Malawi President says Chakwera still frustrated over poll loss        

President Peter Mutharika has dismissed Leader of Opposition Lazarus Chakwera’s criticism of the presidency, describing them as rantings of a frustrated loser of an election.

President Mutharika greets opposition chief Chakwera

President Mutharika greets opposition chief Chakwera

Chakwera on Thursday issued a hard hitting statement, attacking Mutharika as a failed leader and for failed leadership, urging Malawians not to give him another presidential term.

Chakwera said Mutharika lives in “Mutharika Republic” whose capital city is Kamuzu Palace where everything is paid for by tax payers money whilst the tax payer are finding life extremely hard.

But presidential spokesperson Mgeme Kalirani said what Chakwera said was not true and came from a frustrated person.

“Dr Chakwera contested the 2014 presidential elections on Malawi Congress Party ticket, His Excellency the president Professor Peter Mutharika contested the elections on Democratic Progressive Party ticket and he won the elections. Since he lost the elections to Professor Mutharika, Dr Chakwera has always been frustrated,” Kalilani said.

Chakwera highlighted a myriad of problems; political, economic and social rocking the nation which he said Mutharika and his administration have completely failed.

He did not only critice but also offered a five-step solution which the Malawi Congress Party (MCP)  leader insists are the only way to help turn around the country’s fortunes.

Chakwera suggested that separating the Anti-corruption Bureau (ACB) from the Executive arm of government could give power and independence for the ACB to investigate corruption by members of the Executive branch.

He said: “If Mutharika was serious about fighting corruption, he would have implemented this solution right now.”

He also suggested that government should create a special court in the Judiciary that will focus exclusively on corruption and fraud by public servants so that cases of stealing taxpayers’ funds are given priority and speedy conclusion.

Chakwera further advised Mutharika to suspend all top government officials who were at the helm of government ministries during the time money was siphoned from State coffers in what has come to be known as Cashgate until an independent investigation clears them of collusion in the corruption that resulted.

He, however, said passing the Access to Information Bill was another solution to expose all public officers with business interests that are using the State as a means to personal gain, and that those officers should be removed from office.

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chief Activist

nd we stilll reflecting the finger point politics…………………..after elections ……………..allllas”””””””


you always say chakwera should provide solutions. Now he has given you solutions and now you say he is a frustrated loser? come on people, what the goon has said is true. very true.

Just to educate some members of Malawi Congress Party that the 2014 election was never rigged. The challenge is that MCP took it for granted that by coming of chakwera everything has automatically changed. How can some one win the an election by centralizing on one region? If we are honest lets tell the truth. How many MPs did MCP get in the 9 Districts of Malawi in the Southern region? Don’t buy the ideas of hypocrites. Don’t be holly on matters that require analytical thinking. Analytically there wAs no any possibilities for chakwera and don’t even see them in… Read more »

Going through the comments one can easily see that there are a section of people who are not seeing what Malawi is going through right now. There are a lot of problems in this country which the Mutharika administration is failing to solve.
More over corruption is being glorified in this country because the government is it self full of corrupt people.

Its only people like Dr Chakwera who can bring hope to this country. No wonder Malawi has becoming the poorest nation on earth.


Always truth z so pain bt things r at worse coz we r suffering a lot, Chakwera was talking the truth

lunky m real

Oooo yes no more yp say but moving on foot while I have money ! it’s something else

If oChakwera had any good ideas, he surely would be keeping them close to his chest. Thinking they are big secrets. He simply can’t run government: his thinking is NOT deep enough. If he became President, this country would go to the dogs faster than what happened when equally clueless Joisi Banda was president. PP sure did a number on us – in just two years! Never again. To be sure, if APM followed oChakwera’s advice, for sure DPP would lose the next elections, and oChakwera would revel in sabotaging the government. No less. oChakwera hasn’t done anything big in… Read more »

Iwe ndiye Nyani wachabe chabe, basi muzingokhalira ndale basi mmalo momaona komwe dziko likupita?

Nyasa Times please, APM didn’t win the 2014 elections. He was helped to rig the elections systematically by the corrupt judicially that we have in Malawi.This is a fact, only that we didn’t have time & the resources to prove it. Remember, when suggestion of opening ballot boxes was put forward, DPP machinery resort to torching the ballots. It’s an expensive mwano to say APM won the elections. Chakwera is being diabolic here. It calls for someone to be stupid enough to say APM is in control. Finance Management Act 2003 is not working. Chakwera is right, suspend all PSs,… Read more »

Iwe Kalirani umuuze Pitala wakoyo kuti madzi nkhasako koma magetsi niproblemube achitepo kanthu zikakhala za ufa ndi ndiwo ine ndilinazo zawo amene anavotera Pitalawo

Anyone who cannot see what Chakwera is crying about needs a mental checkup. All the sentiments he has put forward are true and most of us concerned Malawians are frustrated with Mutharika’s ineptness to run a country. Chakwera has also given five solutions to some of the problems the country is going through. However, it is doubtful if any of them will be considered by Mutharika. Malawians should seriously consider voting for someone else come 2019, I don’t care who it will be but it should not be the same myopic Mutharika or any of his old, thieving DPP ministers.… Read more »

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