Malawi Police officer arrested over theft at Bakili Muluzi BCA’s residence

Malawi Police have arrested  one of their own officers placed as a guard to President Bakili Muluzi  at private residence at BCA Hill, Limbe in Blantyre after being suspected  to have stolen  motor vehicle parts, officials have confirmed.

Bodyguard arrested for theft

The suspect, Sergeant Osman of B’COY Police department  reportedly accepted  wrong doing to the offence of theft during interrogations with the law-enforcers.

At a time of his arrest Osman was found in possession of one wheel spanner and three motor vehicle lens.

He was arrested following investigations by law-enforcers due to increased cases of theft at Muluzi’s residence.

Cases of theft of vehicle parts at Muluzi’s residence have been so rampant and Sergeant Osman was pinned as main suspect.

He has since been charged with theft.

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13 thoughts on “Malawi Police officer arrested over theft at Bakili Muluzi BCA’s residence”

  1. Nyapala says:

    The stinking police that has failed to reform. They still recruit their children, nephews, nieces and concubines’ children. Yesterday it was rotten lawyers swindling unsuspecting clients. The system is rotten to the core.

  2. Jimmy says:

    The police have lost it on discipline and professionalism. Too much internal recruitment. Of all the recruits, about 75 percent are children and relatives of police officers. So how do you work professionally when you know that your boss reports to your father, mother or uncle. The same trend is fast becoming the norm at Malawi Prison and Immigration. The recent advert for Immigration Assistants, if followed keenly, will only pick children of senior officers and leaving those who are not known but are well mannered out in the cold. That is how rotten Malawi has become

  3. pixy says:


  4. masha says:

    kikikik bad lucky Mr officer, koma mpaka wheel spanner and ma lens basi, unakapeza pomwe amayika forency unakaweluka pomwepo, anyway azako atengelapo phunziro iwo aba chachikulu kwa bwanawo

  5. Pali mwambi amati,,,,,,ANYANI SASEKANA DZIKUNDU,,,,,,,,,koma apa ndiye asekanatu .
    Mbava yaikulu yaberedwa,komaso police officers mukuonjeza WHY ALWAYS YOU?
    sinthani,vuto ndilot popanga recrult ma officers you do corruption
    mumangokoka ana akwanu who are not willing to work as police officer,
    but coz of kusowa ntchito,and mumasiya those suitable people on the ground
    VUTO SI MA OFFICERS AYI,BUT amene anawakakhilako ku ntchitoko,
    moti kumufufuza sergent Osman above tables of MALAWI POLICE Kuli mbale wake amene anamulowetsa ntchitoyi.
    shame to you all police .

  6. Chief Lundu says:

    Malawi police raputation is in tatters. They are the biggest thieves.

  7. WA CHIFUNDO says:


  8. Apao Kugola says:

    Matako apakana nsete.

  9. magwetu says:

    mbava kupondana pano ikuponda dpp

  10. sayimoni bayisikolo says:

    The law of karma is working.If you live by the sword and you will also die by the sword.He stole from the impoverished malawians and that’s what is happening to him. What is the stealing motor vehicle parts in comparison to 1 billion kwacha despite not condoning the theft of this stupid cop?He should have also been reeling in prison for the 1 billion theft. Malawi with its useless selective justice system.

    1. U are right. But a Police officer is wrong both are thieves.

  11. basamasa says:

    akuba abelana

  12. Gutete says:

    Bakili nayenso ena adzimuberako!

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