Malawi police sets aside criminal investigation rewards fund

The Malawi Police Service, which is grappling with cases of robberies in major cities and towns, have said they will start rewarding citizens who will be providing information that will lead to arrests of criminals in the country.

Kanyama: To reward informers

Kanyama: To reward informers

The country has of late witnessed increased cases of armed robberies, mostly targeting business persons.

According to Inspector General Paul Kanyama, the criminal investigation rewards fund will stimulate Malawians to start reporting or provide information and disclose whereabouts of hardcore criminals.

Kanyama clarified that the rewards will be given to individuals who will provide the police with information leading to the arrest and conviction of perpetrators of acts of hatred, crimes against the person, hit and runs or to locate a missing person.

Meanwhile, former Inspector General Lot Dzonzi said the job of the top cop is one of the most difficult one can do in the country.

Dzonzi said one has to keep things in balance all the time even where the balance is razor sharp.

Speaking at his farewell party in Lilongwe Monday, Dzonzi further said he was leaving the Malawi Police Service a happy man after serving 28 years.

“As a police chief, you are involved in making tough decisions because policing is not an easy job. When policing, you have to be objective, fair and humane unless when the situation demands otherwise because of the reforms that the police adopted.

“When you are an IG, you deal with certain things yourself and you cannot even share that information with your deputies or even your wife, hence you need to have a strong character,” said Dzonzi, who has since been appointed Deputy Ambassador to the United Nations.

He also urged police officers to join the Police Savings and Credit Co-operatives (Sacco) to attain financial independence and avoid loan sharks.

“My strong faith in God helped me even in the most difficult situations in life and I have never hidden the fact that Jesus is my saviour because it is very difficult for one to go wrong when you are constantly in the presence of God,” he asserted.

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Vekere wavekere

‘Kill to shoot’,basi simple

Livingston King

So basically gov is gonna be paying snitches these days? Good luck spending that money while you are walking cautious on road cos shits gona go down wen the snitch is revealed


Kodi abwanawa imeneyi ndi make up yotani ?

Imraan Sadick

Izi ndiye ndiye tidya nawo basi
As long as you keep our ID’s (whistle blower’s) secret




Mwa chedwa. You should have started this a long time ago. There are so many ways of fighting crime. But you guys do not have the guts to think.


Mr IG don’t fool us, up until the murders of Robert Chasowa are bought to justice what you say is just a fluke, by the way it’s Jose your deputy, mukhitho and apm – musova ?……

maxwell Nsani
This is a good idea, but you have to realise that some of these criminals work together with some corrupt policemen, it happens all over the world. The important thing is to put a law in place which will punish those who reveal the identity of whistle blowers to the criminals and protection and assurance of anonymity for the whistle blower. Countries like UK and US have those laws. let the law commission get hold of them, tinker with them a little ( yawo ija) and let parliament pass it pronto! it will work wonders especially with an IG like… Read more »
Edgar B Tamonde

After all its a good move but clarify the gift.


ACB should do the same as Police has proposed to reward whistle blowers after recovering stolen money

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