Malawians aid national budget in paying taxes – MRA

Despite differences of religion, tribe, politics and allegiances in various sectors, many Malawians are displaying qualities of patriotism by positively contributing to the national budget in paying taxes.

Kapoloma: Malawians paying taxes
Kapoloma: Malawians paying tax

This is clearly showing now, almost three years after international donors withdrew all the 40 percent direct budgetary support they gave Malawi.

Parliament authorised government to use K1.1 trillion this year of which over 70 percent is to come from taxes.

For August, 2016 the Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) says many taxpayers have voluntarily come forward to pay their taxes leading to MRA beating its target for the month by K6.2 billion after collecting of K58.8 billion.

MRA’s Deputy Director Corporate Affairs, Steven Kapoloma says this is a third month in a row MRA has beaten the targets.

In June, K56.1 billion taxes were collected beating the target of K54.3 billion by K 1.8 billion and in July, MRA collected K62.5 billion against a projected target of K59.6 billion, exceeding the target by K2.9 billion.

Kapoloma says MRA is thankful to taxpayers who voluntarily come forward to pay their taxes on time for their compliance.

“This has been witnessed in the improved collection for the three consecutive months. The tax base is widening and we are optimistic that this progress will continue,” said Kapoloma.

He further appealed to all compliant taxpayers to continue remitting their taxes in the 2016/17 fiscal year to enable the Malawi Government achieve its goals, more especially now when there is limited external donor support.

Kapoloma says MRA is advising members of the business community, NGOs and the public who have taxation challenges to engage MRA so that their tax affairs are regularised for the continued growth and development of our beloved country, Malawi.

For August strong collections in Value Added Tax, Provisional Tax, Excise Duties, Fringe Benefit Tax, Pay As You Earn, Dividend Tax and Non Resident Tax.

One of the ways MRA is collecting such amounts of taxes is because people are strongly demanding receipts generated by Electronic Fiscal Devices (EFD) every time when shopping.

The EFD is a mechanism in place to acount for Value Added Tax (VAT).

Reacting to the news on an online forum, Fred Kamwendo said his insistence to demand a receipt when shopping makes him proud to have contributed to the beating of the revenue target in August.

“This is good news indeed because even people from rural areas are demanding EFD receipts insisting that if they don’t Malawi will not develop. I was impressed by such patriotism and it feels good to stand for my country. I am proud to have contributed to the beating of the tax target by MRA. I wish people from rural area hear the news too,”Kamwendo said.

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Three Angels message
Three Angels message
5 years ago

Kenako ndalamazo muzikathandizila chipani, fotseki ine nde zofunsa lisiti ndinasiya. Timagula at a lower price

5 years ago

MRA my foot! You collect more revenue beating your target from poor Malawians who never question why you dont give them a report on how their monies were spent?Is that what you call transparency?You collect enough revenue towards Account Number 1 but none dares to brief us of the expenditures and you think we can be motivated to pay more? MRA and government can you seriously think of it,getting deductions by force from a poor man who has just secured a job after many years of job hunt and while he is still on probation, before he is settled,with all… Read more »

chodziwadziwa Bsc (Poly), Msc, PhD (Oxon)
chodziwadziwa Bsc (Poly), Msc, PhD (Oxon)
5 years ago

Nothing to be excited about here Mr Kapoloma. It is the poor in the villages who are being squeezed so hard when they buy basic necessities due to the skyrocketing of prices each and everyday. The rich are busy bribing you and evading taxes of huge sums of money. This is total blind-folding the Malawians but remember one day, just one day God will reveal all these undercover dealings.

5 years ago

That’s always great news to hear however the challenge now lies with those we have entrusted with keeping our public funds. I have long argued that most of the challenges we are facing as a country are self inflicted and we can indeed develop if govt demonstrate to people that it has a political will to develop this nation and people will see that their taxes are used towards the betterment of their being. Talk is cheap but curbing corruption in all its manifestation will take us to where we want to be. No nation will develop through donor aid… Read more »

5 years ago

If an Indian trader tells me that the fridge will cost K80,000 with receipt and K65,000 without, what do I do if I am a normal person? Pay K80,000? and then forfeit the K15,000 that I could have used to buy food (a bag of maize) for my kids? Be reasonable and real guys

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