officials comprising the Principal Secretary for Local Government Kiswell Dakamau, Director for Chiefs Administration Charles Thombozi, and District Commissioner for Machinga Bester Mandele forcing them to sign letters which were approving the appointment of the two GHVs as STAs.

The weekly   questions President Mutharika and his government: “What is going on and how does this effort of seemingly overplaying the hand of one tribe at the expense others help in nation building of the one Malawi that we all desire.”

The  paper said the governing Democrtaic Progressive Party (DPP) has decided to be nepotistic in whatever it does and Lomwe tribe of the President has become “the Alpha and Omega of this nation”, saying the Machinga incident is a classic example of it all.

“But we have word to this administration. Malawi belongs to all Malawians from Chitipa to Nsanje; Nkhotakota to Mchinji and this must reflect in whatever we are doing to keep it together,” reads the comment.

The paper warned that the DPP administration is “treading on dangerous ground to ever imagine that it can alienate some Malawians in this country in favour of one group.”

It said the Local Government Ministry top leadership should, therefore, “hang its face in utter shame” for descending on two defenceless Yao chiefs in Machinga “just to force them to give up their territories in favour of expansion drive plans of a tribe the President belongs to and being championed by the DPP administration favourite chief.”

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I cry for Kamuzu who was a real Malawian. Not awawa omangoniza za iwo okha basi. I fear for my children.

Wetema Kili

My advice to nyasatimes and Malawi News papers: Avoid sensational reporting. Let us learn from Rwanda and Burundu how sensation reporting plunged these countries into a political mess.


First the lomwes with their DPP ust stop sensational actions and their nepotism

Dipipi wa Yudiefu
What Wandale is doing today is the original thinking of the Muthalikas in US. They, the Muthalikas discovered that it was not going to be easy to get back land from the dominant whites around Mulanje and Thyolo (including negotiation which they are mentioning today) because of the many complications that exists. They wanted to fast track the Lomwe expansion through change of Land Act and also discovered that it was meeting resistance. Now this. Wandale became angry after discovering that the been to boys had decided not to pursue the idea of kulanda malo any longer. Even Federal type… Read more »

Musatiyambetu ife achawa..tikatopa tikuthamangisani ku Eastern region ndiubwana wanuwu ..akwi


In Machinga 60% is Yao and 40% is Lhomwe

Machinga resident

Its not hate for the Lhomwe’s per say but the issue is that Ngongoliwa is busy rewarding pushing this agenda of SBT to a Lhomwe chief whom is supporting DPP. Several times Ngongoliwa has been receiving bags of rice from Nsanama from the Lhomwe chief so that his title should be given. All this was happening behind Paramount Kawinga andland TA Mlomba’s knowledge.

If this is MCP trying to gain public sympathy by attacking my beloved tribe then i guess you are just spitting or digging your own grave. And sorry MCP you won’t get a single vote from lhomwe. And if you think the yao will vote for you? Then think again because they have there own UDF to vote for. Even if you push for 50+1, know that its gonna be DPP and UDF join hands again. Everyone knows their relationship has been great so far. Just remember that eastern and southern regions of Malawi have got large population of which… Read more »
let me advise on land bill. I participated I n the drafting of land bill 1n 1998 way before the mutharikas. it was during Bakili time but I think then the government after noting resistance from chiefs they decided to put the idea on the shelf. donors are the ones who are persuing the idea after noting that Malawi is one of few contries that doesnot have a comprehensive land bill. the issue is about property rights tha thas helped other countries to develop fast as ownweship can allow people to mdevelop without inference from government or chief. u can… Read more »

People of the Eastern and Southern regions please WAKEUP! This is the time to put up a fight against the MCP controlled ‘Malawi News’ tabloid.This Newspaper is trying to divide the people of the 2 regions in order to gain cheap political mileage.Lets remain united and fight Chakwera’s party of death to last drop of our blood.


How many chewas and tumbukass in Mangochi,Chiradzulu,Mulanje,Thyolo and Blantyre??????? and how many yaos and lomwez in the north and center mmmm this hatred and tribal attacks will take as nowhere, be human and together we can make a good Malawi


Not with foolish nepotistic lomwes


Vincent sandals lunatic as he might be s right.thyolo $ Melanie has no space.dpp is looking for alternatives in Ayo this expansion equal to west Gaza scenario.if it is am ant_sematic

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