Malawi pre-independence massacre survivor demands K65 bn compensation from Britain

John Jacob Kazawala Chunda, a survivor of the March, 1959 massacre that saw over fifty one Malawians shot dead by British forces in Nkhata Bay, has written the British government demanding a €100 million (about K65 billion) compensation for the atrocities the colonial master inflicted on them.

British envoy Michael Nevin: Compesation issue does not arise

British envoy Michael Nevin: Compesation issue does not arise

Chunda, who said he intends to share the money with thirty three other families that were equally affected by the massacre, delivered his letter of complaint to the British High Commission offices in Malawi’s capital Lilongwe.

According to Chunda, the letter has been addressed to the British government “through the British High Commissioner to Malawi Michael Nevin.”

Nevin is yet to respond to the request but he told local press about nine days ago that the “issue of compensation does not arise.”

A legal expert, Ralph Mhone, had asked the Malawi government to ask for compensation from the UK on behalf of thousands of Malawians who were killed and tortured during the anti-colonial uprising in the late 1950s.

“We’re saddened by any loss. [But] we have not had any discussion with the government of Malawi on this matter and do not consider the issue of compensation arises,” Nevin had told Nation on Sunday.

But Chunda insisted that, just like in Kenya where Britain compensated those that were tortured in the Mau Mau uprising, they were entitled to something.

“It was a horrendous experience,” he said. “The massacre aborted our dreams, hopes and aspirations. It will only be fair if we are compensated.”

Malawi sets aside the 3rd of March every year to commemorate Freedom Day in memory of the fallen fighters.

During this year’s commemoration Mhone, also Nkhata Bay Central parliamentarian said “the mere fact that they were innocently killed warrants compensation from those responsible.”

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wankulu sanyera

Apereke amenewo asapondereze. Many countries were compensated. Why not Malawi? Amafuna kumaipondereza basi. Tinkhani ting’ono ting’ono ngati ta ma gay, ndiye chintu kuno ali sitikupatsanai thandizo. Agalu inu…


Then to those who suffered during Kamuzu,Bakili,Bingu,Joyce and those suffering under Peter must be considered as well.


Day dreaming at its best. How can u claim compansation this time? Where were u all this tme? Waona kuti ndalama zakuthera wati ulowere imeneyi. Walemba mmadzi N’dala. Pitani kumuzi muzikalima mupeze ndalama. Nothing sweet falls on a silver plater without sweat


If there is merit in this claim, what about those innocently killed/tortured since independence? As a nation already on its knees economically we cant afford it or can we off load resposibility on the West somehow?
I am sorry for their losses and hardships but it seems a little greedy and self serving to me.


Awa ndiye maluzi. Ask your money from Richard Amstrong (kamuzu). He received the compensation from the British on our behalf in the 1970s. Sorry, he cashgated all the money


where were they all this tym? 56yrs gone, nw claiming for compensation simply bcoz chakwera said so! Ooh wat a shame? Ngati uli umphawi kapena ma floods jst find another alternative or way of begging rather than building castles in the air. Dat z a pipeline dream! Zitayeni madala.

proud parent

They have compasated us already by giving us aid for the fifty years we have BN independent. All of us have benefited in one way or the other. And the figures being claimed does not show seriousness on the part of the survivor. We need that money as aid to benefit the whole country. Stop dreaming.


A crime does not rot. Compasation is indeed needed.

chikomdi Gondwe

Inded the deserve smthing 4m British government

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