Malawi President Mutharika, this nonsense has to stop – Idriss Ali Nassah

You are not doing too well, Mr. President.

President Mutharika with Idriss Ali Nassah

President Mutharika with Idriss Ali Nassah

Your press conference last week was a disaster. What most of us find annoying about politicians—and you have started to do this with frequency now—is that they don’t seem able to give a straight answer to a simple question.

Your shouting and banging on the table did nothing to convince that it was necessary to take over 100 people to New York at public expense, or that it was essential for you to charter a private jet, again at the expense of the poor people of this country.

Your performance was Bingu wa Mutharika all over again; when the going got tough Bingu would accuse his critics of envy and hate and would claim that he was rich and didn’t need the money for doing the job of president. That is lame and I suggest that next time you should come with a better argument than that.

I feel horribly let down by you. It was always my hope that you, as president, were going to be rather more grown-up in this job than your predecessor was. When few gave you the benefit of doubt, I did say that you seemed to be the man to give us decisive leadership in these difficult times and help turn our fortunes around.

But instead of uniting the country around a common purpose and saying let’s get on with the business of building a nation, you are now chasing shadows. You are quick to blame Joyce Banda, the donors and the media every time that you cock something up.

By now, you should know that it is the job of the media to put the government of the day in as difficult a position as possible. You have to face them with facts, not threats.

The media and communications team at State House should have told you that, and prepared you for it, but they are useless. Look around you and ask yourself if those people were the best and brightest brains available. Giving people jobs solely on the basis that they supported you in the past is never a good idea, as many presidents have found out to their cost.

Right now, Malawians are not sure what exactly is your position regarding the big, expensive jamboree in New York. Did you address the uneasiness around the fact that it was reported that you only approved a delegation of 18 but, somehow, over 100 people found their way? The answer is NO. You complain that the media is out to get you but truth is it is nothing to do with you but the office you occupy. And nobody forced you to take that job.

Bragging that you were a millionaire before you became president is a stupid argument to make. There are too many unanswered questions about how your brother, in a few years a president, amassed a massive fortune and who benefitted from it. Malawians don’t know for a fact whether you had any of those millions before your brother became president. It’s likely you didn’t.

Since you stayed out of the country too long you might not know this, but it is generally considered rather vulgar, in this part of the world, as a leader of the people, to talk about how rich you are when the majority of your people live in depressing poverty.  And, also, it is just obscene vanity. I would respectfully suggest that you don’t ever talk about those millions again. Nobody likes to be ripped off and then have the added insult of being laughed at for being a sucker. Even if indeed you had those millions, it’s a moot point. The real issue here is how you are using taxpayers’ money right now.

The kwacha is falling, the country can’t supply enough water and electricity, unemployment is rising, food prices are skyrocketing, hospitals have no drugs, teachers are not paid on time, doctors are disgruntled, government expenditure is out of whack, the economy is staggering and there is worse to come. In the face of all that you think it is wise to boast about your millions in the bank?

I have spoken to quite a few people who liked you when you campaigned for the presidency but now they are not sure. They had thought you were not going to make the debilitating mistakes—especially the disdain and arrogance—of the DPP of the past but it seems what they thought of you isn’t what they are getting.

The decision is yours but if you continue on this track it won’t end too well for you, I am afraid.

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koma kumaneko
Dont rule out possibilty of Tumbukas ruling this country or one of them beoming State president, its only who knows not us. who knew JB will be president? Remember JB was picked as runningmate by Bingu amongst Goodal Gondwe, and Henry Chimunthu Banda, supposed Bingu picked Goodal Gondwe what could have happened after his death or may be Bingu could not have died? We are all Malawians regions, ethinc groups shouldnt dicide us let vote for a right candidate with vision in these elections not wakwithu, wakumangwetu, wakukaya, its one malawi one people. Look tonse tikuvutika apa chifukwa chogulitsa chilungamo.… Read more »
Tumbuka weniweni

NGATI ABWANA ALI NDI NDALAMA ZAMBIRI KU AMERICA why is he using payers money. sorry selfish presdt. just go america and stay with ur family, chifukwa mwalepera


The 36% that voted if indeed for this man is a curse to the nation. Chewas are not clever they didn’t vote for this zombie. Notes atumbuka kaya 2019?!!!

Terminal One
“Chewas are not clever…”????? This could actually speak more about the filth on your mind than it does about the Chewa. Your last statement is unclear. But, surely, you don’t mean that a Tumbuka person can win the presidency in 2019? A Tumbuka person will NEVER be president of MW; certainly not in this generation. This must be obvious even to you. We human beings reap only that which we sow. The “KUDZIKONDA” tag that you’ve worn will not easily be shaken away. Rumour has it that Chakufwa Chihana was on the verge of winning the 1994 race; but oddly,… Read more »

You have started war with journalists. It was a miscaculation. Nsanje to Chitipa, Likoma to salima etc, you are exposed

Nyapapi Mpuluka wa Muthanyiwa
Nyapapi Mpuluka wa Muthanyiwa

There’s a term ‘nanyerho dungu’ in our lhomwe language. simusowanso kuuzidwa za ameneyu. ndamutopera.


idrisa next time ukamalemba mdani wako kutali.Tel ur ppo from south to b votin wisly otherwise they die with hunger


You president is too dull and lacking in self-esteem and confidence to address any group of people without the help of those hundreds he hauled to NY! And he did put them to good use because I saw them childishly clapping hands for the dull professor over the most nonsensical things! That office is too ‘big’ for someone that dull!

King Jaffe Joffer
Malawians are a self cursed nation. How could normal people decide to elect someone notorious for failure as a cabinet minister to run the affairs of their own country that they love. What type of myopia is this if it is not a curse or absolute madness? This nonsense has got to stop! Just why don’t people mind about their own welfare and the future generations? Have politicians cast a spell on you Malawians that you can really put an American zombie on the seat of presidency? The power to shape our destiny is solely in our hands and if… Read more »

This article is well written from a qualified and able journalist, but many of the comments are bad full of hatred and regionalism


I wish you my President be composed and emotional free. It sounds rather naive but that is the fact. Imagine teachers who were administering the just announced MSCE have not yet received their allowances. Please be guided that things are not as rosy as you might think on the ground. Do something about it.

Apatseni ma invigolators what is due to them.SORRY TO SAY THIS.

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