Malawi rolls out ID mass registration exercise May

Government has set aside K35 billion for mass registration of national identity cards to start in May.

National ID: Sample

This brings hope that the national identity cards will be used in the 2019 general election, the first step towards credible elections.

Spokesperson for the National Registration Bureau Norman Fulatira said out of the K35 billion budget, 40 per cent of it will be met by the government while the rest will be met by donors.

He said the registration will run from May to December in 4500 registration centres across the country.

This follows the succesful registration of 5000 people in Lilongwe on a pilot project and 10000 civil servants.

Fulatira also said registration is on in border districts and in areas where there is cash transfer projects.

Malawi is probably the only country in this part of Africa whose citizens do not have national IDs.

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Where on earth have u ever seen your own nationality expired so where do u belong when ur ID expires?


Know what you are talking about check South African I D’s

zinenani chiphola

This is a government project and not a dpp project. I am worried that it has the expiry date. Aaaaaa guys be serious


id with no place of birth only nationality? an id with expiry date? doesnt look authentic

Zander mutiuze
Dont salute Peter. Look Who is financing this? Donors. 60% . It has been planed and now money is located. A Malawi dont clapp hands without understanding. My fear they will be selling these ID to TZ; Nigerian, Rwadian, and Burundis without any doubt. They sold passports when Malawi was a country which was one of a free visa country to Europe. Untill Europe closed that. Malawians has NO heart for the nation expect money hungry people. They have sold land to foreigners. Many Nigerian, Bundis and Rwandas have land but I born Malawians never got one despite applied since… Read more »

thumbs up!


Where on earth have you ever seen Id, with date of expires, stupid people, you are good on thanking for nothing.
ID, its not apassport or driving license,

Zander mutiuze

Yes ID do expire and renewed just like Passport and driving licence. Check with the countries they have. I have one from Europe and it expires. One pay for renewed.

Zander mutiuze

Timorthy. ID and Driving linces has a date of expire and one has to renew it. Check with countries they have IDS. U are the one Who diesel not know. I have Eurpean ID it expires after 10 years. Passport 5 years.


Good development!

However, it has nothing to do with Mutharika.

It’s something that every country must do!

Musalowetse ndale zinthuzi.

Anya Benga

Please ensure that foreigners do not get our ID. Be strict. There are a lot of foreigners doing business in cities and rural areas who want to take advantage of this. Please warn them that it is illegal for a foreigner to obtain a Malawian ID. Also urge Malawians to report such people to police.


Which foreigners can you please advise us?


Why????? But Malawian do when the go and live in other countries. I see., foreigner are just meant to donate money for the Malawian to get their ID . Sorry but i disagree with you. If a foreigner live and plans to live in Malawi for ever they should have one. My opinion.

Gerald mapanga phiri

At last Malawians get ID. I take it as the development of Peter Wamtalika because
Bakili failed and Bingu failed.

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