Malawi Parliament needs K10mil to probe rotten ministers in K236bn cashgate

Parliament’s Public Affairs Committee (PAC) has said it needs K10 million to fund its probe of six cabinet ministers involved in K236 billion cashgate.

Kalua: Malawians will now know the rotten ministers

PAC vice chairman Kamlepo Kalua said as soon as Treasury releases the money,  they will start the inquiry.

“It will be live on Times radio and Zodiak TV,” he said.

He said initially there were seven cabinet ministers but now have been reduced to six.

Kalua refused to name them but Nyasa Times understands the number has been reduced due to the dropping of Dr George Chaponda from cabinet.

He said the cabinet ministers had private companies which they used as fronts to swindle the government of the money.

“In some instances, they used their wives or children in the companies to steal the public money through the companiesn” he said.

The Rumphi east legislator said the cabinet ministers turned conmen either swidled the government of the public money in Malawi or used foreign bank accounts.

This comes at a time when the government has set aside K500 million to investigate the same K236 billion cashgate and wants to hire foreign experts to probe the matter thoroughly.

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Malawians should learn to understand processes……ALHOMWE umbuli. Even the maize enquiry costed money……parliament cannot do anything without money. Resources are needed to get the job done and mind you this money does not go into Kamlepos pocket no. KEEP UP THE GOOD FIGHT KAMLEPO.

ineyo basi

kufuna dola kamlpepo 10 mita?? tizingoonongabe dola? ACB yakwana


go ahead Mr Kamlepo

Zander mutiuze
So Chaponda is free because he is not a minister? Is a thief become free when he stopped or fred? Koma ku Malawi is there any sense. What are donors saying on Malawians? Stupid or headless. Then If that is the case let those six resign Then there will be NO number. I dont think Corruption will end in Malawi. Malawians despite education they are thieves. Why? Because Malawi during Kamuzu Banda were limited to everything. They did not get free cars or build their own houses. They were thieves bit not dare. Now with Muluzu a thief himself the… Read more »
Abwana apa mukuonetsa umbuli inu. Mwina kumvetsetsa kumakuvutani. If indeed Chaponda was one who contributed the number to 7 ministers, would it be right to say that currently 7 ministers are named in the report? By removing him out of the cabnet list, they are not necessarily saying that he is now free since he is no longer a minister. All they are saying is that he is not amongst the suspected ministers, otherwise, if the investigations point to his involvement he will still be prosecuted just as the other non-cabnet individuals mentioned in the report! Was that difficult to… Read more »
The Partriot

Go Kamlepo, go after the rotten and crooked ministers! As for the not so learned people who think its a waste of time for Parliament to investigate the cabinet ministers…..please amangwetu dont volunteer your ignorance on this forum! Sure, some people dont know that Parliament plays an oversight role in government and can probe members of the executive or even the judiciary? Zina kumafunsa kaye musanayankhule ati?? Please take a look at parliaments in other countries and you will see what they do….kumayendako osangoti pa Nyasaland pano phwi….nkumatsutsa zinthu musakuzidziwa!

Yahya Jammeh
Kalua, if you think Chaponda is one of the rotten ministers it means that you know the remaining 6, then why do you want the money to probe them? Are you saying now that Chaponda is no longer minister the arm of the law should not touch him? Again, could you justify your choice for Times TV and Zodiak to cover the probe live in Parliament? Was the choice made through tender or not? If not, what do rules of procuring services say? Do you know that the TV stations you have mentioned have limited reach? if the probe will… Read more »

The K236 billion is already under investigation by ACB and you say k500 million is set aside to hire foreign experts. why waste k10 million. Why duplicating the investigation. Treasury must not release the k10 million. Let them go to their constituencies and work in developmental projects. Moreover they are trained or do not have investigation skills.


Stop wasting Malawians’ time Mr. Kamlepo. You are very stupid. We have better things to do. Let’s talk development !!!


Malawi the land of rotten system.

Lt. Frazer Chakhaza Mwale
Lt. Frazer Chakhaza Mwale

If treasury cannot provide/release this money on time PAC (Parliamentary Committee) ask for assistance from donors i.e. GTZ, DFID, USAID, NORWEGIAN CHURCH AID etc for speedy and efficient probe and then pay back once funding has been remitted to PAC by treasury. Malawians have waited too long for this and we want justice to prevail.

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