Malawi student dares mathematical world: Mzuzu University genius in mathematics

In a twist of events, as Malawi’s science education curriculum continues to use theorems developed in the west, Mzuzu University (MZUNI) has all reasons to smile as it has dared the world of science by producing an innovative and creative mathematics genius, who is able to advance already existing theorems as well as developing new ones.

Mzuni mathamatics genius: Bruce Jimmy Songa

Mzuni mathematics genius: Bruce Jimmy Songa

Long gone are the days when students in the sciences may in the near future continue to be glued to mathematical theorems from the Greco-Roman world of science, as Bruce Jimmy Songa, who hails from Matani Mwakasangila village in Traditional Authority (TA) Kilupula in the northern district of Karonga, has challenged the world of science by developing over 50 Mathematics formulas and theorems.

Commenting on the effectiveness of his formula and theorems, the neo-pythagoras, who is also currently working on a book titled ‘New Approaches in Mathematics Education,’ noted that his theorems are effective enough to be applied in science fields such as Physics.

“My theorems are quite correct, clear and effective and can be applied alongside several conventional theorems. When used in calculating mathematical problems, the theorems can only produce a percentage error that ranges from -2% to 0.1%, which is mathematically very minimal and substantive.

“The Songabrucic Quadrilateral Diagonal Rule (Songabrucic Qua-dia-rule) is so significant as it can be used in Pure and Applied Mathematics, Physics, Civil Engineering, Physical Planning, Land Surveying and other sciences to calculate displacement (in metres), velocity (in metres/second) and force (in newtons),” said the boldly optimistic Songa, who shares a vision of becoming a great mathematician as he acknowledges Sir Isaac Newton as his role model.

When asked as to whether he is able to derive each of his theorems, Bruce admits he is able to do that. However, he bemoans of often being discouraged by peers who consider him as being insane.

“I’ve developed over fifty mathematical formulas. Currently I’m advancing them as well as working on three new ones in Physics which will be finalised within the next two years. I developed the Songabrucic Multiplication of Eleven Technique in 2005 but it was fully successful in 2012. Simultaneously, I worked on Songabrucic Splitting Theorem around 2006 to 2010 which was also fully developed and swung into action way back from December 2012 up to early 2013.

“Later on, I advanced on what I call ‘Pythagoras-Songabrucic Solidarity Principle’ in 2013 which has been finalised recently. From the year 2014 to present, I’m tirelessly inverting Songabrucic Line Bisector Rule under Acute and Obtuse Angle Originality (Songabrucic Li-Bi-Rule). This has swung into balance to what I call the Cosine Rule Alternative.

“I’m able to mathematically revisit, prove and derive any of my theorems but I rarely do that to fellow competent mathematicians to avoid plagiarism since they are not yet protected by international Intellectual Property (IP) copyright standards,” said the third year Bachelor of Education (Science) Ngonde-based genius, who also has a passion of watching Basketball and Boxing.

Coming from a humble education background, the 21-one-year-old Bruce, who formerly went to Lufilya Community Day Secondary School (CDSS) in Karonga, admits that his journey of theorizing is merely an inspiration from God.

He avows that the very initial essence of coming up with formulas and theorems was a blessing in disguise as it was meant to solve a problem he had encountered in his bricklaying career when he was young.

“To me, theorizing is a gift from God and I collectively call my theorems as ‘Revealed Theorems’ since He is the sole source of my scientific skills ever since childhood days. It all started when I was in primary school – both at Ngerenge and Malo primary schools in Karonga – when I established myself as a bricklayer. At an early age of eight, I used to build houses during the recess so as to obtain some basic necessities of life and people appreciated my work.

“In 2004, when I was in form two and carrying out my usual bricklaying duties, I encountered a problem that required mathematical calculations. Sometimes I could neither eat nor take a bath because I was trying to resolve the problem by translating it into an applicable mathematical formula relevant in bricklaying and construction.”

