Malawi to deport over 400 illegal migrants -Muluzi

Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security Atupele Muluzi has vowed that illegal immigrants will be kicked out of Malawi after reports emerged that over 400 illegal lags are detained at various prisons in the country.

Atupele Muluzi: Vows  to deport more migrants who enter Malawi illegally
Atupele Muluzi: Vows to deport more migrants who enter Malawi illegally

Muluzi said government has issued removal directions for some of the illegal immigrants.

“There are presently approximately 300 illegal migrants being held at Maula Prison from the Great Lakes region that have to be repatriated. This is part of our international obligations, but we are facing resource constraints,” Muluzi said as quoted in Weekend Nation newspaper of Saturday August1, 2015.

More illegal immigrants will be deported from Malawi, Muluzi said.

Malawi faced a swarm of people coming from war-torn countries DR Congo, Somalia and Sudan en route to economic giant South Africa for greener pastures.

There are no detention camps or removal centres for immigrants in Malawi. The country is holding illegal immigrants in already overcrowded prisons and treating them as convicts.

The country’s jails has approximately 13 000 inmates against a recommended holding capacity of around 7 000 prisoners, acceding to Home Affairs Minister.

“Malawi is fast becoming a transit route for illegal migration,” the paper quotes Muluzi.

He said Malawi need to “invest more in terms of financing and commitment towards border control management.”

Muluzi pointed out that issues of migration are “ as complex as are the reasons why people move.”

He disclosed that government is in the process of constructing new border posts at Chisenga, Chimaliro, Mbalachanda, Mkanda and Mwase.

Meanwhile, Malawi Human Rights Commission (MHRC) has since expressed concern about the abusive detention of immigrants in the country’s prisons and warned the country risks breaking international laws.

According to Weekend Nation, MHRC executive secretary, Grace Malera, said it is shameful for people who have committed no crime to be detained in harsh prison conditions for prolonged months.

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Ismael mdala
5 years ago

Illegal immigrants in prison like criminals?plz try the other way.

jazila chigwenembe-Balaka

deportation is normal.there is nothing wrong with this move.most countries do depot illegal immigrants.but should be done in a rightful way.if you dnt have resources then stop it.put them somewhere good not in prisons.or else you will force the move and you do it wrongly

wasoka manson
wasoka manson
5 years ago


Limbani Maxwell Teputepu
Limbani Maxwell Teputepu
5 years ago

Africa for Africans..its a shame to deport Africans in Africa..a shame to a son of a former president whose father preached about democracy to authorize deportation of fellow Africans. What international laws are you referring to? why observing white man rules and regulations??? wake up Malawi.. TIA(This Is Africa)

Richard. Banda
Richard. Banda
5 years ago

God move towards internal security.speed up National identity cards sir

5 years ago

Why not just imitate what the French authorities do in Calais, to immigrants wanting to enter the UK, they just ignore them, as they jump on lorries to the UK. Personally I look at this mainly a South African ” headache”.

5 years ago

Zotengera zimapweteketsa, asiyileni a South Africa womwe ali ndi zoyenelera zonse, u are not able to feed patients in hospitals, wat more detainees?

Mbowe Mulambia
5 years ago

Nanu mwayamba za ku S África mesa mmawanena azanu

5 years ago

En route have I heard it correctly right some precautions have to be taken by government

5 years ago

Atupele Muluzi,the government has no resources. Kikiki

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