Malawians trust religious leaders, army – Afrobarometer survey

A survey by continental pollster Afrobarometer says Malawians place more trust in faith leaders and the Malawi Defence Force (MDF).

Malawi Defence Force officers

Malawi Defence Force officers

The poll, released recently, indicates that 8 out of 10 nationals look up to the two groups, and not other groups such as politicians, traditional leaders, and others.

The 97% of Malawians belong to one faith or another, with about 84% being Christian, 13% Muslim.

A God-fearing nation, Malawi has never been to war, but places a lot of trust in the military, which has been rated one of the best in Africa and beyond.

Afrobarometer is an independent research project that measures the social, political and economic atmosphere in Africa.

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samuel kwakwase

AWA Samanama am happy that our faith leaders can be trusted if you have problems with zanu izo. To follow God does not mean that you are poor and the opposite is true read psalms 1:3. What is needed is just to agree with the report and work on the other areas . Si aja ananena kuti DDP ilamulanso aja awa? Lero mukulamula ndi inu? bravo faith leaders bravo the army!!!!!!!

Arthur G.M. Mtambo


Amuna ngunda ngunda- aku malowa .
Amuna ngunda ngunda- aku malowa .

KIKIKIKI komamwati a JANJAWEED, ALIPO 13 PERCENT, SIKULINA NDINAPITA KUMPIKISANO WA MA KWAYA KOMA ZINALIKUMENEKO ANVEKERE CHE ISSA dawagroup ayimbe panabwera azimayi okha okha , kenako anvekere pabwere MALLIYAMU ndi KHADIJA dawa, panangobwera azibambo okha okha, nanga abale che issa kukhala azimayi , khadija kukhala abambo kikikikiki.

Patrick Majoni

Eeee.koma ifedi ndi anthu omvetsa chisoni.Zomwezi mpaka zafika kumpikisano wa mipingo?That’s why we remain undeveloped.Zauzimu kulibe majority.Its about one’s rightiousness.We shoulden’t waste our time creating percentage,what for.Musanamize anthu za 65% ife tili kumalawi konkuno.Paja mipingo ya pa Malawi siisiyana ndi zipani za ndale eti?

Concerned Parent

Nursary ya boko halam mpaka 13 percent?mavuto kwambiriri

the trust in religious leaders is down to brain washing and the fact that the majority are born in religion. most pipo are religious and not spiritual. Also not that poor people are mostly religious. The majority of Malawians are poor. Malawi is the poorest settlement in the universe. MDF is one of the few institutions which does not openly engage in corruption. Much because it is not involved in day to day transactions with the citizenry. Only a few individuals dealing with procurement and stuff alike which takes place behind doors in form of cashgate. Not very surprised with… Read more »
hoomaidu n shooraihu

Even if u say muslims r 13% islam wl kp on growing…….so opposite z true muslims r 84 n enawo 13% mukambayo musamanamize anthu apa iyyyyyaa


inde mpaka brotherhood nayonso iripompo

Chathanga wachisena Liva

That’s why many Cashgate suspects are also faith leaders.


This may be true because I also trust my Christian leaders and the Army. MDF are rarely involved in scandals as police officers do.

I have no problem with percentages or numbers of Christians and moslems. Every one will give his/her own account of life on the final day. So it’s a personal choice and commitment.

See you there!!

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