Malawi VP Chilima calls for ethical society: Inspires Chanco student in public lecture

Tracing back his college roots, Vice-President Dr Salous Klaus Chilima on Tuesday inspired University of Malawi students at  Chancellor College in Zomba where he delivered a public lecture calling for an ethical society which results into individual reputation and economic gains of the country.

VP Chilima welcomed at Chanco by DPP executive member Charles Jika

Chanco students listening to Chilima deliver a public lecture

Chilima and other officials on front row at Great Hall, Chanco

The public lecture tilted  “Addressing moral decadence: towards an effective compliance and ethics programme” was organised by the Chancellor College’s Department of Philosophy and open to the students, the public and the media.

Chilima is an alumnus of Chancellor College having studied Bachelor of Social Sciences (Computer Science and Economics) from 1990-1994 and also Masters Of Arts Degree (Economics) from 2003-2005 at the college.

In his  public lecture, Chilima begun by defining the terms; moral decadence, compliance, and ethics.

He defined moral decadence in society, including corruption,  as behavior that shows a love of self-indulgence, pleasure and money, or the process of decline or decay in society’s ethical and moral traditions.

On the other hand,  he said ethics is defined as moral principles that govern a person’s behaviour or the conducting of an activity while compliance is defined as the act of obeying rule, order or request.

Chilima cautioned that moral decadence and unethical behaviour have serious social and economic effects on individuals and organisations leading to serious scandals in society.

In his presentation, Chilima bemoaned that there is a complete decline in ethical standards that society is supposed to uphold.

” A person without ethics is like a wild beast loose on this society….The cost of moral decadence is enormous to the affected and at times to those who pratice it,” he said.

He warned that unethical behaviour starts from small things such as hiding from a bus conductor in order to avoid paying bus fare and leading to major corporate and government scandals with huge cost on the economy and reputational risk.

The Veep cited a list of unethical behavious locally and globally that have lead to financial scandals, impacted society negatively and cost companies and organisations huge sums of money and a reputational risk.

” We need a set of values to govern our ethical behaviour and we need to liberate ourselves from unethical behaviour,” he emphasized.

Chilima also outlined several vices that lead to unethical behaviour such as elusionary shareholder sydrome where people do whatever pleases them with wanton abandon because they feel they have a stake in an organisation.

The other vice is leader-follower tragedy where followers give blind loyalty to a leader and flatter a leader and only tell him what pleases his ear other than the truth.

Chilima also said jelousy and envy is another serious vice where people are jelousy and envious of one’s achievemment and sucesss.

The veep also tackled what he termed ” absence of the we feeling” refering to an attitude where people do not want to take part in or detach themselves from solving society problems because they do not concern them.

” There is this feeling of its them not me or its none of my business” he  said.

However, Chilima then recommended that universities such as Chancellor College should devise programs that help produce ethical graduates who should be agents of meaningful and real change in society.

” Economic value of ethics in society is enormous,” he said.

The veep also said to entrench ethical behaviour in society there is need to create an effiecient and effective judicial system and a culture where people desist from engaging in corruption and bribery.

He also said as a country Malawi should promote an ethical culture by rewarding ethical  behaviour and also promote integrity by letting justice, truth and honesty thrive in society.

The Veep received a great applause and a standing ovation at the end of the lecture in the Great Hall.

Chilima, a devout Roman Catholic member, was born on 12th February 1972 and he is a Ngoni from Ntcheu.

Before becoming Vice President, Chilima served in a number of postions in the private sector with exceptional performance and brilliance.

Chilima was the first Malawian to head Airtel Malawi, the leading mobile telecommunications company.

He also held Senior Sales and Marketing positions at Leasing and Finance Company, Unilever Malawi, Cocacola and Calsberg Malawi.

During his college days, Chilima  was among young men who played a role in championning multi-party democracy.

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it is a wasted of time to talk about moral decadence at Chancellor college when you are in the government that has no morals and you are number two. This lesson was supposed to go your boss and his cabinet and all his cadets. I know this for your is just PR, you seize every opportunity to attend all sorts of events when you are invited, not that you are sincere, but to project that image, so far you have done well.


Tothers in DPP are busy line by line telling lies to the President…. hahah bwana mwamuana mwanayutu, … mwana ameneyu atisokoneza ..shaaaaa ….mulira simunati …just wait three months to the d-day.

Shithole Country

I listen some of the things he said. He talked about corruption by citing an example whereby one is building a house that does not much his income. That is what Bingu did at Ndata. That is what many civil servants and ministers are doing. That is what is going on in areas 44, 43, 47, 49 etc but the government is doing nothing. A PS in government gets less than K 1million a month before tax but he or she is building something that does not match his or her income. This is what is killing Malawi and africa…

Fine words on ethics from the Deputy President. Fine young men and women who do not condemn and/or act on unethical and corrupt behaviour is complicit in the same. Honourable Deputy President I urge you to truly act against unethical and corrupt behaviour within your party and the government. The fact that you’re part of the rot is indicative of your own ethics and how serious you are at upholding the constitution and law of the land. People will judge you on your acts and not words. It is common knowledge that the party you represent is corrupt to core… Read more »
Tracing back his college roots – my foot! This college has failed this country. The College is has produced cashgaters, nepotistics, and murders. No wonder it has produced no president – no creativity. This college is the reason why this country is going to the drain. I know some pips will not be happy with this but hey- stop living in denial ! This art college is a waste of tax payers money. Isn’t time to champion new players in the game other than listening to Chanco song?. Message to all the yoyos running Chanco – Think out of box… Read more »

Did SKC say anything about the implications of aiding known thieves and nonperformers to get back to power in 2014? Through dubious means?


VP Chilima seems a good man! The recent series of Declarations of Assets shows how much we need to be reminded of the importance of ethics in government. No-one in leadeership positions in Government or in Opposition, at least since the time of Aleke Banda, can speak with authority on this matter. Chilima may be the exception to that rule! I hope so!


If Dpp has to win elections next year then this is their best candidate. No two ways about it. This is the only quality in Dpp which people can vote for. He will cleanse the party and transform Malawi. If Dpp is not ready then release him to form his own party. He brings joy and hope to lots of malawians.


I hear you but remember they are basing their hopes on the ignorance of the majority of Malawian.


It is refreshing to read the words of a politician who deserves the title ‘Honorable’. With your inspiring words, Mr Vice-President, you have laid the foundation stone upon which we will build the structure that we need most – our national integrity.

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