Malawi police shake-up at KIA: CID officers demoted over human trafficking

Malawi police headquarters has demoted Kamuzu International Airport (KIA) officers working under the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) for engaging in human trafficking deals, Nyasa Times has established.

Police chief Lexon Kachama: Shake-up of bad apples in the service

Police chief Lexon Kachama: Shake-up of bad apples in the service

Impeccable sources at police’s Area 30 say the officers have since been reverted to general duties.

“They let three Bangladesh nationals enter the country without their passports being stamped by KIA immigration officials,” said our source.

Apparently, our source added, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Somali and Ethiopian national are not allowed to enter the country without proper documents of security clearance.

“Police and National Intelligence Bureau (NIB) officers connived to allow free pass of these Bangladesh nationals after getting a bribe from a certain Pakistan human trafficker,” revealed our source.

 Nyasa Times has established that the Pakistan national palm oiled each of the security departments with US$1 500 (about K661 500).

Malawi police was not immediately available for comment Sunday but the syndicate was reportedly busted by some disgruntled junior officers who didn’t get a share of the bribes.

KIA police’s Mr. Kasongo, supt. Dinala, assistant supt. Meyasi, Inspector Malula and immigration in charge a Mr. Yesaya and supt. Malata  plus junior officers were implicated and have since been demoted.

Also implicated were NIB’s Francis Kaseka and a Mr. Yambani.

Our sources further explained that upon getting wind that they were being reported to the police, Kasongo ordered the deportation of the Bangladesh nationals but to his surprise CID officers under instructions from acting superintendent Olipa Nyalugwe released the foreign nationals after allegedly receiving money from host of the three who claimed to be working with PIPCO Ltd. in Blantyre.

The development, nevertheless, got to the Inspector General of Police ears who immediately ordered the demotion and transfer of all CID personnel who were on duty during the period in question.

A spate of negatives continue to overshadow the Malawi Police Service, with most of its staff being involved in a number of ugly syndicates including criminal acts such as robbery.

National Police Spokesperson Rhoda Manjolo recently told Nyasa Times that the service will not spare an officer who breaks the law.

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lmmigration chief should also deal with a syndicate of Bangladesh and Pakistanis who always claim to have lost passport and put up notices in newspaper just to stay free in the country and be working in shops putting things on shelves. investigate them and send them back to their over populous countries


OLIPA NYALUNGWE, maso ngati Chambo


IVORY !IVORY! IVORY! AT KIA.What about this Ivory issue ya pa KIA being caught in AUSTRALIA . The issue is straight forward aircargo involved ,MRA is involved OMAR from KIA his stamp is there ,Manica Rex is involved ,Horace from ocean air Kaphesi from EKAS.Straight forward issue CID ikungoti zungulizunguli adyapo


This behaviour shouldn’t be tolerated. We have very rude Asians/Indians in Malawi; who jump queues in banks, and malls. They have no respect for Malawians. These people get into the country illegally. Depot all these assholes, and fire all corrupt police officers

worried Malawian

Are we serious Malawians?transfering them??why cant they be prosecuted and fired? my Malawi please lets revisit this case. tikupanga chibwana.zoona human trafficking will be dealt like this?i would rather then have Chakwera for president coz he wont tolerate this nonsense.


Amaba, amalowetsa anthu osakhala bwino, amachita katangale pamseu chifukwa amadziwa kuti palibe chimene chingachitike chifukwa anawalemba ntchito ndi abale awo, achimwene, achemwali, abambo awo, amayi awo ndipo ali ndimipando yonona ku policeko, ndiye amakhala opanda mantha, kukakhala kuti kulibe achibale akakhala mzimayi ndiye kuti chibwezi cha a bwana ena kumeneko, akakhala mzibambo ndiye kuti kudisha ndalama kapena katangale wina wake. Choncho mumasiya anthu oyenera kukhala apolice nkumatenga madobadoba.


Akanakhala munthu kuti siwapolice bwenzi mutamutsekela ndikumuyimba mlandu ndikukakhala kundende zaka zaka. Kodi I.G. mukufuna kutiuza kuti wapolice samaba,samachita zachinyengo (corruption)? Wapolice ndiye wofunika kuti amangidwe kuwonetsa chitsanzo chabwino kwa a Malawi. Kodi transfer imene mukuwapatsayo ndiye kuti akasintha? Imeneyo ndiye judgement yake? Apa palibe chomwe chachitika, apolice amayenera kuti achite face the law, nawonso amangidwe. Anthu ataya chikhulupiriro kwa apolice.




Anyamata apa Town
This is why Kenya is in trouble with Al Shabab. These guys can infiltrated like thekenya and am afraid already how we allow so many foreigners like Somalis, Nigerians, Rwandees even from pakistanians doing funny businesses in Malawi or employing fellow foreigners for jobs Malawians can do. This is why I guess, our fellow Malawians are suffering in South Africa, where they are seeking employment when their jobs are being taken by the above mentioned group of foreigners. Pamenepatu paunikilidwe bwino, other wise, chisoni chinapha nkhwali! Anthu amenewa amakhala chigulu kumipanda kwa nyumba and a Immigration amadziwa koma amalandiranso more… Read more »

PHILIP DINALA! Phuma komanso matama. Mwaona, kuneneza anzanu mumaona ngati Police ndi Bambo anu. Unaiwala kuti iwenso ukulandira nawo za ma Bangladesh. Wakundende basi

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