Malawi teacher convicted for insulting President Mutharika

Poking fun at President Peter Mutharika is a risky business in Malawi as 25-year old teacher, Mike Suedi, has been convicted by the Blantyre First Grade Magistrate Court for insulting the President.

Mutharika Thou shalt not insult the President

Suedi, who comes from Khwalala Village, Traditional Authority Juma in Mulanje, was arrested at Chileka last week Friday, a day before the President commissioned the construction of the dual carriageway from Chileka Airport to Clock Tower in Blantyre City.

The insults which he was charged with cannot be repeated.

In her determination on Tuesday, first grade magistrate Kitty Nkhoma found Suedi guilty on two counts of conduct likely to cause breach of peace and insulting the President.

But the teacher escaped custodial sentence as he was ordered to serve 80 hours (equivalent to two months) community service at Southern Region Police headquarters and 12 months suspended sentence.

Nkhoma in her ruling pointed out that it is common that people insult the President and said the punishment would be a lesson to others.

Said Nkhoma: “The court is aware that it is common in our communities to insult the President who has the right to be respected. And I am also su[rised that as a teacher what do you teach your students? “

She added: “The punishment will teach others that insulting the President is an offence.”

But human rights defenders say the the law undermined freedom of expression.

“Prosecutors should not be overzealous about charging people who comment about President Peter Mutharika  in drinking halls and other social places” commented Lubwalubwa Juma .

“Freedom of speech means citizens have a right to criticize and even poke fun at political leaders. It is ridiculous to criminalize such actions,” Juma said.

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ineso abwere adzandimange kuno kkkkkkkkkkkkk(uyu sakutithandiza ndithu)

Che Jali

accidental president, every minute akutukwadidwa m’maminibasi mosemu ndiye mumanga anthu angati? Tinamulemba ntchito yotsogolera dziko koma aaaaaa! mavuto amwene, zawakanika….

C Banda

The article states: “The insults which he was charged with cannot be repeated.”

Elsewhere on the internet you can find this:

“Suedi was overheard by women donning ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) regalia saying the president was laying ‘useless stones’. ” It is understood the women went ahead to report to police having heard him say so when the Presidential convoy was passing by.”

Why would NT hide from us a mild criticism like “useless stones”?

We were only 5 people in a min bus around to 7 pm when this man was arrested and the time he was talking he didn’t realize that those 2 guy’s who were at the front seat were the police officers and the time i wanted to tell him to lower his voice it’s when one of the officer said don’t ever talk this shit again while am here and with that am arresting you we will release you after the function tomorrow and now am wondering that he’s still in custody. We tried to say sorry but the guy’s… Read more »
Listen and Love

Indeed we can agree or disagree with president or with any ordinary citizen of this beautiful land in Africa but never ever disrespect any person. RESPECT ALL YOU LOSE NOTHING BUT IN RETURN YOU GAIN MORE RESPECT AND LIVE PEACEABLY WITH THE WORLD.


Alomwe ayamba kumangana okhaokha ntchona uyu si mulomwe.


A Malawi ndife2osaphunzila chifukwa tikungo lankhula za Rightso yokha sikulankhula za Duty. Ena tangopanga bungwe lathu kuti tiIauza anthu azitukwana ,azina ,azipha .tikumakalowa mndende nkumati munthu anapha mzake alindiufulu kutuluka pomwe winayo anaphedwa alimmanda. Kodi sitikulimbikitsa usatana? Ngakhale sindikuziwa momwe anatukwanila simukuulula nanga mwalemberanji apa? Koma all in all KUTUKWANANA sikwabwino ngakhale azitukwana munthu wamba anali president sibwinobe omwe mukuvomeleza KUTUKWANANA sindinu anthu abwino.


How many people have been arrested or charged chifukwa amatukwana?


Munthuyi sanatukwane tinali limodzi min bus and anakhala next to me only that zomwe ananenazo zinali zolakwika he said zomwe akubwerera a president ndizaziii how i wish kukanagwa mvula mmawa kuti zilephereke nde apolisi was angry kuti inu ndamene mumayambisa chisokonezo


Hahahaha where is human rights and freedom of speech here. Sad that tbe biggest civil servant is feared by those (the public) who employed him. So sad really the teacher does not deserve such punishment at all. And Peter shud know better than that. Presidents anywhere get insults and its part of democracy. Unless its a dictatorship of course. Which Malawi claims not to be such.

afana phandama


@ Aphana phandama You don’t need rocket science to explain why teachers are always insulting presidents in Malawi. Teachers in Malawi simply put are subjects of untold miseries one can think of. Just in recent past you read in the media that teachers gave government ultimatum. Our government has failed teachers equally it has failed everybody except a few sycophants. A teacher has every right to curse the person behind his/her miseries and peter mutharika is one person who has failed teachers therefore he becomes a legitimate target of insults from teachers. Teachers insult this man more. They can’t arrest… Read more »

a Kitty, inu a dolo lero. tikuonani mawa



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