Malawi Police should work for all regardless of political affiliation: Stop shielding notorious DPP cadets

Malawi’s flagship newspaper, the Daily Times has gone to town on police for letting opposition members be assaulted by the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) in full view of the law enforcers.

DPP has a history of abductions and killings. Party cadets brandishing pangas a day before the July 20 2012 demonstrations

DPP cadets caught on camera recently assualting a person beleived to be a critic of government. Police did not o anything to the regime thugs

DPP cadres assualted chief Mponda of Balaka and undressed him in public

In its Friday editorial comment, the newspaper says going back in history, it is like this country tolerates impunity by agents of ruling parties.

“In 2011, some people went around town in DPP branded vehicles brandishing machetes to threaten people from participating in the anti-government demos,” reads the comment in part.

The comment follows a complaint by member of parliament for Lilongwe north east Maxwell Thyolera who asked Home Affairs minister Grace Chiumia to explain whether the government has changed policy on dealing with mob justice.

Thyolera’s observation, which the Daily Times agrees with, is that there has been a spate of violent activities perpetrated by the DPP youth, which are called DPP cadets.

The recent being at Kamuzu International Airport when some people wearing DPP branded attire beat up a man in full view of the police who did nothing other than enjoying the violent show.

The newspaper says the police should know that their existence is to protect people other than being some spectators in situations like that at KIA.

The newspaper reminds the police that nobody in this country-whether he belongs to the ruling party or not-should be treated with deference when they have clearly broken the law. “The laws of this country must apply to everyone without looking at party colours or whatever.

“This country belongs to us all and no one should think they are above the law just by belonging to a party in government,” says the comment in part.

In conclusion, the newspaper strongly condemns political violence which it says does not have a place in civilised societies like Malawi.

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Wa Dorothy

Malawi lets change for the better,how can you be beating your fellow malawian because se does not subscribe to your ideologies zoona?


Ndiye kuti aja amatiuza kuti multiparty ndi nkhondo saamanama ayi eti? Chipani cholamulira chilibe makutu ndipo sichifuna kudzudzulidwa. Koma dziwani kuti tsiku lake ndi limodzi mudzasiya chifukwa kumwambaku kuli Yehova wamakamu a nkhondo yemwe atimenyere nkhondo ngati a DPP akuifuna. Apolisi amen palibe chomwe akuchita koma taonani nyumba zawo ngati zimbudzi. Nyumba zili ku Limbe zija ndi zoyenera kukhala za a police a m’tauni eti? Chitetezo mukupatsa Pitala ngati mmene timamenya nkhondo iye analipo. Anali atabisala ku America pano anangobwere kudzatibera basi ife tikusauka. Ambuye Mulungu akantheni onse a DPP omwe akusiwetsa dzikoli mtendere ndi mtsogoleri wawo wopanda manoyo

The Partriot

The problem is in 2012 when the DPP was out of power none of the DPP cadets got punished for their crimes! I agree lets keep an inventory of their names and addresses for payback time when God intervenes again!!
Nthumbidwa za ma cadets zatienjeza kwabasi!!!

Tchoda boy

DPP supporters akutenga dzikoli ngati lawo and the rest of us, as immigrants. Aja anakhapa anthu pa joint rally ya MCP ndi PP ku Mzuzu mpaka lero palibe chomwe a Polisi anachitapo. DPP supporters and your bosses, know that no condition on this earth is permanent, some day you’ll be in opposition. Will you love to be treated like that?

Chilungamo Chimawawa

that is why God punishes this DPP because of stubbornness of its leaders. They have forgotten the cardiac arrest was the punishment and now they are at it again


Most of us Malawians have been sleeping toooooo much and we must wake up NOW. I am aware some of us professional military graduates……Lets take the b**s**t disease of so called “DPP cadets”.
Start by taking close-up photos of each one of them. They will pay, one day.

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