Malawi Police Serpent – Borshoff’s Paladin and the Zomba woman victim

As a small girl I always respected the men and women in uniform as they patrolled the streets in town, and as they with an air of all-powers-be-us went about their business. Yes, the men and women in khaki suits and light and dark blue blouses and skirts.

The Malawi Police Service (MPS), to me, was not only not as a tool for child-order as my mother would sternly warn us, “Ndikuitaniratu a polisi” (I will call the police on you) every time we became naughty and cried for kid goodies they could not afford.

My mother, in particular, would use the threat every time I cried for daddy going off to work. She would say all sorts of threatening things using the police as an agent of ‘terror’. Things like your father is going to the police station… if you go there you will be arrested.

It took me time to realise that it was his office and not the so-called police station where daddy was always going every week day. and it also took me time not to change, for the better, my disdain for the police. If anything, my hatred for the police grew with my ageing.

It was police have beaten so and so, police have shot so and so, and in times police have wrongly arrested so and so.

And there have been, again, so many good things the police have done, my being witness.

I know police, for instance, arrested once the fearful John Zenus Ungapake Tembo and the late first and former head of state, Ngwazi (the real) Dr. GHastings Kamuzu Banda during that infamous Mwanza Four Case where new names like Kamdoni Nyasulu and that white lawyer man, whatever he was called, came to see the light of the press.

I also know that police arrested so many notorious criminals of all walks of life. That police disbanded dangerous groups including the Black Eleven if am not mistaken that terrorised the capital city, Lilongwe some years back in my deep youth.

I am also aware that police arrested another former head of state, Bakili Elesoni Muluzi in connection with the running corruption case. That they also arrested young Atupele Austion Muluzi who suffered a sudden blood pressure for wrongful assembly under the late Dr. Bingu wa Mutharika, and that the police arrested Mutharika’s young brother Peter Arthur Mutharika for the running and more latest case of trying to usurp power from current president Dr. Joyce Banda.

I know police have also arrested fellow policemen and even soldiers for being found on the wrong side of the law. I am very happy that police has a record for arresting or apprehending those found to be in breach of Malawi’s laws. The reasons behind the arrests should not be subject in this discussion, at least for now.

Hey, that is why it bothers me a lot that police arrested a mother from Zomba for simply going to buy candles after ESCOM dutifully tripped electricity around T/A Chikowi’s area. Grace Kaunda, just for trying to be under some sort of light to replace ‘towards power all day every day’ was arrested, left with handcuffs in a cell, spending days in some stinky cell.

Well, sometimes mishaps and police mistakes can happen, but Grace’s case is one in a million that has come to the surface, thanks to the media whose members should avoid taking photos of ex-soldier Youngson Chilinda.

The point is, Kaunda was so-so law abiding when she was picked up by, must be ugly, Tsibweni the policeman – well known, so we learn, for causing more fear in civilians over brining them a sense of security and comfort.

I wonder why Paladin’s John Borshoff has not been rightfully arrested if good people like Ms. Kaunda can be arrested. The Paladin Energy Limited (PAL) managing director is the right person to be arrested for many issues.

He distorts figures as to how much PAL makes and publishes varying figures of the same. He lies over and over again that his company is making great losses yet there is price transferring and some tax havens PAL is using to steal from innocent Malawians.

Finally, Borshoff has no heart at all, the brute. How can he say former PAL employee Abraham Siliwombe did not go blind out of the effects of radiation at the uranium mining company? How can he, eating sausages, smoking Havana cigars and drinking our Mzuzu Coffee straight-faced claim Siliwombe has only something else to blame for his sight mishap?

I would quickly advise that loud-mouthed minister of home affairs, Uladi Mussa, to direct that the cop Tsibweni be transferred to either Kayerekera or Borshoff’s home in Lilongwe to rightfully arrest the Australian entrepreneur. He has no business arresting innocent single ladies like Ms. Kaunda in Zomba when there is a proper misfit to deal with stealing billions from Malawians.

I would also beg the Speaker of the National Assembly Herny Chimunthu-Banda to also release  bull-faced Chilinda to Kayerekera or wherever Borshoff may be found to deal with him. He has no business in the capital Lilongwe beating hapless little innocent girls getting pictures of activists and parliamentarians exchanging petitions. That little Chikondi photographer is no better match for Chilinda as would be bearded Borshoff!

That is why sometimes I wonder why the Malawi Police Serpent often points its guns the wrong direction. I also wonder why some overzealous MPS members also throw cans of teargas at wrong people when Borshoff still breaths our good air whilst stealing from us and blinding our people. I also wonder why such barbaric cops exist to put handcuffs around the wrong wrists – those of innocent people when Paladin officials and some of our politicians continue to wreck havoc to our resources through corrupt and other unlawful means.

Our police service is a good one that must be gotten rid of the likes of Tsibweni and one that must wake up and go for the wrong people, the usual suspects that go scot free.

Or could Borshoff be some sort of a god that can’t be reigned in? Mukatopa kuwopa mzunguyi ndiye kumakamanga azimayi osalakwa? Fotseki!

Or I don’t know what I am supposed to be saying…!Masinga HA  HA HA

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