Malawi researchers in vaginal ring study for HIV prevention

Malawi researchers are currently  studying if women might be able to protect themselves from HIV infection and pregnancy by inserting a vaginal ring.

HIV prevention: Study 'puts a ring on it'

HIV prevention: Study ‘puts a ring on it’

The researchers are into an MTN 020 (ASPIRE), a microbicide study to determine whether a woman’s use of a vaginal ring containing the antiretroviral (ARV) drug dapivirine, which is not currently used for treatment, is a safe and effective method for protecting against HIV infection in women when inserted in the vagina once every 4 weeks.

The research is being conducted by University of North Carolina (UNC) project in Lilongwe and John Hopkins University (JHU) in Blantyre and in other SADC countries which have a disproportionate high level of HIV prevalence in sub Saharan Africa.

Currently in advanced clinical testing phase, rings that slowly deliver ARV medicine into a woman’s vagina will also might also carry a contraceptive.

UNC project study coordinator Tchangani Tembo said has enrolled a total of 272 women with 142 at UNC project.

“Women tend to be disproportionately infected in all age groups in the population. Condoms are widely regarded as inadequate prevention options for women, because many women are unable to negotiate its use with their partners.

“Vaginal microbicides, which are self-initiated, offer women a critically needed new tool to prevent HIV, complementing existing prevention strategies,” he said.

Tembo said currently the study is in follow up stage and results are anticipated late 2015 or early 2016.

The study is being funded by Southern African AIDS Trust (SAAT).

SAAT Country Program Officer Novice Bamusi said the product will provide women with an opportunity to protect themselves from acquiring HIV without their partners knowing when they negotiate sex.

“It will also be another tool in the repertoire of prevention measures available,” he said.

Using the ring, women will have a discreet way of preventing HIV, so their partners will not notice it.

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so negative woman wil try a positive man? thats bulshit cant
you see that this is like welcoming the virus? and by the way are your samples literate enough or you are taking advantage of their poverty. sounds very stupid!

George Lihoma

Posachedwapa mwatinyansa ndi za jando, lero izi. Kodi mumachokelako azungu inu, anthu oti mungawayeselere, ANATHAA?

Amuna ngunda ngunda- aku malowa .
Amuna ngunda ngunda- aku malowa .

khwidyo khwidyo madzi kuti bwibwibwi .


These Americans failed to ecperimen this on their own people hence hey chose a nation in the HIPIC Region, Malawi, to carry their experiment on. Hey , ministry of health, are we monkeys on which eetiments can be done? In Europe they use baboons, rats etc because we have some genetic similarities. But hy you my poor women? Tembo, what do you think you are doing? Are you related yo John Z U Tembo or another ate no from he north? SILLY BUSINESS JUST ADVOCATING SEX AS IF IT IS THE ONLY THING IN LIFE.


Koma chigololo chizikoma mawaya ake amenewa lo!

Ma battery a mlakho

I hope they will design one for Ebola,another manufactured infection.That HIV/AIDS has now cure NAC and authorities they don’t want to disclose.It is hot business to them.That ARV s are poison and they kill they don’t want to disclose because they are afraid for they have claimed millions of lives.That HIV/AIDS has negatively mutated they don’t want to say for they will be jobless.Assholes!


Malawians be very very careful about these researches. Don’t say i didn’t warn you.

Big Punisher

Ali pachithunzipo akuchita kumwemwetera ndiye kuti anayisera.Azimayi ena amakonda nkhani zimenezi.watchout out.You may end up being in big problems.

Mayi ndi Mayi Mzache

Koma nkada alipamavuto kwabasi.I don’t know how many researches they r going to conduct on us as if probably we r the only human specie who heavily bang each other on this continent.Azungunso ndiye ali worse kwaoko than us.Timaoneka ngati anthu akuda ndife okonda chigololo kwabasi.Kuno matenda amapweteka anthu chifukwa cha umphawi which contributes on poor diet.Nankoso kwa azungu aliko anthu ambiri ali positive koma amapulumukira their good health care system ndi proper diet intake.kukazaza ma ring kumeneko azimayi achita kusintha sitepe.Koma a UNC atiphinzitsa zambiri pa Malawi apa.So tablet intake is not enough mpaka ndi ma ring nkati.

ashidy buoy

its also important to research on its negative effects to both women and men…

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