Malawi nurses, doctors to go on strike over pay hike

Malawi doctors and nurses are planning to go on a nationwide strike  demanding government  ton increase their allowances and  higher pay,  a situation that will put further strain on the country’s crumbling public healthcare facilities.

Nurses concerns

Nurses concerns

The  medical personnel are complaining that their salaries have been steadily eroded by the country’s galloping inflation rate  and weakening buying power of local currency, Kwacha.

Government bars health workers  and those from other essential services from striking but  nurses have often defied the directive – when necessary.

Already, staff at Kamuzu Central Hospital (KCH) in Lilongwe are serving a seven-day notice to withdraw labour if the employers will not  address their grievances which include revising allowances and salaries.

In a letter dated November 9 2014 addressed to the Ministry of Health, the staff said they feel cheated that government has not revised their allowances and  salaries given the “very risky” circumstances they work under.

Stella Warren, chairperson of the KCH social welfare committee, said they will down tools until all issues are resolved.

“We  want salary harmonisation. From Tuesday [this]week, we also demand that they [government] should replace locum with overtime, we cannot live like this,” said Warren as quoted in the local press.

Ministry of Health chief medical services director Charles Mwansambo said government would work on the issues.

Nurses at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital in Blantyre and Zomba Central hospital  are also pressing  for higher pay and improved working conditions.

Economic analysts have warned that Malawi is likely to see more strikes by dissatisfied workers grappling with an economic gloom with  donor freeze.

Meanwhile, from courtroom staff on strike for the past five months to primary school teachers boycotting classes to obtain salaries not paid for the past six months, labour militancy appears to be on the rise. Last week, supporting staff of the University of Malawi launched a sit in to demand a 45 percent salary hike.

The Anti-Corruption Bureau is also seeing a job action over wages while the Bureau chief says the office has been underfunded for investigations into the Cashgate scandal that brought down former president Joyce Banda.

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Quota system

And SWAP is not supposed to be taxed but this government does it. Very high taxes. This Badwell Gondwe !

real observer

this gvmt thinks malawians are too unwise to feel the cheat. why raise payment for officials of gvmt, pple already stealing from pples taxes while denying civil service enough payment. its tym to let go this gvnmt.


These seat-ins are cooked by Tumbukas. Watch out APM with these selfish tribe. That is the reason Kamuzu sent all tumbuka teachers to their home in 1989. Samalani a APM.


I agree ya hamonisation yokhayo otherwise let’s not make matters worse for our country.


Thyolo Hospital Clinicians and Nurses plus Support Staff will start their strike next week Monday the 22 December 2014. Issue being locum which has been severely reduced.

From reliable sources.

National wide strike spear-headed by Atumbuka.
APM take care ndi Atumbuka.


bola pasadzafe munthu chifukwa cha strike zanuzo. mumanama kuti you are essential koma dyera thoo

Gule Wa Mkulu

APM (Apa Palibe Mlamuli) zavuta zedi. A Mbendera and a Nyirenda chonde muthandizeni President wanu munasankha nokhayu. Kuba sikwabwino. Kodi abale a Dausi Nick alipo? Bwanji ziiyu. Ndadabwa sanakaotcheso kwinatu. Moto wina ukufunika apa. A Dausi katentheni ku Makhoti, ACB, Zipatala ndi kwina konse kumene ku khale sitalaka. Pajatu ndi m’nene tichitila eti kufuna kuthetsa kunyoza. A Dausi akudya cashagate eti? (92 billion kwacha at work). Ndangodutsamo sindinathyolemo m’nkwani ine ndapita.


yalakwa kumalawi god should help


eeee koma ndiye zavuta anyway tione komwe mulungu watikozela kupitako


Civil servants have just had an increment and i hope you medical personnel are also Civil servants, which increment do you want again? Why are you being selfish? Other Civil servant, i.e teachers who hardly get allowances, are satisfied, you who are flooded with allowances and other incentives are making noise. Tamayamikani! Grade K wa ku Health receives close to what Grade I of other departments receives. Mmadzimva juice chifukwa chani

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