Malawi staff at Zimbabwe embassy complain of abuses

Malawi staff at the Zimbabwe foreign mission in Lilongwe are complaining of serious abuses by the embassy diplomats including non- payment of their monthly salary on time.

Thandiwe Dumbutshena : No comment

Thandiwe Dumbutshena : No comment

In an anonymous letter, the workers have since asked the Malawi government to conduct an investigation into the matter.

They say they struggle to get their monthly salary and that the embassy owes them money in arrears since December 2015 but they are not allowed to speak out on the issue as they are threatened with dismissals.

The staff say they feel abused and neglected.

One of the junior workers at the embassy confided in Nyasa Times that they wrote the anonymous letter because once they speak out they would be dismissed from their jobs.

Officials from the embassy, headed by Ms Thandiwe Dumbutshena  refused to comment on the matter on Friday afternoon.

However, Malawi Foreign Affairs spokesperson Rejoice Shumba said the ministry has received a copy of the letter.

He however said embassies have their own standing labour laws which would make it difficult for the government of Malawi to intervene.

The staff have also copied the ministry of Labour.

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Malawi Foreign aAffairs spokesperson however said embassies have their own standing labour laws which would make it difficult for the government of Malawi to intervene. RUBBISH

This is a labour issue and the reporter was supposed to ask labour minister on how Malawi laws regulate employment in consulates, embassies and highcommissioners’ offices.

Zimbabwe’s high commission to Malawi can’t be any worse. State House has just made horrible re-deployments of its staff, targeting the anti-DPP officials, creating chaos and stupid inconveniences in the process.

Ciara chirimuntima

I hear bingu paid dumbutchena when he was alive because zim had problems. Dont you dare lie because there is evidence. I dont know if JB continued this though.

Government should send officials to investigate if the matter on abise is true.doing that is what makes a government strong as it observes and operates according to laws. Government has the right to go to any place for investigation of such matters.


But Zimbabwe women are ugly no wonder their men always cheat.They just need to bring people from Zimbabwe to work for them…Comrade Bob wawononga zimbabwe .

Jelbin Mk
Another problem is that Malawians are not familiar with their own laws and regulations of employment. No any employer can or should fire you for asking foe what is rightfully yours or for asking for what someone owes you. The other thing i understand about embassies is that they are just like companies of foreign origin which should comply with the laws of the country they are operating from not the country of their origin. Therefore our government to say the issue is out of hand to control is an insult to employees at that embassy. At least they could… Read more »
ambassador jr

Dont report on, or comment on things you are fully conversant with.
1) all salaries including that of the high commissioner, come from zimbabwe
2) when there is a delay, even that of the ambassador and top staff is delayed.
3) ambassador Dumbu is a great woman, very friendly and accommodating, and gets along with most people, her problem she is assertive, most people hate that.
Think before you write


Kodi Bumbu Tchena ameneyu adakalipo eti?

Geo 1

The main problem is that Zimbabweans (especially Shona tribe) think that they are superior to all Africans, they think they are very important than any other, they are bloody selfish. Am a manager at my work place in South Africa, believe you me I don’t employ Zimbabweans, South Africans are much better.


Kodi a ZIMBABWE akutani MMalawi muno

Jelbin Mk
Was that all our government could say?????? What a crap!!!!!!! Do embassies operate under their country of origin’s laws???? If yes what does the same law say about the hiring of indigenous people and how are they protected as citizens under employment of a foreigner???? Does it say they can be treated as the employer wishes????? If yes then we are in for a big shit!!!!!!! as a nation. Thus why the Asians are treating our people like slaves in their own country, we are a sleeping nation or moving dead as our president is believed to be by many… Read more »

I once worked there but its true that they are intimidating.thandiwe like abusive words on [email protected] her house she change workers on monthly which is very pathetic.moreover she has ooverstayed kodi anthu ena kulibe kuzimbabweko oti azamusinthe?????

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