Malawians condemn disgusting football fans’ behaviour at Bingu Stadium

Malawians have strongly condemned and castigated disgusting behaviour of football fans who were captured urinating against the wall shying away from the state of the art washrooms just a couple of steps away at the new Bingu National Stadium in Lilongwe during the match between arch rivals Nyasa Big Bullets and Mighty Wanderers in a TNM Super League match on Sunday.

Soccer fans caught urinating in public

The picture, taken discreetly, went viral on social media and in one post done by Julius Mithi on Facebook, many Malawians showed their disgust and shame at such disgusting behaviour that is tarnishing the image of decent citizenry.

In his comment on the picture post, Yusuf Bhana said: “This absolute nonsense. How do we develop in such manner and the fact that this guys are young men.”

Mavuto Bokosi was also incredulous of such act and bemoaned the tendency of Malawians failing to appreciate good things provided to them for their comfort.

Eish koma abale sitidzatheka (Geez, we Malawians shall never develop). Can’t people be proud of this structure and take care of it?” he said.

Emily Banda Nangozo went further saying this really is unhygienic because once they relieve themselves, especially men, they proceed to greet others by hand yet they never considered to wash their hands first.

“This is uncalled for....eeeh zamanyazi (shameful). Osachita kaso ndi stadium ikongolelenji basi kutulutsa mopanda manyazi pwaaaaa nkutseka zip kenako happily kupereka moni…anthu achoncho sinsangala kupereka moni wapankono….aarrrrh shame on you who are into this embarrassing and shameful habit….fisi ndi fisi ndithu,” Nangozo said.

Chimwemwe Ngwira alluded to the fact that maybe people should be civic educated about the use of some of the facilities at the state of the art stadium built by the Chinese.

Ngwira made the comment after some people had indicated that some fans were seen trying to open the automatic taps and that others banged the vending machines without putting money in it to retrieve the drinks they wanted.

One person commented that there are electric hand dyers but fans were seen just rubbing their hands against their clothes after washing their hands.

Others questioned where the security by the police was because such an act is tantamount to arrest.

Chimwemwe Ngwira also said people are used to such acts because the urban areas are not provided with public washrooms and even litter bins and thus urinating against walls seems to be the norm.

Chidzukulu ChaNatembo said the stadium authority is to blame because they open few toilets against huge patronage.

“You will understand when you experience the situation some day, ” he said to which Munthali Chimwemwe responded: “Ayi ah (No, No), that is not justifiable”.

Saulos Kachisa said: “Some people are [just] disgusting” while Peter Kaweta-Chavula said: “This is very bad. What is wrong with us Malawians.”


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Hlabezulu Ngonoonda
Hlabezulu Ngonoonda
4 years ago

The spectacle of two guys fouling BNS is a symptom of societal decline. It is just a matter of time that BNS will look like Kamuzu Stadium. Since the advent of multiparty democracy, cleanliness and hygiene standards in town have gone down. People urinate anywhere and perform open defecation. The habit is now rooted such that even in places where toilet facilities are available, peeing open spaces are littered with faecal matter and rancid urine. Good citizens recoil with horror at the infinite tolerance of people peeing anywhere. The reality is, for a male, the whole city is his urinal.… Read more »

4 years ago

What is more shameful and worrying is that no one in the photo seems to care that something is not right

concerned citizen
concerned citizen
4 years ago

Umbuli ndiwo gwelo la nkhalidwe woterewu. chimidzi . Sanaonepo zinthu zamakono ndipo samafuna kufunsa kuti adziwe how to use the modern infrastructure be it automated taps etc.

Lt. Fraser Chakhaza
4 years ago

Malawians, when are we going to start appreciating what others have done for us? Is this due to high illiteracy levels or unpatriotic behavior? Ladies and gentlemen, lets appreciate to look after national assets. I know it is us men who normally have the tendency to relive ourselves in public places unlike ladies. It is in very extreme isolated cases that women would do this but mostly it is us men. If we are not sure about how we can use the facilities at the stadium let us ask friends or stadium authorities

innocent m\'bama
innocent m\'bama
4 years ago

without wasting time,government need to send warrant of arrest to these stupid people.

4 years ago

Ndi Awandalazi Awa. Mutawalesa kukoza pagolo mumati akakoze kuti?

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