Malawi VP Chilima, MCP’s Chakwera, Manganya put under  NIB surveillance: MBC blackout ordered

The ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) government through its spy-unit National Intelligence Bureau (NIB) has placed vice-president Saulos Chilima, Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president Lazarus Chakwera and social commentator Michael Usi under close watch, Nyasa Times can reveal.

Chilima: Turbulence over internal power struggles within the DPP

Chakwera: Faces government crackdown

Micheal Usi: Under surveilance

Apart from deeply monitoring their daily lives, the three also top the list of those to be given blackout on State-funded Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC), thus according to confidential information we have sourced.

Chilima’s coverage of his activities has lately been erratic on the State broadcaster while Chakwera and Usi are not even given a platform.

Usi’s institution Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) was given cameo coverage last week when it donated K1.2 billion surgical and medical supplies to government, and surprisingly Usi was removed from the footage despite making the donation himself.

Nyasa Times can reveal that MBC employees have been ordered not to give platform to the three aside other notable politicians and social and political commentators, and that Chilima, Chakwera and Usi’s movements and communication are closely monitored by State spies.

We can also evidently reveal a clandestine plan by DPP operatives through State agencies to implicate the three in a series of corruption, fraud and  sexual accusations with already identified women who are on government payroll.

“The Chakwera’s house allegation is just one of the issues to come out. Right now they are flipping every file at Airtel just to find some dirt on Chilima,” an NIB operative confided in Nyasa Times.

This week State House through its funded civil society organizations started calling for the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) to probe Chakwera and just on Wednesday DPP released a strong worded statement attacking the leader of opposition.

Fears within DPP have escalated that Chakwera, Chilima and Usi are being given a spotlight and are outshining Mutharika eventually placing them as front-runners in the run to 2019 Tripartite Elections, and plans are being executed that their image is soiled.

NIB chief Elvis Thodi could not comment on security matters in the media.

Government spokesperson Nicolas Dausi, a former chief  spy,  could not immediately comment on the report.

However, he recently downplayed the reports about government’s moves to silence Chilima and other critics.

“That is not true! People get glory when they create stories of infighting bickering and all sorts of things,” argued Dausi.

Chilima was removed from heading Public Sector Reforms as he was getting more credit than Mutharika and now the party is out to take him down.

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crazy Nyungwe

Rubbish to which journalist is Kaliati giving this blame I think She must have forgotten, are they not the people in their party using MBC for their own political gain by denying the opposition to enjoy the benefit of the tax payers sponsored stations. Shame on you mai start by putting MBC in order then come and accurse the private journalists


Ndale zakuno kuMalawi ndi momwemu.ndingofuna ndikuwuzeni inu aDPP kuti ngakhale mutaipitsa mbiri za atatuwa ngakhale mutamukhomelera bwanji Chakwera koma ulendo uwu wa2019 mukutsala.mukudanaso ndimunthu amene adakuikani pa mwamba?ADAUSI limakukanikani dera lakwanu lomwe ndiye muli apa kubwitika amalawi opusa ndani angakuvereni?MBC timaidziwa kale kuti imalamulidwa ndi boma ndi cha zeru chanji angauze amalawi koma dziwani ichi 2019 ikubwera mudzasefedwa mosakuverani chisoni.nanji (aFiliph malonda) b ware.ok

Sunduzwayo north

this is malawi i know full of unprofessional spies who ends up in prededuce making pple hate one another,shame on u,God is there watching.


No wonder our country is living in 60s despite having clocked 53

zuzo dekha

kodi ku mw kuno tili ndi ufulu wacibadwidwe?????????????????????????????

zuzo dekha

cisoni zeedi. ndithu kumauza a malawi kuti mpaka muwaulula ndi zibwezi zao zomwe???????????????? cheap politics. nanga nde muyambe ndi pitala. ndiposo ose azibambo, akungika nkhope,amera mawerer, atukuka misana, akula zimimba, disproportion bodies ndipo azimai. ndikaesa ndalama zathu zomwe nzomwe zikucitidwa spin kumanyengerana, caponda sanakanidwe ndi mai ku embassy ku ethiopia???????? kucita kukwerera ndege??????????? ndalama zathu. osamangomwa kombucha yu bwa?
azimai ambili akucita secure ma position , kupeza nchito povulila mabwana knulandilaso ndalama. kukamba mwa mbwerera bwanji. osamakoza za citukuko.
muufuna mutiuzeso za BAKER TILLY mutibereso.mmmhui

Major Pen

those have tried to create udani pakati pa APM ndi Chilima is my pray that Satan should be put to shame your plans will not materialised in the NAME OF JESUS OF NAZARETH.


mavuto anu a DPP,don’t forget kut bwalo ilo ndilosiilana.


Dziko liri mmanja mwa agalu, the country has gone to the dogs, chalu chili mumaboko ya ntchebe. Thou shall not develop my mother Nyasaland.


Has MBC given MCP, let alone Chakwera, any platform? They prefer to publicise Chiefs and other hoodlums. As for Chilima, what DPP is doing is actually making him very popular. He does not need MBC platform. With regard to Manganya we still watch his show on other platforms. DPP is full of dunderheads and what they are doing are signs of panic. They are a very scared lot.

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