Malawi’s HIV herbal cure Garani Mw1: Zambian herbal interested in concoction

The tales of Malawian discovery the HIV herbal cure, Garani Mw 1, continue to make waves on international scene with Zambian herbal film, JNK Industries Limited currently expressed interest in the working wonders of the herbal concoction.

Discovered in 2007, GARANI MW1 demand has reportedly grown as scores of HIV infected both Malawians and foreigners are apparently finding a sigh of relief in the concoction after several testimonies on the effectiveness of the drug.

A team of experts from JNK industries, Zambia were in the country last month to, among other things; establish trade exchange deal and assist in further development and improvement of GARANI MW1 products.

JNK Industries Ltd is a manufacturer and largest supplier of Moringa health products under the brand name of Leaf of Life in Zambia.

 Garani Mw1  herbs: 'Cures  Aids'
Garani Mw1 herbs: ‘Cures Aids’

In an email response, JNK Managing Director, Dr John Kayombo Ndonji who led the team of chemical engineers, doctors and administrators told Nyasa Times that GARANI MW1 has more power than other herbal medicine and works faster in the body.

Dr. Kayombo Ndonji confirmed he was in the country following manifestation of GARANI MW1 success by some Zambian HIV positive patients.

“We sell and manufacture herbal products. Many times we are approached by clients who need help with their HIV/AIDS suffering. To some of these we encouraged them to try GARANI MW1 about a month ago. All those who tried GARANI MW1 have come back telling us that they have improved or are generally feeling better than before. This is why we are so interested in this product,” said Dr. Kayombo Ndonji.

Ndonji, a doctor of Engineering Science (DPhil, Oxford) specialized in Bioprocess/Biochemical Engineering, said based on observations GARANI MW1 is more powerful than Moringa as an immune boosting herbal product.

“It also appears to work faster in the body since those who took the herbal product reported positive results within a week. A few of my friends just started using GARANI MW1 and those who were weak and sickly with the virus are reporting great improvements within a week of using the herbal product.

“These people were not on ART. I can confirm these preliminary observations because I have visited the patients physically. Many herbal products, just like GARANI MW1, have the capacity to improve the immune system and help the human body fight back viruses”, said Dr John.

He, however, called on for further research on the herbal concoction, which Malawi Bureau of Standards (MBS) is planning to extensively explore in consultation with National Commission of Science and Technology with focus on chemical analysis and clinical trials, among others, to authenticate the herbal medicine.

“More research is needed to really understand the potential of GARANI MW1. In the fight against the HIV/AIDS pandemic we need to have an open mind to look at all possible solutions and not restrict our search to a certain way of thinking or restrict the search for a cure to certain developed countries.

“GARANI MW1 is a very interesting herbal product which needs to be taken very seriously in search for an HIV/AIDS cure. GARANI MW1 is a new dimension reinforcing the age old wisdom that herbal or traditional African medicines should not be forsaken or neglected in search for an HIV/AIDS cure,” he added.

Gloria Kantema Jeremiah, a Public Health masters degree student at College of Medicine, University of Malawi is the one behind GARANI MW1. She has described the Zambian herbal film interest as a breakthrough in terms of product development and big market for the product.

“Partnership talks are still in process and we have agreed in a number of areas among other things, partnership contracts and packaging of the product. According to the discussions herd, there is more to GARANI MW1 than just for treatment of HIV and AIDS. So far what I can say is that it’s a team full of great ideas. They have just made a big order which we are working on,” said Jeremiah.

One dose of GARANI MW1 consists of six teaspoons of the powder and a person takes it through porridge with no salt or sugar once per day for three consecutive days. The remaining powder is then repeated after two weeks for another three days. If one is already on ARVs or any medication, they are advised to continue until they become HIV negative and their physicians will advise them what to do.

Some patients have reportedly been cured just after taking the first dosage while others have to repeat for two or more times depending on their viral load.

Previously University of Malawi’s Chancellor College (Chemistry Department) and Pharmacy, Medicines and Poisons Board carried out separate primary analyses on the medicine with the consent of office of the President and Cabinet (OPC) Department of Nutrition and HIV and Aids.

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