Malawians in Washington raise funds for flood disaster

Concerned with the plight of their country men and women who were recently affected by devastating floods, Malawians living in the Washington DC area in the United States of America and their Southern African counterparts recently organized a fundraising cocktail night in aid of the flood victims.

Eddie Naming'oma and Deputy Ambassodor Jane Nankwenya.

Eddie Naming’oma and Deputy Ambassodor Jane Nankwenya.

Prayer Vigil - Dr. Linda Semu Chair Malawi Washing Association at Peoples Community Baptist Church

Prayer Vigil – Dr. Linda Semu Chair Malawi Washing Association at Peoples Community Baptist Church

WAMFRE Fundraiser Reception March 27, 2015 as  members join in on Pelekani-Pelekani in dance

WAMFRE Fundraiser Reception March 27, 2015 as members join in on Pelekani-Pelekani in dance

Sitinga Kachipande (l)  and Connie Nkosi  at the fundraiser

Sitinga Kachipande (l) and Connie Nkosi at the fundraiser

The event which took place at Avante Garde in Bethesda, Maryland was a follow up to a Prayer Vigil held by WAMFRE two weeks prior where they raised $1375 for the campaign.

It was organized under the umbrella of the Washington Area Malawi Flood Relief Effort (WAMFRE). WAMFRE is a collaborative campaign comprised of registered Washington metropolitan area NGOs Malawi Washington Association (MWA), Malawi Washington Foundation (MWF) and Southern African Community USA – SACU.

Malawi Deputy Ambassador Ms Nankwenya thanked Malawians in Washington for their “contribution” to the disaster fund.

During the event close to $9,000 was raised which will be sent to Malawi. They are planning to host more events during the course of the summer to reach their campaign goal.

They have set up an account on the popular crowd funding site website to help them continue raise funds collect funds.

And taking her turn, Ms Sitingawawo Kachipande, President of MWA, recognized that all organizations involved felt duly bound to assist Malawians in times of hardship.

She applauded all those present for their generosity and stressed that help is still needed in Malawi even though the media attention had slowed down.

Kachipande noted rather than emphasizing on the speed, the organizing committee wanted to focus on quality to ensure that the funds would not only have a greater impact, but also reach the people who needed it the most.

The committee took care to lay the ground work for proper accountability measures for a campaign that would be sustainable.

Malawians in the diaspora and worldwide have organized similar fundraising events but this one was the first event organized by Malawians in the United States.

Nearly 200 Malawians lost their lives and another 200,000 were displaced in the worst floods ever to have affected the country since independence.

Due to the effects of global warming, floods have devastated much of southern Africa but Malawi has been the worst hit. The plight of Malawians has gained the sympathies of both Malawians world-wide and friends of Malawi.

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Rudovihko Shati

Kodi kunjakotu, mavutowa atangogwa, tinawona akapilikoni ambiri anayambitsa ma fundraising koma ndi ochepa omwe mapeto ake tinawona. Kungofuna kudyera kapenakutchukira dzina la amphawi apa. M’malawi sazatheka ndithu.

Wailing Soul

Great works my DC friends. Eddie et al. that’s the way to go brother. DC was my home just a couple of years ago. The Association in the DC area is one of the best run Malawian Associations among those in diaspora, having witnessed others of similar nature outside the USA. Eddie being a financier, coupled with the rest of the team are just very good.


Let us stop fire fighting. we should think twice.Why floods. Let us replant trees. ESCOM,BWB, government,NGO,Redcross,United Nations and all, let us go to the root.we should make projects of replanting trees

So this is due to global warming and deforestation. if the catchment area of the effected area was forested would there still have been a flood? I doubt it as the trees would have soaked up a lot of the water. I think this disaster is actually self made and unless we stop cutting down out trees and get a handle on looking after.our environment.instead of destroying it we will have to continue begging every time it rains. if we don’t want to become statistics of natural selection.then we better smart up and that includes slowing the birth rate to… Read more »

tisangoganiza za osefukila madzi okha iwowo most of the times they know kuti zimachitika but pali ena nyumba zawo zagwa akugona musukulu katundu wawo anawonongeka anthuwa oti samaziwa komanso sizinawachitikilepo tiwaganizile koposa eee malata otchipa aja atuluke nthawi ndi imeneyinso


alomwe ku usa

God's Favour Ministries.
God's Favour Ministries.

That is real love becouse you do not look only for your betterment,but for the betterment of othres.
God bless you all.

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