Malawians shun Admarc markets as the grain body ponders how to repay loan

Malawians are conspicously shunning Admarc markets because its maize is more expensive than that sold by vendors as the grain body officials ponder how to repay a huge loan it obtained to buy the maize.

Admarc CEO Foster Mulumbe

Admarc is selling maize at K12500 per 50kg bag, making it the most expensive as vendors are selling maize of the same weight at K1100 and below.

Admarc general manager Foster Mlumbe said management will have to plan on how to repay the loan which his Admarc took to buy the maize.

“We will have to find other means of repaying the loan but that should not be a problem,” he said.

He confirmed very few people are buying maize from Admarc markets because of the high prices.

Opposition legislators, including Leader of Opposition Lazarus Chakwera have asked the government to lower the maize prices in Admarc markets.

However minister of Agriculture George Chaponda, the government and donors say lowering the prices would not make business sense as Admarc got a loan with interest and need to repay it.

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Fixing prices in a free market environment is kind of stupid. Either the market price is below the fixed price and you are out of business (as is the case now) or once the market price moves above the fixed price, it will be the vendors that will empty the ADMARC depots (and not the average poor Malawian) to sell it at a premium. In both cases, ADMARC will not achieve its purpose. Let free market rules apply and with this, corporations making ill decisions (why and to whom did ADMARC pay 12500 MK when the actual market price was… Read more »

Bravo ADMARC ,Bravo DPP. For the first time after Kamuzu , we have idle maize during lean period.

zayaluka nkhanila zomwe zinabisa chimanga mma warehouse kufuna kupweteka a Malawi including chakwera . that is why chakwera is bitter. he wanted hunger in Malawi ndi cholinga chakuti azitokota ndiye wagwa nayo. pano anvekere peter has failed, ng’ooooooo it is you lazarus who has failed ndi amwenye omwe anabisa chimanga omwe akukupopawo. munya muona boma silitsitsa chimanga. muiziwa bangwe because enanu munachita kutengera ma loan mma bankimu. hee ndiye bank imasendatu sisiya munthu.


the thing here is that admarc employees are ripping us they adjusted the scales in their markets. buy 10kgs of maize and reweigh the package you will be amazed that the new reading will be 7 kgs when you actually bought 10kgs


There is a word in chichewa timati, mau amunthu wankulu amakoma akagonela, now D.P.P. Chakwera amakuuzani inu kusava ndi unkhutukunve mulinawou, heheheheheh God is feeding his people in his own ways, ndipo ma fasting and prayers mkati ndipo musova, mukudya nokha chimenecho ndipo mukhuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee kikkkkkkkkk!!!!


Zachamba basi DPP Govt full of thieves


Anthu ambiri akumayiwerengera patali masiku ano, they are keeping enough maize to take them through to next harvest season, so Admarc musova how to repay the loan although we know you and your DPP government does not care because you will use our money you get in the name of PAYE and other taxes too numerous to mention which your government imposed on almost everything we buy from markets while you are enjoying free tax benefits.


Actually this is not a caring government. They just wanted to make the maize available but not accessible by the ordinary.

The Dove

Dr. Chakwela told the government to reverse the hiked maize price right from the start but the rude DPP government refused and always say Chakwera is power hungry………boma losafuna kulangizidwa ngati ili sitinalione ……. abwana a ku Admarc musova………………………………………


“Lowering price does not make business sense” So setting an exorbitant price which make people shun the market is ‘business sense’. Actually is happening because the hunger situation has been exaggerated. In a critical hunger situation vendor buy from ADMARC and sell to people at higher prices. Believe me even if ADMARC was to reduce the price of maize to K10,000/bag, vendors will reduce to K9000/bag. Why? Musova!!!!!!

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