He continued: “Due to my strong belief in Jesus Christ, and off course hard work and effort, it really worked later in 2006 and 2007 when I came up with the first draft of my theorems based on the principles of construction which was later developed in the period between 2012 and 2013. This was also when I had accomplished my teaching practicum as a Primary School Teacher, graduated from Karonga Teachers’ College, and joined MZUNI.”

“A couple of weeks after joining the MZUNI intelligentsia, I applied my course work in Mathematics to further develop my theories,” said Bruce, who likes reading the Bible as well as composing songs in Ngonde-Nyakyusa and Swahili languages during his free time.

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Danwel nkhata

bravo bruice…work toward achievement….


Malawians, lets learn to appreciate and be proud of what others are blessed with

I think if you doubt the capability of this guy then make an effort to communicate with him than arguing against him here. I know Bruce and I taught him one time at secondary level.I do understand that some do have hidden talents which once uncovered in one point in life many don’t believe. I had a colleague who had 2 point s in Maths at MSCE level and I had 1 point but my friend is doing PhD in maths while I did applied science program. let’s learn to encourage our colleagues than undermining them. It’s only when you… Read more »
Rev. Austin D. Tamandani
Rev. Austin D. Tamandani

Wonderful brother and my son in the Lord! God has not yet finished revealing things. May his hand reveal more and take you to the ends of the world by his grace.

Vincent M

On each and every post on Nyasatimes, I look forward to seeing and reading comments from ‘The Analyst’. The guy is a shrewd observer, clever and intelligent.

Keep it up Mr ‘The Analyst’

The Analyst

Am humbled . . .

statistis404 so u think its only Namangale who know mathematics? if he was that good he wouldnt be rotting at UNIMA as lecture, very sad to insultMZUNI and u think being at UNIMA is a an achievement, mind u UNIMA also doesn’t count on world academic matters ranked number 7000 globally, i cant be inspired to attend school at such low standard varsity, i thought u could have said the boy could have been ku OXFORD???? Professor father RYAN is a great mathematics academic who can validate bruce ability far much better than stupid Namangale wakoyo waku chanco,i dont think… Read more »
Statistics 404

Genius? If you were a genius you would be at UNIMA not Mzuni.

Go to Chanco and Meet the legendary Professor Namangale of Statistics, if he proves your theorems right then maybe maybe you may be deemed Enlightened….. but for now, it’s too early to call you such a title. Mind you, you can develop a ‘wrong’ theorem by using a ‘right’ method. I’m not a hater but a realist.

Best wishes brother.

Masozi Mwenifumbo
God bless you brother for recognising that all sound and unadulterated wisdom, knowledge, and understanding comes from the Almighty Yahweh God, the Sole Creator of Heavens and Earths and all things in them!!!!! May the good Lord Himself who made you to diligently seek Him in all your endeavours abundantly enable you to reach the expected end and fruition of Go’s plan for your life in Christ Jesus amongst all His creation!!!!!! Hallelujah!!!!!!!………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….Now, Genesis 1:1says, “In (ie the opening and closing Brackets of “B” the first letter of BOMDAS) the beginning (note the silent “‘Of’ His creation and forming work”… Read more »
One time one crazy guy when I was in Zomba claimed to have developed a formula, that proved that 0/0=1. He could write pages and pages trying to prove his assertion but long at last it was proven to be a hoax. Similarly, during my college days, we used to having some other crazy azungus, mostly in Mathematics who were making similar claims only to be disproved by fellow geniuses Malawian lecturers. Unfortunately, this craziness usually happens in Mathematics. On a positive note, it could be possible. But the problem is our local mentality that best things always come from… Read more »
Euphemia Bota

Developing formulas is not a problem. I remember when I was in Form 4 with my two friends we developed our own formulas to calculate focal lengths and focal points. So when time came for physics practical exams, we just worked on the problems within 2 minutes and we were moving the lenses just to fool the invigilator. We did not even disclose our formulas to our physics teacher. So let us support and encourage the guy.

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