Malawian billionaire prophet Bushiri new year prayer event had economic benefits to South Africa

Some came from America, others from A sia and commonly, Africa had the greatest share of the mammoth crowd that has once again made history with the Malawian born and bred prophet  in South Africa.

Major 1 addressing 100,000 worshippers and millions others watching on Prophetic TV

FNB stadium full to capacity for Bushiri prayers

Leader and founder of the Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) church, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri crossed over to 2017 in style at FNB stadium, Africa’s largest soccer platform where thousands upon thousands came to worship God after and before the year with him.

Over hundred thousand people attended the event which was broadcasted live via satellite through Prophetic Channel.

The theme of the event was ‘Night of Honey.’ The event was flavoured with the usual prophecies, deliverances, worship and praising God for a splendid 12 months of 2016 and anticipating him fort more in 2017.

Bushiri reportedly came heavily flourished with a presidential convoy delegated by the president as part of recognising the great man of God who has taken Africa by storm and has been very influential towards South Africa’s economic growth in the sectors of Tourism and travel.

Hotels across Johannesburg were fully booked with guests tagging themselves to the Night of Honey event and business was ‘unusual’ in a very profitable way.

In his message, Bushiri taught about the significance of “crossing over,” into a new year with a man of God.

“It is not just about crossing over. It all comes down to who you are crossing over with. The mere fact that the Israelites crossed over with a man sent by God, who was Moses, ensured that they crossed the Red Sea without any hindrances,” said Bushiri. He went on to enunciate that because all those that had gathered made a decision to crossover into the new year with a Prophet, all those problems that they had faced in the previous year were permanently eliminated.

Bushiri who themed last year’s crossover “The Lion of Judah Night,” took it a step further this year by dubbing the spectacular night, “The Night of Honey.” The man of God explained the derivative of this theme by pronouncing that,

“2016 was a difficult year for most of my sons and daughters. They went through so many trials. However, none ended in defeat because the Lion of Judah roared. This year, God has assured me that the church will begin to experience a sweet life. Just as Honey is sweet to the taste, so shall their lives be.

If you read in the Bible you will find that I’m not the first man of God to use Honey as a prophetic symbol. Jonathan ate honey and the Bible narrates that his eyes were Enlightened.  Whilst in the wilderness, John the Baptist survived by eating honey. It is all biblical. With honey comes, promotion, deliverance, healing and the ability to make good decisions, the church shall partake all these benefits.”

 Bushiri’s ministrations which were defined by jaw-dropping miracles, signs and wonders throughout the year of 2016 and the years before has left the entire globe in awe. The masses await what shall take place in a year that he has publicly announced to be, “A year like no other.”

Despite being in South Africa for a short period of two years, Bushiri has been evidenced to have one of the fastest growing churches in Africa. Hosting a crowd of over eighty thousand attendees during each one of his services.

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Pastor Master Wadi

Congratulations Major 1, keep it up doing the excellent job. Don’t waste your precious time talking or thinking about jealousy people who have no power to deliver, heal and bring wealth to people. OurGod is always available and faithful to faithful children
Shalom !

Martha Msiza

He is my spiritual father, for the first time I have one in my life.

Gaza Mafia

Iyeeeeee Tsaaaaa Tsaaaaa Major 1

Martha Msiza

Is about time the world accept that my father, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, Major 1 , is the try man of God.

I thank God of Major 1 for all this wonders, filling the largest stadium twice, that can only be God indeed.

My father, Major 1 is so prayeful and is God fearing. He taught us that” God with us”. So who so ever critisize my father, Major 1, critisizes Jehovah. Pride need to be swallowed by many and start seeking help from God of my father

Evangelist leo (ECG DIEHARD)
Evangelist leo (ECG DIEHARD)

We thank God our and papa and he is being used mightily. .


Glory be to God.


We thank God for what He is doing through Major 1. Shalom.


With full sales on anointing oil, 2017 will add small bottles of anointing honey.

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